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The African Sacred Ibis (Threskiornis aethiopicus) was a symbol of the god Thoth in Ancient Egyptian culture.
[Photo by Craig Adam.]

Téhuti xü Ibis nu belize jalto i no se maha n’a xétitam han’meyi na.
Lord Thoth the Ibis will bring from within to out the ultimate truth of Higher Self.


The African Sacred Ibis (Threskiornis aethiopicus) was a symbol of the god Thoth in Ancient Egyptian culture.

[Photo by Craig Adam.]

Téhuti xü Ibis nu belize jalto i no se maha n’a xétitam han’meyi na.

Lord Thoth the Ibis will bring from within to out the ultimate truth of Higher Self.

Amateur photography of a Michigan dragonfly. They enjoy blending in with their surroundings. I also captured a rare shot of a majestic crane! Thoth, the ibis, is sending me his guidance— I am not alone in what I do.

Emerald Tablets- Tablet 1, Interpretation

The History of Thoth, The Atlantean

Interpreted by me with the assistance of Thoth from this source for easy understanding, Crystal Links.

My name is as you perceive it to be Thoth, I come to you to share that I have mastered all things on your plane for I am the keeper of all records, a being who has transcended the realm of flesh and beyond, a mighty being who has mastered the fourth dimension; you see me as a king. I have lived innumerable lives, escaping the death of physical incarnation, but I had chosen to leave your plane long ago and into the Amenti Halls, where I had to work very diligently to preserve the lost secrets and to carefully lay down guidance for generations to come. I come from Atlantis, a great world filled of utopia, this place is no longer remembered. I will tell you of them.

I was born in Keor on the island of Undal, this place has since gone long ago, but this is where I began my incarnation here. Unlike how your people in today’s world live and die from incarnation to incarnation, my people of Atlantis renewed from aeon to aeon. Their lives were recorded and remembered in the Halls of Amenti. They would not be limited to the amnesia brought by the systems of rebirth and forgetting as you do. My people were eternal in every aspect.

One-Thousand times over I have gone through the darkness and made my way through to the light. From this dark place, I had always regained my strength and power from interruption by returning back to the light. There are many secrets within that dark place, many tales in the Amenti Halls, and all will be revealed in my story. It is through here that I share my story, that I have experienced many bad events in history, but had never faltered therein. I am what you consider as powerful and strong because of my many ascensions from this darkness— it is implied that I have mastered the darkness and that it can no longer harm me. This is true. It is in the ascension from the darkness that true power and strength can only be resumed.

As I had said, I left very long ago, but with a hope for return, and I left the people of Egypt, for they knew me no longer after my departure, but the memories are still preserved well. After my departure, I had planned to come back some day, as mighty and potent as ever, looking on the history long past after my departure.

When I return, I plan to bring a great revolution and change the course of present day. Those who muddied themselves wayward of the teachings that I left behind will be thrown into a prison of their own inner demise. They will be punished in the highest degree, in the agony of their own self-defeat, sent back to the darkness of their origin.

I cautioned everyone to not betray my secrets, all people of North and South— for when I return, my curse be placed on them and it is high punishment.

I left you all with my promise of return and I have not planned thusfar to break it, nor will I. In my promised return, I will learn of all your desires, concerns, and worldly yearnings, these must consist of either two things: I will continue to teach those who remembered me and my teachings and provide to them their greatest rewards, and those who forgot me will be punished severely. I urge you all that this will not be a light ordeal.

My people in Atlantis were very great, so great that your present-day consciousness cannot conceive how glorified this civilization was. There is no way to fathom the kingdom from which I originated. It is here that I imply that you have downgraded into a very small cosnciousness, too small to grasp these accounts. But I share with you the old wisdom, it goes deep within your hearts, all will be remembered, this knowledge has been kept secret and protected.

We were a very wise people who cultivated that wisdom as received from the Children of Light, high beings present in our civilization who dwelled in the temple. They followed the divine way, the fire that animated us, our soul spark, and the great flame of Cosmos and upperdimensional being. We learned much from them.

And of all men, the greatest of we divined men of Atlantis, was my father, Thotme, the keeper of the great temple and who was a man like me. This temple was the spirit center which linked the ten islands and the divine Children of Light who dwelled within the temple and were provided with by its nourishment.

I tell you now that the dweller of Unal spoke with his mouthpiece, after the Three to the Kings, with the voice that must be obeyed. It was destined, it seemed, that I would be allowed to come into the temple of the Children of Light as a child of men.

I grew up from a young boy to an adult man. I was taught by my father, the elder of mysteries, until in time I became wise from my own inner fire of wisdom, until it consumed me whole.

I desired nothing at all, only the attainment of wisdom. I ventured so much for knowledge and wisdom, lost in that world, when one great day, the command was sent out for my summons by the Dweller of the Temple, situated before him. There were few sons of men who had ever seen the Dweller’s mighty face and had been alive. This was because the sons of men are not alive when they are before the Children of Light, because the Children of Light do not have physical incarnations with which a man could see.

But I was chosen from the sons of men and was taught by the Dweller so that his purposes could be fulfilled. These purpsoes that were yet to be born, still accumulating in form in the womb of time.

I dwelled long ages in the Great Temple, learning ever more wisdom until I, too, approached the light emitted from the great fire.

He taught me to the path of Amenti, the underworld where the great king (Osiris?) sat upon his throne of might.

Deep I bowed in homage before the Lords of Life and the Lords of Death. For in these accomplishments was I gifted the Key of Life, the Ankh.

From there on, I was freed from the Halls of Amenti, boundless by time and death, no longer participating in the cycle of life like men. From there I journeyed far and wide through space and time, so far until I felt that I could go no longer.

It had suddenly halted, for I had drunken all that the cup of wisdom had in it, becoming wisdom itself. There I pondered and felt bewitched by my own halted seeking for wisdom, one where I accumulated all that seemed to be, and I looked into the hearts of men as they carried out their cycles of life bound by time and death. There I found the greater mysteries and was glad, in there I realized that in my search for Truth could my soul be stilled and the inner thirst for the divine flame of wisdom of all that be could be quenched.

I had planned to pass my wisdom on for the generations to come to quench my divine thirst, one that had dried up the well of wisdom. For ages I did this, watching men taste of the cup, still to die and return again in the light of life.

Gradually from the kingdoms of Atlantis, as men tasted of my own cup of wisdom, passed waves of consciousness growth, these men now one with me for they had consumed of me, these accounts only to be replaced by a new darkness that seemed to come, a lower star.

Then the Master spoke his law, words which grew into flower. Downward into the darkness turned the thoughts of the Atlanteans, until at last this wrath arose from his Agwanti, the Dweller, (this word meant to follow has no English equivalent; it means a state of detachment) speaking The Word, calling the power.

Deep in Earth’s heart, the sons of Amenti heard of this chaos, and hearing this, they directed the changing of the flower of fire that burns eternally, changing and shifting, using the Logos, until that great fire changed its direction.

Then the world was cast into a great sinking, what is known as the great flood myth. Earth changed its balance until only the Temple of Light remained standing on the mountain of Undal, it still rising from the waters that sunk the world. Some were there who were still living, saved from the rush of the fountains.

Then the Master said to me: “Gather all of my people, take them by the arts you have learned of far across the water, until you reach the land of the hairy barbarians, dwelling in caves of the desert. Follow there the plan that you are about to know of.”

So I gathered my people and entered the great star ship of the Master. Upward, we rose into the morning, dark beneath us lay the Temple. Suddenly the waters rose directly over the Temple and it vanished from the earth, until one day it would come back.

We fled fast in our star ship towards the sun of the morning until beneath us lay the land of the Egyptians. They were uncivilized and hostile, raging, they came at us with their cudgels and spears, lifted in anger and seeking to slay and destroy we Atlanteans.

Then I raised my staff, emanating a ray of vibration, striking them still in their tracks to be as still as the very stone of the mountains.

I calmly and peacefully spoke to them, telling them of the might of Atlantis, saying we were children of the Sun and its messengers. I displayed to them the magic-science that I knew, and they groveled when I released them from their stone-like hold.

We lived very long in Egypt, long and yet long again. We lived here long until obeying the commands of the Master, who slept yet lived eternally. From here, I sent the sons of Atlantis in many directions, that from the womb of time, wisdom might be known again in the generations to come of Earth.

I dwelled a very long time in Egypt performing great works, building, teaching, and providing the wisdom within me. The Egyptian people grew upward into the light of knowledge because of me, watered by the rains of my wisdom.

It was here in my stay, I made a path to Amenti so that I could preserve myself, the records, and retain my strength from age to age as a Sun of Atlantis.

The sons of Egypt began to conquer people around them, growing slowly upwards in Soul Force.

But I had left the Egyptians to go into the dark Halls of the Amenti, deep into these halls that lay within the Earth, before the Lord of Power, to face the Dweller once more.

I raised my hand over the entrance, the door way, the gateway that led down into the Amenti.

Over the generations, few had the courage to dare go within the entrance to this dark Amenti. Over this pathway I raised a great pyramid that would stand the tests of time using the power that overcomes gravity. I placed deep deep inside of the chambers under the great pyramid a force-house, or chamber. I carved from it a circular passage reaching almost to the great summit.

There in the apex, I set the crystal, sending the ray into the “Time-Space” fabric, drawing the force from out of the ether, concentrating upon the gateway to Amenti.

I built many other chambers that had hidden messages to the keys of unlocking the Amenti. Anyone who had dared go into such dark wandering would be first purified by long fasting.

If that daring courageous person were to lie in the sarcophagus of stone in my chamber, I would bestow upon them great mysteries. They would follow to where I’d meet them, even in the darkness of earth I’d meet them. I, Thoth, Lord of Wisdom, would meet that person, hold them, and dwell with them always.

I built the great pyramid, no other, patterned after the pyramid of the great earth force, burning eternally so that it, too, might survive the ages.

In this pyramid, I built my knowledge center of Magic-Science so that when I returned from the Amenti I had it available to me. While I sleep in the Halls of Amenti, my soul roaming free will incarnate, dwell among men in this form or another.

I have become an emissary on Earth of the Dweller from long ago, fulfilling his command so that many might be lifted once more. I left behind some of my wisdom when I left and it is for anyone who wish to seek it out in courage and boldness. Preserve yourself and the commands of the Dweller, ascend as high as you can, and lift your eyes to the light, that is your destination.

Surely you are one with the Master, surely it is your right that you are one with the Master, surely by right you are one with All. This Master you have called in time God, Goddess, Higher Power, Universe, Source, and Creator.

In having shared my story, I have departed from the world. Remember what I’ve shared, do as I say, follow the light, ascend, obey the commandments left behind, keep them in your heart and I will be there with you as long as you remember, helping and guiding you into the Light.

The portal had opened long ago, and I have been sleeping a time very long, awaiting my return from the darkness of night.

Full Moon in Capircorn

Don’t forget about my Full Moon Tips post for tonight. With Capricorn in theme, be sure to include Saturn’s energies.

I wrote up two pages of affirmations and read them to Thoth, God of divine intelligence and the moon, then burned them to be released and manifested, referred to my Sacred Ocean Water ritual to make some more holy water, and then blessed all of my essential oils, my tumor/cancer herb capsules, my apartment, and placed all my crystals, tools, things, and jewelry in my window sill to charge.

Moon in Capricorn

From Kelley Rosano,

The evolutionary wave of change continues with the Capricorn Full Moon on July 3. We are on the cusp of a major shift in consciousness.  What is not built on Love and Truth is dissolving. The cuddly Sun in Cancer in opposition to the Full Moon in crusty Capricorn is requiring us to balance our inner needs with our outer responsibilities.

Pluto is conjunct—sitting next to the Moon and opposing the Sun.  Conjunctions are new beginnings. Conjunctions activate new cycles. Oppositions are awareness’s that come to us through external events, situations and other people. We are being challenged to change and evolve. We are required to increase our Self-mastery.

Yet, the ego personality is needy with an insatiable appetite. This can pull us into the dark side by driving our addictions, codependent relationships, toxic jobs and endless distractions. Our cure is through our personal development, Self-mastery and soul evolution. The path of Self-mastery requires alone time to develop a solid connection t our Inner Being and our Source. This place of inner strength builds a strong personal foundation, integrity, JOY and wholeness. The Soul to Source connection increases our light, vibration and consciousness.

The soul seeks freedom and union with her divine lover our Higher Self. Did you know that the soul-to-Higher Self-connection is the core teaching of Sleeping Beauty and Snow White? The soul is feminine in nature. The Higher Self is male.  In the story, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty fall under the spell of an evil Queen—the prison matrix of third dimension. Evil means energy (light-consciousness) veiled—e-veiled.

The vaults of karmic remembrance, Raise your vibration

Lord Thoth has allowed me to share with the world this ancient right of passage to the opening and remembering of your great Akashic being. This rite is not for most, and only the permitted and worthy may receive the bounties of this rite. This is life-changing and this knowledge alone will raise your vibration to great degrees. I encourage you to go through this a few times in your head and out loud so that you are first familiar with the terms, concepts, and the entire rite.

It will not work for you if you don’t understand these concepts, nor will you receive this type of attunement if you are not ready. Knowledge and wisdom is not granted freely, it must be worked for and cultivated with time, commitment, work, much personal growth, enlightenment, awakening, and spiritual determination. The outstanding side to this process is that we are coming to an era where knowledge is being given freely out of unconditional compassion and love from our overseers as our race quickly acclimates to newer energies and vibrations.

Before, the type of knowledge that we are all able to get our hands on has been kept in esoteric secrecy schools for thousands of years, and for good reason, such being that man as he had to learn how to be Utopian again, the world was filled with wickedness, and these schools of the ancient ways were preserved so that one day man could know once again after he has awakened into the joy and love of enlightenment.

This rite will be understood only by the trained eye that sees it, and the knowledge to activate and apply this type of word-based, thought-based technology would be understood. I would be more than willing to assist anyone in need who genuinely seeks it for that which resonates to ma’at, the truth and justice of logos.

Like the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, merely by reading this information and these words will you raise fully or partially your own vibration. Good luck.


  • 3 White taper candles & matches,
  • Refer to this post on invoking Thoth,
  • Parchment paper for writing the rite down,
  • 25-50 minutes for three consecutive nights,
  • Smudge wand and frankincense

This is to be performed using a new candle each night, but snuff each candle out after each meditation every night. One the first night, light the candle and perform the rite, snuff it out. On the second night, light another candle and the first candle, then perform the rite again. On the third night, you will have two partially-burnt candles and a new one. Light each candle on the third night and let them all burn naturally. This ritual is a sacred practice symbolizing the union of each night.

In the realm of free will, “Ask and you shall receive" is a respect that we adhere to in the spiritual realm, thus the reasoning behind the candles and the three nights of reiterating the speech to the Akashic Lord and Karmic Lords. By committing to this rite for three days, you allow yourself to restructure your desires, compose your intentions and thoughts clearly, and to clearly petition Thoth and the Lords of Karma for this karmic remembrance attunement.

Each night, you will invoke Thoth and you will set aside space for you to meditate and perform the rite and the speaking of your paper. You will light the frankincense and you may smudge yourself or bathe with cleansing herbal scents before.

On the third night, you will burn your paper by the flame (into a cauldron or fire-proof dish) as a seal of concession. The ashes may be bottled and preserved for all time as a symbol of your remembrance. This paper must be written by you out of respect, sacredness, and eagerness. Thoth the scribe wouldn’t have it any other way than to allow you the honor of earning that which you seek fairly through the free will of personal growth.

On another note, you will know when you have been granted these rights. There are signs and ways to know, for instance how the paper burned or if it did, or what you saw in meditation, or what sentiments you may have. In the days to come, document your feelings, dreams, and experiences. Knowledge and information should be flooding in to you regarding past lives, your life purpose, the raising of your vibration, healing, neural restructuring, and so much more. And even then, you might have this experience during your meditations.

Remember that only the purest of hearts and those who have sought this path truly out of free will may be blessed with the secrets of their Akashic Records and allowed to raise their vibration further in new ways never before possible. As stated before, good luck and may peace be with you and your path, kindred spirit.

The Vaults of Karmic Remembrance, Raise your vibration

‎The time has come where this magician seeks to insert the key of his karmic remembrance into the vaults of knowledge and wisdom with Thoth as witness. Let this be a grand composition of light and magnitude, shall the divine consciousness pour into this one’s third eye through the crown of knowing and illuminate the darkened halls of his wandering.

Shall this one flame ignite all flames in this hall, and ever serve as the undying luminosity which brings illumination of the divine Akasha as through the divine high self. With Lord Djehuti as my guide and protector, may the ankh of life rise this one’s vibration to the higher realm, where I should transcend the bridge of Three-Dimensionality and walk to the stargates of eternally pervading knowledge, shall I step upon this plane in astral embodiment, walk into these vaults, and become that who all I am, was, and will ever be.

Might this light through his endowing admittance permeate this vessel and shed layers of ego and sin, that this spirit to ascend further, thus dropping the dense layers of the thick realms of man. The time for self-aware, multi-dimensionality has come, and so the strands of this vessel’s DNA awaken to prepare for the construction of a new place for the sleeping to be awake with hunger and thirst, that which is satiated only through expansion of self.

Drip thy primordial oozing waters into this one’s pineal gland, and grace with its heat-filled light, the blessing and purity of sacred perception, and should this orb know weakness and strain, do thee mercilessly remedy its illness and calcification by the magical ankh of life and his brow. Should it by your benevolent guardianship, Lord Thoth of all Akashic Records and Lord of the architecture of this earth experience, be it remain true and accurate in unaltered states as it traverses the cosmos to my neural reception.

As this key pervades this one’s vessel and as Thoth drips into the seat of my soul his ceaseless seed, shall it mobilize the alignment and restructuring of this one’s divine being, divine feeling, divine doing, divine loving, divine speaking, divine perceiving, and divine knowing. Unite along each center of energy through the equilibrium of man’s heart, empowering this one’s sacred merkaba embedded deep in its heart cavity; it is here and now that all sickness and wickedness be purged and violently discharged from this vessel in all layers below and above by the supreme love and light that knows beneficence through Lord Djehuti and all sacred masters, spirit guides, and all else in witness. Allow in divine sound to fill this one’s perplexity and bring to it the utmost simplicity, divine silence, and divine security.

With all present beings from the supreme cosmic court of Karma, filled with love and righteousness, might by the consensus of this committee allow for the access of the Four-Dimensional holographic mirror of all past, present, and future regarding this being, resurface from the great lightbrary of the supra Akasha and the lesser and greater Akasha of the earth.

Upon meditation in these halls as assisted through Djehuti’s permissible favor, I will have now received the program and might its instructions lead this one into the expansive essence of the primeval universe, one that fragments collective conscious experience through rebirth and compression. I ask now to bring into full cognizance the depths and discourse of this vessel and all its multi-complexities, unite the higher self into integrated, full-spectrum access. Shall this being never walk alone with the shadow of Djehuti’s love cast over him, and may the higher self and sixth sense be as influential, immediate, and aware as the five senses of physical sentience.

I ask that my soul, body, spirit, and Akasha be judged fairly and righteously in accordance to the permissions and honor endowed by the Lords of Karma and Lord Djehuti. My intentions full known both far and wide, for the betterment of this vessel’s life and this earthly world, I confess.

* A moment of silent meditation and confession by pure thought, 5-10 minutes is necessary for this. *

Should the concession of this petition be approved for the remembrance of all Akasha and ascended lower and higher self, it is then by this concession that the radiance of cosmic sound and vibration, should the sapience, intelligence, knowledge, remembrance, and sentience of this being raise in multiplication, and the petals of Sahasrara unfold, the blooming lotus of wisdom and knowledge, be they pour in as the oceans so clean.

Into this being’s crown, may you drip thine essence, Thoth, may you drip thine essence, Thoth, may drip thine essence, Thoth…. AUM.

- As channeled with help through the essence of Djehuti/Thoth.

Beyond The Lights- Thoth, emerald tablets

Open your mind. Do it.

Summer Solstice

I wanted to share my ritual set up with my followers out of interest, education, and personal understanding. :) There are so many branches and paths in paganism that everyone practices the same things very differently. Here was my day of celebration, I hope that if you didn’t get a chance to, it wouldn’t hurt to try for tomorrow or next year.


  • Orange and yellow taper candles,
  • White tea light candle
  • Parchment paper & writing utensil
  • Cinnamon oil to anoint the tapers
  • Chalice, cauldron, double terminated calcite wand
  • 2 offering dishes and 2 shells
  • Personal sacrifice such as jewelry
  • Howlite, amethyst, sodalite, pyrite, tiger’s eye, sunstone, peridot
  • Any items to be christened/blessed
  • Sun god tokens, statuettes, or other idols
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Sea salt & matches
  • Sun incense by HEM and cinnamon incense
  • Dried parsley, ground sage, and ground cinnamon
  • Smudge wand and sacred/holy water
  • Agate disk

Before doing anything, bless yourself with holy water by dabbing it on your third eye. After, cut up fruit and vegetables in a decent amount and place them into an offering dish that will go on the agate disk. Put your orange/yellow tapers on either side of the disk and place your white tea light candle in front of it. Orange and yellow are symbolic of the colors of the sun as they appear in the sky while white is symbolic of the essential white light purity of the sun. The statuettes and idols can be placed wherever you please, but I placed them in front.

As you may have seen, I have Thoth also here in my workings, for he will be present to document my proceedings, bring forth the magic of manifestation, and make sure for me that my desires don’t go unnoticed. It is in this magic that he carries with him my joy.

Next, fill the chalice with water and bless it with sea salt. Smudge yourself first and then your space and your objects. Cast a circle of light and call on the directions, invoke mother earth to protect from below, and invoke father sky to protect from above.

Light the incense, then hold the food to the sky for blessing, remember that each time you cast or call or speak, you hold the double terminated calcite wand in your dominant hand,

Behold, about what the sun brings. Life that becomes one with my body, that nourishes this spiritual, whole being and the great collective spirit. I behold this plant matter of Mother Earth that was fertilized by Father Sky. By my own name, by my own energetic power, by the greater Goddess, Mother Earth, the greater God, and the sun, All ill energy and negative energy, I command to leave this plant matter. All this unwanted energy, I command to ground deep into our great mother to be recycled. This offering be cleansed and made sacred by the love of my heart. Shall Horus never hunger.

Place the food back down, behold the water in acknowledgement of his thirst, and then recite the call of the sun god,

My sun, my God. I show to you my true nature. Hear only these words right now for I have journeyed the farthest because of your consistent warmth and fervor. I am alive because your love shines down on us all and illuminates this world so that life is possible. Without you, there is no life, so it is through my call that I seek to show my gratitude and appreciation for years passed and years to come. 

This day I give to you and I honor it in my worship and activity. You are my ancestral land, for it is by your nature that a world has manifested for this soul to incarnate upon. May you share it with me now? God of the sun, entwine with me. You breathe life and existence. I wish for your light and welcoming in my workings today. May all my wishes and aspirations be fertilized so they may grow by your sacred seed. You will never be forgotten by those who are guided in day in your honor. Thank you for listening to my call.

Anoint your candles in the oil, dip the part that you hold on the match in the chalice to purify it and then strike it in honor of his fire. Light the candles each at a time in acknowledgement of he. After this, place your crystals down on a shell and the items you may wish to have blessed by his might on the other shell.

May the subtle energies of these crystals serve as a helpful aide in my workings today,

May also these items that I have be blessed by the radiance of the Summer Solstice.

Now let us recite the call of Thoth, may he come into this circle,

I have for you drink and food, and even gifts for you to see, that I your humbled devotee, cherish your eternity. For it is you who is the architect of the universe, true math, true sacred geometry, true cosmos, true protector of creation, the keeper of Akashic recording, true invention, the wonder of poetry and art, the true arbitrator, the equilibrium of all, the wisdom of planets and stars, and all knowledge that is, and all magic that fills this world.

I seek your presence here in this dimension of physical world, for it is I, this spirit with this voice and these words, who calls you to the land of man, on this darkened night, to be guided as your light.

I invoke thee, Thoth, I invoke thee, Thoth, I invoke thee, Thoth.

On your parchment paper, address to the sun god and Thoth just exactly what you wish for the year to bring you. The Summer Solstice is all about joy, happiness, health, life, renewal, and outward/exterior manifestation. It’s the peak of the sun and in Celtic traditions, when God becomes a man. It is here that in sacrifice and the showing of your appreciation and gratitude through ritual and celebration, he will fertilize your wishes and dreams and allow them to manifest.

Your list can be anything ranging from a new job or car, greater spiritual attainment, business ventures, more money, health, prosperity, being given the luck to finally sell that old car, the wisdom of virtues, conquering ego, or wellness for an ill or diseased friend or family member.

After your list has been written, fold it twice, loosely. In your cauldron, place the ground sage, ground cinnamon, and a pinch of parsley. Light your paper by the flame of one of the candles. Quickly place it erect in your cauldron with the flames going in first so they can receive oxygen and burn up the parchment. Burning these wishes are a symbol of allowing the cosmos to fulfill the words written. To keep them safe, bury them by a friendly pine tree and ask it to guard your ashes from evil as the year decides to manifest your dreams.

In lore, complete ashes denote his appeasement, partial ashes with non-burnt bits denote a lack of appeasement, and parchment which didn’t burn all that much denote dishonor or poor dexterity. You may try again at that point and rewrite, perhaps you were too greedy, self-centered, or focusing on the wrong things.

By this tree, inconspicuously place your sacrifices. In a week, return to see if they are there. If they are still there, you may retrieve them.

Why the sacrifice? Sacrifices long ago were often animals, or worse, human beings. In today’s world, we now know that blood isn’t needed to make the sun go ‘round, and we have evolved socially into a more civilized society so these ways are primitive and unnecessary. Everything has an energy, and although blood is just as useful for certain intentions, in a mutual exchange for the sun god’s sacrifice for your energy and life, it is honorable indeed to sacrifice something of your own for him. My sacrifice was a bracelet that I made that had a bronze Celtic knot charm on it.

Clean up, let the candles burn down and keep the altar up for another day. If you think of some more good ones that you could have put on the list, go on and light another white tea light, it’s perfectly fine. Uncast the circle as normal and evoke the directions, elements, and deities. With the food and drink, pour the drink into the food dish and then place them both over the spot where you buried the ashes. This is symbolic of fertilizing them in your own right as well as returning its energy to nature. I’m sure the rabbits outside will love them. All of the bad strawberries that I had thrown in the back lawn earlier today were all already gone.

Evocation for Thoth/Sun God with directions,

Believing that in my offering, I pleased you well, it has been my honor as I gracefully tell, that you took part in this magical rite, I thank you endlessly for your guiding light. I evoke thee, Thoth, and even though you leave this place, you are ever here, in and out, above and below, as eternal space.

To Earth of the north, to Air of the east, to Fire of the south, and to Water of the west, I evoke thee each, and I evoke great mother from below, and I evoke greater father from above.

Thank all in attendance, so mote it be (até no be).

Thoth, rosemary & mint memory charm

It is a earthy-smelling herb, often used in cooking, but us witches know it better: we use it for protection, the warding off of evil, and in renaissance history, as an herb for remembering. In The Book of Spells II by Marian Green, she goes on to state,

Traditionally it was thought to help the brain and memory; in Hamlet, Shakespeare wrote, “There’s Rosemary, that’s for remembrance…”, and sprigs were often carried at funerals.

In her book, she offers her own spell to make a charm, but I have an alternate idea involving Thoth, the Egyptian god of knowledge, writing, and wisdom. I never really got into Thoth or any Kemeticism (The Tarot probably counts), but he seemed to come to me tonight, and during my study and research since, I’ve suddenly taken to him. And I can relate to Thoth because in the mythology that I wrote last NaNoWriMo for my language, my god Kasét is exactly him and Hermes. In more relation, I absolutely adore language, writing, scriptures, all hieroglyphics, and knowledge.

Oddly enough, Isis came to me last weekend for the first time, and I’m starting to realize that this recent 12-strand DNA activation is opening up a closed remembrance, no pun intended, for direct esoteric Egyptian schooling.

I’ve been getting heavily into the Akashic Records in general for the past few months, and it’s somewhat exciting to learn that Thoth is the record keeper, or the Askashic Records scribe and patron. If you want to do some heavy reading on Thoth and the Akasha, have a good look at this page, and this page for some light reading.


  1. Offering dish or bowl,
  2. Thoth statuette if available,
  3. Purified water, fresh orange slices, frankincense, smudge wand,
  4. Day correspondence incense,
  5. Sea salt & chalice,
  6. White candle,
  7. Parchment paper, or papyrus,
  8. Lemon, Rosemary, and Peppermint essential oils,
  9. Dried rosemary and/or peppermint leaves,
  10. Small hematite or citrine crystal (bead size will do),
  11. Green cloth or sachet,
  12. White string, lace, or embroidery string,

Bless each of your items with a smudge wand or incense. After, pour water into your chalice and bless it with a pinch of sea salt in honor of Thoth.

This cup to drink, I offer you,

Thoth of knowledge, thirst you do,

In the offering dish, place your peeled orange slices,

This food to eat, I offer you,

Thoth of essence, hunger you do,

Then inscribe THOTH on your white candle going down, and draw an ankh on the other side, light it after you turn off all lights. You may anoint it downwards from wick to base with your oils.

Life you spread into each word,

That as I write, should they be heard,

Now you invoke Thoth, imagining him coming about in all presence and being,

I have for you drink and food, and even gifts for you to see, that I your humbled devotee, cherish your eternity,

For it is you who is the architect of the universe, true math, true sacred geometry, true cosmos, true protector of creation, the keeper of Akashic recording, true invention, the wonder of poetry and art, the true arbitrator, the equilibrium of all, the wisdom of planets and stars, and all knowledge that is, and all magic that fills this world.

I seek your presence here in this dimension of physical world, for it is I, this spirit with this voice and these words, who calls you to the land of man, on this darkened night, to be guided as your light.

I invoke thee, Thoth,

I invoke thee, Thoth,

I invoke thee, Thoth,

In the name of Thoth’s presence, light the frankincense in the greatest honor of protection, pure essence of all that is, and blessing. Light the day correspondence incense, for example, Thursday is pine for Jupiter. After, take a short moment to ground and allow light to come through the crown. Allow your body to fill with the white light of Thoth, and come through your feet and hands.

On your parchment paper, write down the hieroglyphs/symbols for Thoth, and write your intentions down asking Thoth what you’d like him to do for you. Before and after, it is important to honor the writing in the name of Thoth, for it is in this part of the rite that serves as his true offering, and your performance to be his yay or nay regarding the magic he would fill your paper with.

Thoth, the Lord of all knowing, may you bring to me all that I need to remember, know, and learn on all days I walk.

After this, add one drop each of your oils to the parchment in different areas of the paper. On your cloth, sprinkle down the dried rosemary and/or peppermint leaves, place your paper folded over it, sprinkle more dried material. After, hold the candle up and drip some wax over it as a seal of Thoth’s approval and magic.

Take the sides of the cloth and fold them up to make a bag, and the tie it off with the white string, or if you had a green sachet bag already, put your items in and just pull the drawstring back, tying it off tightly.

Each time you need to invoke the qualities of Thoth and/or your intentions, smell the sachet and/or carry it with you for tests, group sessions, writing, parties, holiday get-togethers, reading, inventing, even have it lying around for all of your spells, and more.

As a side note, in studies all over, peppermint gum, tea, and candy have shown substantial proof in aiding memory for tests and remembering lost items.

Now, gently evoke Lord Thoth and clean up after the candle has burned down fully, or you can blow it out and save it for another Thoth rite.

Believing that in my offering, I pleased you well,

It has been my honor through this lively spell,

That you took part in this magical rite,

I thank you endlessly for your guiding light.

I evoke thee, Thoth, and even though you leave this place,

You are ever here, in and out, above and below, as eternal space.

And this rite would seriously go to waste to the person who doesn’t see the potential herein. This serves as a general base for any Thoth-related working, not just a memory charm. I hope this spell serves the right seeker well, as it is going to serve me. I thank you, Lord Thoth, for guiding me to this rite. It has been an honor receiving this resonance from your light-brary.