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2014: Utopia, Enlightenment, Chakras, Metaphysics, Society

🌠 Within each of us, there are two twins and two stories— earth and water, fire and air. The ancients have taught us that through the recognition and learning of these two twins that dwell within all material universe, it will lead you to the enlightenment of the element of Spirit.

It is here where you are a balanced being with the noble chakra virtues of knowledge, wisdom, perceptivity, intuition, imagination, gratitude, forgiveness, detachment, universality, logic, will power, self-esteem, diligence, patience, holistic health, survival, and earthly belonging. You are an ascending hominid of your species, you are on track galactically, you’re preparing for a utopian society where there is providence, sustainability, free education (the highest of virtues in an advanced planetary civilization), and so forth. When you achieve a state of activated enlightenment, your life will improve in all ways as each chakra is kept at a state of balance, and this provides the peace and holistic wellness needed for you to lead the best life possible.

There is an enigmatic adventure embedded in your soul; it’s the matrixical mother board of your consciousness. When your soul enters your body, it animates your earthen vessel as a biological machine to carry out your destiny blueprints. And it is so that you come into this lifetime to comprehend the nature of your existence and non-existence to learn, grow, and transform your consciousness into a higher vibrating resonance. Now, this kind of awakening to Enlightenment can begin at any age, in any religion, in any person, and anywhere at anytime. And when this awakening occurs, you will feel a sense of importance placed on self-reflection and social observation.

If you do not stimulate the areas of your psyche which are becoming apparent to you in a spiritual awakening, it will begin to bottle up and fester into very irritating subconscious messages in the forms of fear, paranoia, apprehension, social anxiety, hibernation, and depression. And if the signs are ignored for a long period of time, and there have been no conflict resolutions in Self and Society, this will exacerbate into bad luck, a “jinx placed on your life,” being surrounded by very negative people, places, and situations, and feeling generally hopeless, jaded, angry, envious, selfish, criminal at worst, suicidal during bad times, addictive personalities, coping with vices, lost, miserable, and ill.

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Working on editing my Tarot book after all this time. I know I started a Scifi in October of 2013, but what needs my passion, attention, and diligence right now is a project I already started. For those who don’t know, I began writing “Tarot As a Lifestyle” on January 31, 2013. I submitted it on October 9, 2013 to Lllewellyn Worldwide and it was rejected on December 30th, 2013, the day after my birthday (which seemed to be a clusterfuck of every shitty thing that could happen to Michael on his birthday).I am thinking about going with Amazon for self-publishing or submitting my manuscript to another publisher… but I think I should find an agent before I do that… and before any of this: I’m in editing mode this Mercury in Retrograde. Gods be graceful for me in this time— and all my loved ones and followers.

Working on editing my Tarot book after all this time. I know I started a Scifi in October of 2013, but what needs my passion, attention, and diligence right now is a project I already started. For those who don’t know, I began writing “Tarot As a Lifestyle” on January 31, 2013. I submitted it on October 9, 2013 to Lllewellyn Worldwide and it was rejected on December 30th, 2013, the day after my birthday (which seemed to be a clusterfuck of every shitty thing that could happen to Michael on his birthday).

I am thinking about going with Amazon for self-publishing or submitting my manuscript to another publisher… but I think I should find an agent before I do that… and before any of this: I’m in editing mode this Mercury in Retrograde. Gods be graceful for me in this time— and all my loved ones and followers.

My altar is radiating deep red love into my room tonight. This entire evening has been a metaphysical wave of delightful emotions. Haha. The energy was good tonight. :-) love u all.

My altar is radiating deep red love into my room tonight. This entire evening has been a metaphysical wave of delightful emotions. Haha. The energy was good tonight. :-) love u all.

Beautiful for this gay man to rectify the mistranslatations and misinterpretations of The Bible for a religion which has dominated the world and corrupted it thus. I am a spiritualist earth-based mystic in line with my own path of obtaining enlightenment to my Supreme Benevolent Creator…. the same one we all share but have different names and techniques for. And I will inherit whichever kingdom of the afterlife I choose no matter what my soul chose to adopt in this human form. I think many people forget how obsolete and outdated organized religion is in our evolving modern world. We are all unique individuals with our own path to find a GOD. The Bible I truly believe was meant to be a social-etiquette survival guide for a society of barbarians to function somewhat peacefully.

Jesus was a good man trained Buddhist in his early disappearance who tried to clean up all the crap back in his homeland, but got betrayed and crucified for it. Many people, not just Jesus, have attempted to be Utopian revolutionaries. Building a religion upon Jesus was something he was never able to even condone— as it was done by the Roman Catholic Church years after he died. All this Christian glory by a Pagan empire which had endeavored for centuries to Conquer The World, and people trusted what they had to say about Christ? Jesus was not even Christian and he was not Catholic— Horus the KRST was Christian, if you want to be technical, as it was the same story plagiarized from Egyptian mythology.

Much of The Bible in my opinion is fable-work to teach people morals. Jesus was a Gnostic man… and I follow his words ONLY and NOT his disciples, men who betrayed and abandoned him… why? His teachings were logical, compassionate, very Buddhist in thinking, wise, intelligent, and completely humane. I follow the Buddha’s words ONLY…. why? They’re logical, compass—- you get the point. In Jesus’s analogy of the tree with good and bad fruit… if a man is a good man, then let his good actions be good deeds… follow that man into a kingdom of benign reality for the preparation of spiritual ascension in that human’s lifetime. Let not his sexual orientation deny him from you a loving countenance which Jesus would have advocated.

Reject the human constructs imposed upon you (you’re just a slave in this material one-world system) and think as a clever soul embodying a human form: We came here perfect, wise, unique, talented, FREE (not this “freedom” bullshit human laws consign you), and full of the glory of our benevolent creative Higher Power, our SOURCE. Jesus himself agreed: reject all else but SOURCE, and that children are born PURE—- yes Baptists, Children are not sinners.

So in conclusion— be whoever you are, be whatever you want, do whatever you want, say whatever you want, and love whoever you wish to love. As long as you’re a good person, know in your heart you will inherit a kingdom in the afterlife which has been designed to embrace your identity. Hell? This fictional place where sinners go? I don’t know about you, but when I ran out of the house as a kid with a knife and my brother ran after me to grab the knife from me, and I threw it, it landing in my brother’s side.. my father didn’t condemn me. He made me apologize for my mistake and continued loving me.

A truly divine, benevolent, omnipotent creative SOURCE would extend the same reaction. As a free-spiritual mystic following my own path to our Lord, GOD, SOURCE, etc., I do believe you get a second chance, yes, even in the afterlife. Reincarnation is a fascinating concept which applies to my father having forgiven me for throwing that knife.

"You screwed up? Sinned more than you grinned? That’s ok, my child, I love you, I forgive you, and I will let you try again before you enter this kingdom, for it is a rewarding heaven built on Soul Ascension. Let’s get together and co-author this next life you live, since you have had trouble doing the homework I assigned you your last life and I’ll see to it we create a program that will help you learn the lessons you didn’t last life. We’ll put you in the same situations you put others in to give you an empathy that will propel your soul growth. I love you, now get going! Make me proud!" a benevolent GOD would say.

You may not like or accept how somebody finds their way to SOURCE, you may not like their methods or techniques, heck, they may not even have any at all and choose to be a-theistic, but that is none of your business. SOURCE created them just as they did you. You must take that if a person does good deeds, then they are a good person, and no matter who they choose to be or how they lead their lifestyles, you cannot reject them for love in your heart and soul— you must love them as any neighbor, stranger, grand parent, parent, sibling, cousin, aunt, or uncle who deserves love and kinship. Offenders of your creed and faith? Love them anyways. Chances are their path is one of suffering and they need it the most, regardless if you approve of their ways or not.

If you want to know how Jesus loved the oppressed, marginalized, exiled, and socially outcasted, you needn’t have been there in history, or be a modern Christian yourself, or be a gnostic, or even be a faith-based human being… you simply just need human empathy and compassion. We are all kinship by species. Let us begin to focus on a Utopian world built on Love, peace, nonviolence, respect, compassion, sustainability, and so on. We are the “second coming of Christ” that we have been seeking. Some may call it Ascension, some may call it the former. Whatever you call it, please, just strive to be a better person than you were the day before. Thank you. ♥

New Malachite Ring. In love. Thanks “Those Nature People” in Frankenmuth, MI and Mama Earth! #pagan#wiccan#witch#occult#esoteric#magic#mysticism#paganism#witchcraft#spellcraft#dream#altar#deity#psychic#tarot#malachite#spirit#metaphysical#lightworker#newage#oldage#celtic#egyptian#norse#greek#motherearth#crystals#metaphysical (at Those Nature People)

New Malachite Ring. In love. Thanks “Those Nature People” in Frankenmuth, MI and Mama Earth! #pagan#wiccan#witch#occult#esoteric#magic#mysticism#paganism#witchcraft#spellcraft#dream#altar#deity#psychic#tarot#malachite#spirit#metaphysical#lightworker#newage#oldage#celtic#egyptian#norse#greek#motherearth#crystals#metaphysical (at Those Nature People)

Transcendence Beyond Our Current Human Nature

Written October 31, 2010.

Infinite consciousness can be perceived beyond our container. We are a reality which exists beyond what we see within the mirror. Love can only be the medium which ascends us to a higher thinking.

If we cannot overcome that which we are capable of sometimes overcoming, be it the affections we feel for a lover, the happiness we get from food or activities we enjoy, or the peace we can feel when we are laying down for bed after a long day or the pleasure we get from sex or things we’re passionate for, then why have the ability to be happy/loving only sometimes to begin with if we cannot overcome the Hell which we live predominately?

What a tease.. and for what purpose would we have such a tease? Our nature derives from a negative shift in the universe that has given up a helping of anger, negativity, destruction, bloodshed, violence, ignorance, and unappreciated pleasure. We are a world away from perfection, but that is the beauty beyond our world. Without pain, without sadness, without that scrape on the knee when you fell off of your bicycle.. how can we know how to appreciate the better feelings/things in life?

The human nature which we all know is a nature in which our culture has cultivated. The world we live begins to be so evil because we know that evil conquers light. Evil is powerful and we’ve seen what it can do; the Holocaust. Evil can give us happiness, evil can give us pleasure, evil can give us everything we want.. but for how long? How long do our pleasures last which were acquired from evil? People who draw their happiness/love through evil have experienced what I’m talking about. These people, like me at points in my life, experience that our gained pleasures through evil are short-lived; temporary.

Evil is as equal as love. Don’t let yourself be fooled by outside sources who advocate that love conquers evil, because whoever is spouting to you that lie, although very beautiful and encouragingly wonderful to believe, it’s not true. Black is as equal as white, if you get beyond the frequency and wave length quantities of their respective places on the electromagnetic spectrum, but it’s true. Light is as equal as dark. Electrons are as equal as protons. Positive is as equal as negative. Love is as equal as hate… and Evil is as equal as good.

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3x3 Pyramid Spread

Each card in each pyramid corresponds to a flow of past -> present -> future. Each group also corresponds to that flow. Within each pyramid, there is a beginning, middle, and end. The spread is read like a story going from the true beginning to all else. The minor stops along the journey are sometimes the most important parts.

This also relates to how there is a perspective to every story. Two sides and a third voice. All the left cards are A, all the right cards are B, and all the middle cards are C. A and B can be two sides of an argument or situation. B is the querent and A is the other side, which A is read first for objective awareness. C is the truth or true objectivity of both sides.

Q: What do I need to know about my romantic relationship?

Past— There is a major need to let something go. In the relationship, it’s toxic and there is a definite awareness now that it can no longer work out. Separation is imminent. With this person, be aware of what compromises you make to make others happier— you too deserve to be happy.

Present— There is a bittersweet madness for your struggles. There is much arguing and assuming on both sides of a situation. There is no reward in fighting, only frustrated heads and broken hearts. The best thing to do right now is to let things go more easily and refrain from arguing. You enjoy being right, but in the end, where does that get you but a shattered relationship?

Future— In there end, your happiness is the most important. You have to live for you, no one else, no matter the attachment. If a relationship is toxic, do your best to leave it behind. You’re only hurting yourself and bringing down the quality of your life. The time to move on is now, if ever. In the future, you’re going to be left with loneliness and yearning sorrow if you stay in the relationship.

Challenge— Determine how each card was interpreted in each pyramid grouping. Every card played a factor in what each paragraph stated. Try to determine where each sentence was derived from which card or cards.

Disclaimer Not a question for myself or anyone— just an example.

Leonine Luna card reading, 1/26/13

Used the Chakra Assessment spread on the night of the Leonine moon that just passed. Really got some great personal hope and reassurance as well as figuring out how my sacral chakra is related to causing my winter blues.

Crown- The Devil, The Sun, Kp⇓, 6c

A deep desire to push past my issues and work towards Higher Self awareness. Enlightenment from the Sun is only as far away as the person who doesn’t see that small steps are also enlightenment, even if in small doses, it is still being achieved. Never forget that. I have to allow myself to grow into my identity more through understanding how to defeat the addictions of the devil, such as recurring sorrow. Be the righteous king of your domain, Capricorn. I have my world at my finger tips, I need only push past my sorrows and suffering and come into the light of my inner happiness. I could gain a lot of growth (in the form of psychological underpinnings that are acting as the Devil card) if I would reunite the past selves who are still hurting with the self I am in the present. Be love and rejoice in your life. you will always sorrow, but never deny the heart, it is healing— never let the storms of your heart take away the beauty of the sea it travels upon.

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Primary Chakra Assessment Spread


Here is a thorough Example Spread on how I interpret the cards.


  1. Consciousness- understanding, knowing, wisdom, enlightenment, divine.
  2. Mind/Psyche- psychic, perceiving, visualization, imagine, sixth sense.
  3. Ether/Voice- communication, truth, manifesting, expression, voice.
  4. Air- love, unity of chakras, forgiving, accepting, compassion, self-love.
  5. Fire- achieving, ideas, self-esteem, power, confidence, extroversion.
  6. Water- sexuality, creativity, relationships, reflective, be yourself.
  7. Earth- grounding, survival, materialism, foundation, home, health.
  • *  Aura: The significator, you as a whole.
  • A  Past: Who or what caused [or is causing] the chakra’s current state.
  • B  Present: The chakra whether balanced, imbalanced, or damaged.
  • C  Future: Actions to perform on how to remedy or maintain the chakra.
  • D  Summary: Long-term outcome for remedial or maintenance actions.
Major Arcana Explained

Spent some time this morning to really explain the Major Arcana in the view of a goal from start to finish. It’s a long read, but well worth it. I hope it provides a lot of practical background to the cards because I feel that most websites that offer a background on them are more so centered on the Fool’s Journey and what it translates to in basic/personal meanings. This overview is centered around goals and life struggles. So whether you use the overview as a 22 card spread to divine a goal/undertaking, or learn how the individual cards apply in spreads—- I hope you enjoy!

0. Fool- (Child; Significantor, Identity) Who you are when the journey will begin. Are you ready? Now is a time to do some soul-searching and figure out where your life will go during a new goal in mind, who you’ll meet along the way, what hardships you’ll gain, etc. Remember that every story has an end, and never lose focus in the goal. Sometimes along your path, you might find a star in the sky that will guide you in moments of faithlessness. Remember to allow past experience aid you in all that you attempt to do.

1. Magician- (God; Energy, Creation, Power) What Passion or Task will you embark upon? What will you create? Can you? How do you begin or initiate? This is where you decide what goals will become manifested into reality, but it will take some time. Let yourself come to the tools necessary to begin this journey to life fulfillment. Seek help if you need it, but know that you’re never alone, that although you’ve begun this task, you can turn back at any time and also that you are the Magician yourself. You have the potential to create, so no matter how hard your path is, remember that giving up is your choice. There are many outlets in life to find answers. Look within if the world is silent.

2. High Priestess- (Wisdom, Decisions, Mystery) Has the decision been made? What experiences will you gain along the way? How will you know? Remember that in life, physical success is marvelous, but never forget the sacred realm that lies beneath. It will always be there, waiting for you. There are mysteries underneath the world that we perceive, and all that we accomplish physically with emphasis must be one day readdressed during the peak of our successes— that there is another realm beyond the veil, the Spirit.

3. Empress- (Mother; Nature, Growth) What comforts/materials will you need that will allow you to grow? Will you skip hard work and time to grow? As the Empress goes, she embodies that which a child must learn only through nurture. What will you miss out on in the process of the maturity cycle of your achievements? Is there a motherly figure in your life who will support you and offer you the fixed energy of a mother in foundation, home, and care? When times get tough or you need rest, will you be able to sit a while and rejuvenate? Even a sapling needs shelter from the sun while it’s growing to become a mighty tree.

4. Emperor- (Father; Authority, Organization) What sense of guidance will allow you to achieve? What are your blueprints for creation? How will you command your vision created? Do you have a fatherly figure supporting you with encouragement, shared passion, and structured know-how? What will you do to maintain your entire kingdom while still focusing on a goal at one time? Perhaps you must have foundation before you start a project. How will you maintain a calm demeanor when challenged, and will a loss of temper prevent you from achieving your goals successfully? An emperor must act in a state of calmness, even when under fire. Never let passion turn to anger, and never let anger turn to foolishness. The Emperor knows control very well, even in himself.

5. Hierophant- (High Priest; Fear of Loss, Traditions) What’ll prevent your goals from blossoming? Will you lose sight given fears of failure and more? What motivational wisdom must you keep close to the heart? Never forget your belief system and why you wanted to pursue this path of achievement in the first place. What do you regard as the holiest methodology for achievement in life? During the discourse of your journey, will you remember these virtues or lack thereof, or gain new ones, throw old ones away? There are man-made laws (Emperor) inspired by observing nature (Empress) and then there are spiritual laws handed down by masters to civilizations. When we create in this world, we must have a sense of belonging culturally and work within systems or tear them down to include our own unique identities.

6. Lovers- (Amorousness, Wanderlust, Temptation) Will you ever lose that Passion in favor of a new focus? Or will you gain a partner or new inspiration? What’ll you fall in love with? What sensations of spiritual/psychic attraction might deter you from your path in complete change or minor alterations? Is it celebrated? Disliked? Be careful what decisions you make along the path to accomplishment for lies and regrets might surround them one day. Keep your eye on the prize no matter what life throws at you. Question your beliefs if you feel something is deterring you. Sometimes, it was meant to be, but others, it was a failed design waiting to be understood when you meet The Devil.

7. Chariot- (Soldier; Competition, Self-Control) Who or what will oppose you? Will you compete for achievement? What can you do to succeed in lieu of challenges? Will you doubt or be insecure when times get rough? Sometimes, we are our own enemy as well. Be confident and secure in your convictions! Before battle, remember, nervousness is only a feeling of being unprepared. Everyone gets scared, but sometimes we must go where we never imagined we could go with the preparedness and bravery of a soldier, and rush in. Fear is your enemy; control it before it controls you.

8. Strength- (Controlled Passions, Tamed Beast) How will you be strong to carry on and fight for your Passion when times get harsh? What coping mechanisms will you employ to soldier on or how weak might you grow in the face of challenges? What is your ‘weapon’ or skill that keeps you up? Strength is often perceived as being purely physical, that one can exercise force to get what you want in life, but true strength is mental. In life, you must have the mental and emotional strength to calm the beast within that may cloud judgement or to calm the beast within others to gain advantage through cleverness, rather gain through force. Strength teaches that our goals can be achieved through other forms of action, a compassionate approach, rather conquest, commandeering, dominance, killing, and war.

9. Hermit- (Reconnection, Thinking, Worldly Enlightenment) Will you rethink and reconnect with Vision/Purpose when you are yearning? Will you need healing or mental rest? What advice is there for deep truth and meaning out of this life you began? If you become lost, what new Visions will inspire your path? What deeper understanding of your entire life will contribute to providing answers in times of frustration and mental unrest? Are you just working too hard? Perhaps relaxation from action is needed and mental seeking is needed to free the mind for gaining new insight from looking back on everything you’ve done and take stock of things. Are you going about things the right way or have you largely missed something? Ponder.

10. Wheel of Fortune- (Fate, Destiny, Change) What forces along your path will affect you? Are there people who will aid you positively or negatively? Will fate be in your favor to give you Luck? Will tasks be less perilous if after a time of hardship and a lack of direction? Will you be able to commit to new changes to gain your achievements? Sometimes life brings answers out of pure luck, but never count on this flow as a reliable source. Learn to differentiate your ability to manifest your desires with the Universe being kind to you when it’s most needed. Sometimes, you’re just owed whatever karmic energy you’re owed, good or bad, facilitating or deconstructing.

11. Justice- (Balance, Fairness, Cause/Effect) How do you find equilibrium in your life to make this task a reality? Will you adjust to life’s situations? Is there a sense of fairness on your side, if not, how do you overcome life when it seems unfair and difficult? Will you forget the spiritual side to life? Remember that if you align your thoughts to the Spirit, all that is fair will occur. When this happens, even the unwanted could be trumped by the needed, be open to letting expectations go so you understand blessings and thank them. But in your pursuits, be aware of trickery from yourself and from others. Act in accordance to your right to Life and the pursuit of Happiness.

12. Hanged Man- (Perspective, Suspension) When life gets you down and there is a need for new understanding, allow yourself to free your mind, quit the body, pause, and meditate on reality. Evolve your perspectives and attempt to see how your achievements will benefit you long-term in all areas of Life, or change who you’ve become. Do you still press on? This is a moment to define your Spirit, to reconnect with the spiritual side of life. Are you forgetting the High Priestess’ message? Will there be a time of heavy pause or suspension to move forward because of yourself, rather the outside-world challenges?

13. Death- (Rebirth, Cycles, Ending) What transformations of character will you gain during or after the journey to accomplish your goals? What bad habits or unproductive methods will you have to get rid of in order to achieve? Can you fight your fears and cast them off to make a better you? Death is about rebirth, and sometimes we must psychologically die or let our passions die to rise birth to new ones in its place. Now that you gained new perspectives, Will your initial foolish goal have been in vain the whole time or was it never meant to happen as you saw it? How do you emotionally and spiritually deal with loss and ‘death’ in your life? In Death, how can you improve the Self in Body, Mind, and Spirit?

14. Temperance- (Moderation, Balance, Poise) What lessons of Duality are at play in your life? When there are blockages, how do you synthesize two opposites to become a third path? What will you understand between mundane/spiritual, light/dark, or right/wrong that will give you a unified sense of self-achievement? Given your worldly aspirations within and without, will your Self be balanced, perfectly blended together to bring a poise that supplies health, wellness, and energy to all where it must be? This is what your Spirit does, the perfect blend of Mind and Body.

15. Devil- (Corruption, Sin, Power) What resides in your life right now that acts as carnal desires that wish to ruin your achievements from coming to fruition? What inside of you needs addressing, expressing, or free from denying that’s been inhibiting your goals? The Devil isn’t a bad guy, merely the personality archetype to the material realm when in negative form. But as duality goes, even duality has duality. Whereas the Magician is creation, the Devil can be destruction, but reversely, the Magician can destroy with his creation-power by taking an innocent life for wronghood, and the Devil can create with his destruction-power like how a volcano destroys but paves way for a richer forest. What will you do to soar to your highest heights given your sinful/primitive desires, how will you utilize spiritual concepts learned such as Temperance and Justice to soar as high as kings have? Material isn’t bad, its what you do with it. So if granted this achievement, where will you go with it? Who/What will keep you back?

16. Tower- (Ego, Destruction, Lies) What along your path will you do to reach success? Will you step over others unfairly or do terrible things to rise to power? In the midst of spiritual connection and temperance, you must remember your core beliefs, principles, and scruples, as well as the forces at work in this world that we are innately bound by. Such as the Wheel of Fortune’s karmic luck, Death’s forceful change and sorrow, and Justice’s swift fairness that most times are unexpected bad news to our ears. Will your worldly aspirations have been made of falsehood and lies that one day you will pay for? At what cost does success come? Will you know the destruction of all that you have built some day? Will you be left destitute of all worldly possessions? What insights will you gain on how to improve your methods of accomplishing?

17. Star- (Hope, Guidance, Destiny) During the darkness and confusion of your struggles to achieve your goals, where do you derive faith? Do you have a purpose, person, idea, or meaning lying behind what drives you to accomplish this task? There is a star for everybody, an entire Universe filled with all possible futures that we could look up to in times of current building and current desolation. This star is what drives us, keeps up focused, and moves us spiritually through all hard times. It is the destination of our destiny, our end goal, the end result, the prize. Is it in sight through all ego, illusion, and challenge. What we do to get there is the journey, arguably the best part of a story, but remember, it’s only the beginning, like the Soldier (Chariot) meant to teach.

18. Moon- (Intuition, Imagination, Unconscious) What creative ideas or intuitions about the future of your goal will you come upon? Will there be any feelings that cloud logic and rationality? When you allow the unconscious mind to rule, you often might get sucked into the illusions of the imagination that deter you from focusing on the reality that reigns in the physical realm. The bubbling imagination can produce a mad brilliance that adds a zappy epiphany or revolutionary idea for progress, but make sure it is then grounded in the common sense of the mind. Remember Temperance, come to a state of being where you are at poise with Mind, Body, Spirit, Heart, and Soul. The moon will show you also what the conscious mind cannot, the fears and anxieties at play that may have caused a lack of progress this whole time, or things that have been ignored in the Devil. With the Moon, take advantage of its magic, that which the High Priestess allured to. All that you will ever need deep within lies, you must be aware of the unconscious mind as you are the conscious mind. Keep track of your weaknesses and tendencies to addictions or bad habits that will be your undoing, or that which comes from others. What do dreams in your sleep tell you? What true psychological fears do you have within you that would interrupt your goals?

19. Sun- (Total Enlightenment, Joy, Glory) Through every struggle, pain, confusion, and understanding, will you gain the ultimate sense of experience from the journey you will take for your task/goal? What indicates the success of your goal being achieved? What extra steps must you do with newly given ideas, visions, and perspectives to further solidify the achievement It’s not always indicative when you begin a journey that you will enjoy it, lose yourself on it, start a new secondary or primary journey from a position on that path, or even make it to the end. Here, you will know the rewards of the beginnings to an end, and the aftermath success or failure involved with the finality of the journey.

20. Judgement- (Messages, Karma, Sentence) Will you gain a sense of grand fulfillment once the journey has ended and you’ve received knowledge of prize entitlements in life? When one has worked so hard and so long to obtain a goal, given the ups and downs of life and the temptations to good and bad, we’re often left feeling a sense of guilt deep down inside of our soul. We are remembered of what it took to achieve our goals, who we stepped on, who we fought and won against, who we lost to and still persevered. Judgement is a moment where you reflect on your journey from beginning to end, and come to terms with the past events it took to achieve the present. Were you cruel and wicked, or righteous and scrupulous? The act of judgment is self-administered, this is where you accept or deny your prize after all this work out of principle. Do you deserve it? Are you ready to step forth with this new goal, the past as the foundation laid to build a new kingdom upon it? Will there be demons resting within? With the ego fallen and the true spiritual self awake, can you come to terms and accept fault to strive to move forward?

21. World- (Achievement, Glory, Finality) You are finally reborn of the journey, back where you left off, that same spot where you came up with an idea to accomplish something, decided what to do, how to do it, what steps it took to obtain it, the challenges you had along the way, and all the scars left in your mind, body, and spirit. Now you are ready to begin something new or even pause for a moment to reflect. You may have obtained the goal or chose to run away with the Lovers card. Perhaps you got clouded by the Moon during a bad time or gave in to competition out of low self-esteem. Whatever the course of action, it’s fully clear now and all the experience gained during the process was an ultimate gift. There’s never any reason why the same attempt could be reproduced, but differently with added wisdom that you didn’t have prior to beginning this journey.