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A new Tarot deck to ring in the year. Thanks to a dear friend of mine, I now own this stunning realistic deck called the Witches Tarot. It’s full of witchcraft symbolism, paganism, art and symbolism from the Middle Ages, dragons, mystical scenes, mermaids, and beautiful men and women as the court cards. I love how the Pentacles suit incorporate POC. It comes with 78 cards and a 300-page book all about the new meanings, the card art, and there comes spells in the back with the cards.

A new Tarot deck to ring in the year. Thanks to a dear friend of mine, I now own this stunning realistic deck called the Witches Tarot. It’s full of witchcraft symbolism, paganism, art and symbolism from the Middle Ages, dragons, mystical scenes, mermaids, and beautiful men and women as the court cards. I love how the Pentacles suit incorporate POC. It comes with 78 cards and a 300-page book all about the new meanings, the card art, and there comes spells in the back with the cards.

What are the implications of casting an honesty spell? If you have any information at all about honesty spells I would greatly appreciate it, thank you so much

Honesty spells are interesting. If I want someone to tell me the truth, I just perform divination readings with Tarot cards… no need for a spell from my point of view, but if you really need the truth and you have no cards, I’d suggest meditating and allowing your higher self to guide you to the answers. If you’re looking for a charm to place over someone, just be careful of the repercussions.. magic can backfire when we do it onto others. I’d only do an honesty spell for benevolent purposes only.

For an honesty spell, I’d wear rosemary oil while giving a sprig of rosemary to the person as a gift with the intention of them speaking the truth to you. You can also just place it under their bed so they will dream about having a terrible conscience until they speak the truth, but then again, this could be affecting someone’s free will. Attach a piece of rose or lavender to this sprig.

You can also burn rosemary, think of the person, and say,

I attract the truth to be free,

When in my presence share with me,

Your lips the words, know I must,

In your faith might I trust,

My ears wide to hear your mind,

And yes your heart ever so kind.

To tell me what you have to hide.

Tell me that truth which you’ll confide.

And an optional closure for good measure,

And so this charm be good for you,

Expire on the day you spew,

The secrets I have wished to know,

And by the rede, I do follow.

Mercury Rx Charm…. Major mistake!

I would love to inform anyone and everyone who saw my Mercury Retrograde post and may have archived or tried the Mercury Rx Charm I posted with that article…. it was a terrible mistake and I want to let you all know that I apologize deeply for that mistake. I usually try my best to review what pictures I post. The charm was meant to have a clockwise arrow around the glyph, but what was posted in the graphic was completely wrong.

If you have tried the charm, I apologize if it aggravated your Karmic Debt as of late. Using this charm with an anti-clockwise arrow would increase your homework for Merc Rx (which would be good for those who are more of an over-achiever and would like more homework) and unnecessarily burden those who weren’t looking for that much karmic load at this time.

It is with deepest apologies that I hope you all accept my mistake as human and my apology. There isn’t a good excuse for this error, as this is a witchcraft blog of sorts and should maintain a strict level of accuracy. That type of error sincerely shouldn’t have occurred. I have personally messaged those who had their /ask open who liked or reblogged on that post, until I had to wait to ask because of Tumblr’s policies of asking too frequently, so here I am. How ironic that during Merc Rx even I have made such a booboo for a post to ease it.

If you have used it, here is to correct image after all:


Thanks again, guys.. I’ll definitely review much, much closer now. Mistakes happen.. especially at this time, I guess. :)

Stay Out Powder

So, I came home from a weekend getaway to hear that some very strange things went down over the weekend. According to my lover, the garbage can had been knocked over twice, the heavy VCR and DVD player that was on the third shelf of our bookcase in the basement had been knocked onto the floor, and the next day, all the stuff on the bottom of the shelf had been knocked onto the floor. We’re not sure if our cats had done it, but they’re all mature cats and I just find it hard to believe a cat could move heavy equipment from the third shelf of a high bookcase.

When we first moved into this condo, we did have some very serious paranormal activity, such as hearing voices, seeing apparitions, objects being moved, glasses being broken, entities attacking me and my pets, things being flown off shelves at work in front of coworkers, and the old poltergeist who lived here doing crazy things, such as groping the pretty female house guests. He’d mumble, walk about, give me oppressive energy daggers, and even mess with my mom at night. I had a paranormal team come out and the evidence was startling: EVPs with my name being spoken, they got him to turn the flashlight on and off for a fw minutes straight, a suicide victim came through to the medium who crossed her over (come to find out, a woman in our condo community did commit suicide), and we realized there were hundreds of spirits coming through my condo basement as the EVPs recorded all of their voices.

The most recent activity has been my valuable gold sheen obsidian sphere being hidden behind some paint cans underneath the basement steps…. yes, how did it really get there? Now, if you’re like me and you try to reason belief and logic, you’ll try anything to debunk a paranormal phenomenon. Mostly, I do, but tonight… I was fairly shocked. Garbage cans? Probably the cats. Tons of heavy equipment being knocked onto the floor from a third shelf? Sketchy.

Either way, here’s a powder I whipped up tonight just to make sure. All you do is grind these things together and sprinkle the powder at the foundation of your home inside or outside. If you’re worried about your pets, sprinkle the powder in the wax on top of a candle or tea light and let it burn in every level of the home.


  • Mortar and pestle,
  • Parchment and writing utensil,
  • Cauldron and lighter,
  • Smudge wand,
  • 1 tsp cactus soil,
  • 1 garlic husk,
  • 1 tsp sea salt,
  • 1 handful of lavender flowers,
  • Dried basil, rosemary, and cayenne,
  • 3 whole cloves, or cinnamon bark chips,
  • 3 cedar or pine leaves,
  • 3 sage leaves, or 1/2 tsp ground sage,
  • Pinch of selenite dust,
  • Your dead skin, hair, or blood,
  • Pinch of valerian root,
  • A belonging of the spirit, or part of the house,

Ground yourself out. I take three deep breaths, releasing the stress and negative energy of my day. Smudge and ground everything you’re working with. The room, yourself, the ingredients, the tools, and your familiars if they’re present. You may call any of your spirit guides, deities, and/or elementals, but this can also be a quick job.

Put all of the ingredients into the mortar and grind it into a fine powder. You may burn frankincense, chant mantras, declare affirmations and intentions, or pray while preparing and grinding.

For the last necessity of the ingredients list, I don’t have anything that the spirit owned, so I chose to use a fiber from the carpet to represent the house as an entity. I took scissors and slowly cut it into the powder.

Write out your intentions on the parchment paper, dot it with rosemary or cedarwood oils for good measure (especially on top of protective symbols), burn it in the cauldron, and throw the ashes in the mix.

Then, I took the powder and sprinkled it around the foundation in the basement, sprinkled some into the drains and toilets to cleanse the “insides” of the house, and also put some in tea lights to burn while I smudged the house down, saying in my magical kunérian language with emphasis on the bold words,

Sha até se Ani dima, Sha até se Ya dima, Poj, ölabétil’ani masan juSha até se wazish mö dima. {X9} Até no se, Até no se, Até no be.

May peace be with us, May peace be with you, But evil spirits are not welcome. May peace be with our house. So shall it be, So shall it be, So it is done.

CAUTION: This will smell heavenly. Be careful of joyasms and fainting.

Crystal Grids, Setting up a barrier

Barriers are metaphysical fortresses that are created energetically to keep unwanted entities, energies, and influential forces out. They can be as elaborate as constructing a permanent crystal grid which harnesses the natural energy of an area, as intermediate as placing them around an area, and as simple as visualizing a dome of light.

What to do

  1. Place a tumbled quartz crystal (clear smokey, and/or amethyst) with a raw black tourmaline crystal on the four corners of your basement or main level and meditate in the center of that grid.
  2. Visualize the radiant light of the full moon (tonight is still full moon energy) or the universe coming down into your house and filling the entire building and land with purifying white light.
  3. Set the intention that only good spirits and the guests and residents you permit who seek the improvement of your life and soul may enter the barrier.
  4. Sprinkle tobacco around the outside of the house on windows sills and door ways. This keeps negative energy and emotions at bay, especially the negative emotional baggage of house guests.

Redo the meditation every full moon cycle (or every month) to recharge the grid. If you have a power generator master crystal, you may place it in the eastern corner or wall to absorb the energy of the sun during his voyage across the sky.


Don’t waste that full moon !!! There are many ways to harness the power of the full moon and quite often many people catch it spontaneously, during the actual event itself. It is during these times a person isn’t quite prepared, yet is buzzing with energy that will only be available in totality…

Zodiacal Essential Oils

These essential oils can be worn any time of the year for their astrological correspondence, but note that they are strongest in those seasons. Please note that many essential oils are highly concentrated and should be treated with care as they are meant to be diluted onto the skin using a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, olive oil, or any kitchen oil. Consult a credible aromatherapy book and/or ask your doctor if you are allergic to these oils. You may also just put the oils on your clothing, but be careful of oily stains. The intent here is to allow the psyche to assimilate the positive qualities of a zodiac sign for your endeavors and atmosphere.

How To Use

  1. Find small jars or vials to store your mixtures in.
  2. Clean your wrists and hands.
  3. Dab an oil on your left hand.
  4. Dab your carrier oil on your right hand.
  5. Rub your wrists together.
  6. Dab any excess just under your chin and neck.
  7. Go about your day… connect with the magic of the zodiac.

Androgynous Oils

  • Lavender for the spring,
  • Orange for the summer,
  • Rose Absolute for the fall,
  • Tea Tree for the winter.

Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

  • Lemongrass for the spring,
  • Citronella for the summer,
  • Orange for the fall,
  • Clove for the winter.

Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

  • Jasmine for the spring,
  • Sandalwood for the summer,
  • Rose Absolute for the fall,
  • Peppermint for the winter.

Air signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

  • Clary Sage for the spring,
  • Spearmint for the summer,
  • Rosemary for the fall,
  • Eucalyptus for the winter.

Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

  • Lavender for the spring,
  • Patchouli for the summer,
  • Geranium for the fall,
  • Cedar or Pine for the winter.
My altar is radiating deep red love into my room tonight. This entire evening has been a metaphysical wave of delightful emotions. Haha. The energy was good tonight. :-) love u all.

My altar is radiating deep red love into my room tonight. This entire evening has been a metaphysical wave of delightful emotions. Haha. The energy was good tonight. :-) love u all.

Yesterday, I pruned my indoor sage plant. This is what has happened in ONE day’s growth of pruning. Miraculous!! All of the cut woody vines have sprouted new pair leaflets. I love sage.

Witches, “Are you gonna curse me?”

Many people who first meet a witch may not understand at first what they mean, until it finally sinks in the gravity of what that person had just told them. Ghosts, psychics, Tarot, faeries, some god named Anubis, magic, and witchcraft? Say what? “You’re like a real witch? You cast spells and do magic? Do you curse people? Are you gonna curse me if you get mad at me?" I don’t think I would be presumptuous to say that many witches have been there. What some people (muggles, hehe) may not know is that witches are people just like you.

Thanks to the media and some religions, spellcraft and witches have been associated with dark stuff, satanism, demons, and bad energy. There is a social stigma about people who practice magical arts and have a pagan lifestyle mainly because it’s misunderstood and unknown. Some people are led to think that witches cast spells and do dark things because that’s just what witches do! To be honest, a spell in etymology was actually seen to be a negative bewitchment, so yes, witches casting spells may have been a negative thing at one time, but now-a-days, spells are common as any magical art where one intends to manifest a result. Charms, however, were seen as more benevolent forms of magic working and still are seen as that way today.

spell (n.1) Look up spell at Dictionary.com
Old English spell “story, saying, tale, history, narrative, fable; discourse, command,” from Proto-Germanic *spellam (see spell (v.1)). Cf. Old Saxon spel, Old Norse spjall, Old High German spel, Gothic spill “report, discourse, tale, fable, myth;” German Beispiel “example.” From c.1200 as “an utterance, something said, a statement, remark;” meaning “set of words with supposed magical or occult powers, incantation, charm” first recorded 1570s; hence any means or cause of enchantment.

The term ‘spell’ is generally used for magical procedures which cause harm, or force people to do something against their will — unlike charms for healing, protection, etc. [“Oxford Dictionary of English Folklore”]
Also in Old English, “doctrine; a sermon; religious instruction or teaching; the gospel; a book of the Bible;” cf. gospel.


People who find out someone is a witch are appalled and shocked, like we’re unfortunate hedonists who worship a demonic entity giving chunks of our souls away to do weird “voodoo crap” on them. Some people find out their neighbor is a marine, does that mean they’re going to come over and shoot your home up because they could? No, that’d be absurd and insensitive. Witches are people. They simply follow an earth-based spirituality built on the principles of love, harmony, one with nature, one with the self, and one with the higher realms of consciousness and godly beings. Some are polytheistic, some are monotheistic. Some believe in psychic abilities, some do not. For some, it may even be a chosen lifestyle where they don’t practice magic at all but accept the idea of being one with the seasons.

Witches are awesome people,in my humble opinion. We get together on our sabbats and esbats, drink a bunch of mead, and jam out to Pink Floyd, Celtic music, and acoustic while building energy to put towards an intention that we know will come true. Witchcraft is a practice, and it derives from the same branch many religions use: Metaphysics, but we’re talking straight up Magic. We are the magicians of our universe and with that knowledge is power and it’s not anyone’s business who decides to be black, gray, or white about that magical power. I am a gray witch, I fall in line with the neutral side of reality for yin and yang balance. Some are white witches living a high-yang reality and some are black witches living a high-yin reality. The main principle behind these methods usually should have conscience and conformity to justice, karma, and doing no harm. 

Prayer, hope, faith, luck, wishing, and manifesting are all methods of magic— yes, praying is a form of magic. You’re transmitting your thoughts to a higher realm (the god you pray to) and hoping for your wishes to be manifested back into your life. For example, you pray that you get enough money in time for rent, even though the odds are against you. The next day, you won $250 from a lotto ticket and recovered the situation. Was that a coincidence? Was it pure luck? Or did you actually manifest that to occur?

Perhaps a witch would use a different method, such as crushing some basil and cinnamon herbs into a bowl of sugar and sprinkling it towards their front door. This may not be as easy as thinking something true, but the herbs, the sugar, and the intention are viewed as going to increase the likelihood of that manifestation occurring. The basil represents money, cinnamon represent money abundance, and the sugar represents raw attraction. That in combination is a potent synergy of magical (metaphysical) properties. The gesture of sprinkling it towards the front door of the house is meaning to allow money to flow into your life.

Witches may not be society’s idea of “normal,” but what is normal but a facade people enact to follow the herd? Self-expression is key in a good society on its way to worldly breakthroughs. If you ask me, paganism is the art of keeping humble to the earth, expanding the intellect, heart, and psyche in the pursuit of knowledge, truly loving yourself, respecting the planet, loving your neighbors, maintaining your health, attaining a spiritual reality, and working on the shadow self to be a better human being. Imagine if these qualities were possessed by a great deal of people in this world, how quickly would we attain a Utopian world built on education, compassion, and technological and social advancement?

The practice of witchcraft and use of magic may not be one person’s chosen method of doing what they do in life to skirt by in this challenged world, but any method will seriously do that’s right for you and works. One of the things I’ve learned about paganism in this past decade is that there is no judgment for what another’s path is, or at least there isn’t supposed to be. People must get along and respect one another, and accept that they deserve their right to life so long as there is peace, coexistence, and harmony continually practiced. It’s a good way of living. I’ve noticed the early pagans must have derived this spirituality from observing animals. They too coexist in a challenged world and use their abilities to survive. Animals seem to be in flow with nature easier than we humans can be at times.

The social and societal acceptance of Wicca in the past decades has been big. I’m not saying we’re living in the burning ages, as you can walk into a variety of book stores now-a-days and find Lllewellyn strewn about. Heck, the Necronomicon can be bought at a Barnes & Noble outlet. People are coming to slowly accept witches, pagans, Wiccans, magicians, psychics, etc., but we’ve still got a long way to go about understanding these types of people. It’s not widely understood and there still are stigmas, such as, “You’re a witch? Are you gonna curse me?” Questions like that are just plain ignorant, insensitive, and mean. I guess the marine should shoot your home up just because he could. No, that marine wouldn’t be offended at all. “You’re a marine? So, you like kill people and stuff? Are you gonna kill me?

All in all, people should accept others for how they choose to live their lives, even if they’re crushing up herbs in their altar room and listening to Hindu music on a full moon. You may not approve of their lifestyle, but you have to give them freedom to be as they are so long as they aren’t truly directly hurting you. A person existing as themselves shouldn’t directly hurt anybody. The emergence of open witches and pagans shouldn’t be a shock to anyone, but in some areas it’s still widely taboo. There are a number of crystal and metaphysical shops springing up everywhere, and even at the occult shop I do Tarot readings out of, I see many new faces who’re unfamiliar with it all but eager to learn. People are now beginning to accept the energies of crystals as being healing or attracting of certain desires. I see many women buying stones for fertility. Thanks to the widespread of Reiki, I think people are becoming fond of crystal energy. What many may not connect is that crystal energy in itself is magic.

But to say something really corny, in the witching world, all we see is the magic within everything. We all must truly live and let live for the betterment of ourselves. It seems in the society I live in, people only seem to care about one another when it’s Thanksgiving and Christmas time, but yet the latest Xbox and hottest iPhone is all people are really concerned over. If pagans and witches were such terrible people, why is it that on their holiday of Yule (December 21st) they seem to follow what that Christmas is supposed to be about? The first Yule I celebrated, my boyfriend and I had just moved into our first apartment together and we had no money. We thrifted all of our presents for each other minus a $16 trimmer set I could afford. It definitely wasn’t much at the time, but we did what we could with the intentions of love in our hearts.

Witches suffer and work hard just like any other person in life. Chances are, they celebrate the same holidays you do but in their own way. They believe in the same rights as you do. They go to work, raise families, have surgeries, lose houses, switch jobs, and pay taxes just like anybody else. So the next time you hear somebody being insensitive about somebody who is a witch or pagan, just know that they’re not a bad person and that they bleed just like you do. We’re all in this together and more hate in the world just isn’t needed.

Pagan rights are human rights.