Cedargrass Oracle
Protection, a mojo bag

For all purposes, for all reasons. It will protect you from onslaught, retaliation, dark magic, negative forces, entities, and anything with the intention for the ruining of you or your life. This mojo bag requires blood as feeding, so please be safe, use sterile equipment, and sanitize yourself properly. You will be working with poisonous plants.


  • White cloth, or a piece of an old white tee shirt,
  • Rosemary leaves, dried or fresh,
  • Cedar leaves, dried or fresh,
  • Sage, ground leaves,
  • Foxglove leaves, dried or fresh,
  • Valerian root, dried
  • Parchment paper,
  • Sea salt,
  • Black string,
  • Your own hair,
  • Optional witches bottle,
  • Cauldron, wooden bowl, pencil, wand, spoon, knife,
  • Smudge wand or sacred water,
  • Cedarwood essential oil,
  • Rosemary essential oil,
  • Pine essential oil,
  • Small Rosequartz and Hematite crystal.

Smudge everything and the space you are using or bless all with sacred/holy water.

In your wooden bowl, spoon in foxglove leaves (will stop the heart if ingested, keep track of all quantities). Drop in valerian root, some of your hair, and cover completely the ground sage over everything in the bowl.

Foxglove to protect me from all dark workings, entities, and forces that are placed before my path or try to afflict me. Should these entities come for the ruin of my path, they will be deflected by the sting of its mercilessness.

Valerian Root to ward off with its stench all darkness that seeks for the ruin of my path, my health, my life, and all things dear to me.

My hair to declare as the being who will be protected.

With your wand, weave these sigils, but you may weave your own for your own purposes. Weave the symbols from North, East, South, and West in a quad-seal formation of Neptune (trident; astrology symbol), Thor (thurisaz), Mother Earth (pentacle), and ChoKuRei (reiki seal for power/protection). In the center put the Ankh, as you will be bringing the mojo bag to life.

Many teach that one should not mix pantheons and symbols together, but I practice theosophy in that I believe in the inter-connected-ness of all consciousness and the experiences, symbols, cultures, faiths, and beliefs of all.

After this, with your wand, imagine a beam of white light coming from the bowl into the sky and then pure white light energy coming down unto it. Imagine a merkaba coming down from the sky, through your ceiling (if indoors), and place it into the bowl’s ingredient. Give this bowl life and put in your intentions for protection. Speak life into it,

I make this a vessel of my protection. Neptune, Thor, Mother Earth, ChoKuRei, and Ankh,

Protect me. Protect me. Protect me.

Now that this is prepared, set it aside and place down your cloth, 6x6” should be good. On the square cloth (square for stability), drop down your essential oils,

Rosemary to repel. Pine to cloak me. Cedarwood to banish.

On the corners of the cloth, with a black/gray sharpie, draw the protective symbols and the ankh in the center. Place down a layer of ground sage and then a layer of sea salt.

Get your cauldron out, use your wand to dispel any previous energy from it if it hasn’t been smudged, and lay down a layer of ground sage. On a piece of parchment paper, write out your intentions, I’ll give a few examples,

1. Protect me from _____. Disallow any of their workings, good and/or bad to affect me. Take what they send to me and send it back to them. May anything directed at me from _____ search for all eternity so long as it exists, for it cannot get me.

2. I am working tonight in a bad area. Provide protection from the dark forces at hand and any unluckiness, violence, or misfortune. Protect me tonight while I am walking to and from work from my car.

3. Protect my mother who is ill. Disallow any negative energies to further decline her health. Take her sickness and place it deep into the earth to be cleansed. Shall she be well soon.

Take this parchment paper and burn it in the cauldron. Once the ashes have cooled, placed them along with the other contents of the cloth and dump the contents of the bowl onto the cloth also.

Ask upon the protection of your witches bottle, if you have decided to use one that you have made. This energy should be directed using your hand and making a connection from your heart to the bottle to the mojo bag.

Take now your knife and make a small cut on your pinky for blood, this will heal in a week. Dab your blood carefully as not to touch any of the contents on the back side of the cloth, or you may drop it midair on top of it all. You might also like to try making your mouth very dry by sucking on and swallowing your saliva and abrasively flossing a tooth. Collect the blood that appears on a q-tip or swab and dab it on the mojo bag.

Place in your crystals, speak,

Rosequartz to act out of purest intention and love.

Hematite to assist and ensure darkness has been grounded from me.

String the bag up and place it in your cauldron to allow for time to awaken and come to life. This could take an entire night. You may bury it by a pine tree that you have made a pact with to protect you until it is dug up, or you may keep it on your altar and feed it monthly with oils, or you may keep it with your witches bottle and have the bottle feed the mojo bag on its own.

Remember, these bags are extensions of your spirit and must be fed. There are many ways to feed them, oils, bodily fluids, perfumes, alcohol, and herbs.

Happy protection-mojo-bag-making and stay in the light, always! :)

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