Cedargrass Oracle
Uncrossing, return to the sender

Many of us have experienced what it’s like to be the victim of psychic manipulation, attack, and black magic. If you’re sick and tired of it, say so, get out your herbs, your oils, your candles, and get to work !! This rite has been heavily modified and personalized from another source, where credit has been given also.


  1. Rosemary, pine, lavender essential oil,
  2. Water mixed with Rose essential oil or a floral perfume,
  3. Basil leaves, fresh or dried for exorcism,
  4. Cactus barbs or thorns
  5. Frankincense and lavender incense
  6. Bowl or wide container
  7. White candle
  8. Personal body article, hair, nails, etc
  9. Black kyanite point or carving utensil
  10. 2 x, Herbal ritual parchment paper, see here
  11. Black pen or sharpie,
  12. Wand and cauldron
  13. Ground/Powdered sage
  14. Protective smokey quartz or amethyst geode
  15. Blood, can painlessly be gotten by flossing a tooth

Burn frankincense while preparing everything. After you are ready, smudge everything with the frankincense and pass it through your cauldron which should have sage in it.

In the center of your parchment paper, draw a large circle, use the bowl as a guide to draw it. Then draw three smaller circles, these circles will be your intention grid, make sure the parchment paper looks like this. It has ogham lettering in the top right, you needn’t draw thee if you don’t want to. The bottom left will be the hexagram, with ankhs all around it. This is where you blood will supply the rite with all of the personal power needed for your intentions.

A drop of rosemary should be added to the center cross circle, to the top right circle, and to the top left circle.


Now, write your intentions on the second piece of parchment and sign your name. Lick your pointer finger and stamp the paper as a seal of approval. Place this in the bowl, with your white candle on top which has been inscribed with a cross, and pour the sea salt over the paper around the candle. After you’ve done this, add in your ice-cold floral water, and sprinkle your basil to cover the surface.

  • In the your power circle (bottom left), stamp your blood.
  • In your protection circle (top left), place your geode.
  • In your victim circle (top right), place your own hair, clippings, etc.

Call on any deities, and weave any sigils, or place any protective stones or amulets near/in the bowl. Take deep breaths, whatever you have to do to get ready, then recite this uncrossing three times, each time louder and more assertive.

Uncrossing chant:

Words, some time ago, were spoken at me.

They flew through air of mystery.

And sought to drown me in their well,

Was sent to me, a darkened spell.

For this, those who gave me pain.

Will know their own anger as brimstone rain.

And woe to thee, my spell not feign.

Pain reversed, three-fold to blame.

Shall the fool know only cold,

Frozen in thier tracks, I mold,

To rue what they had sent to me.

Returned to the sender, it all shall be,

For as my toil is poured to thee,

By my own words, I am free,

The uncrossing now true, shall they be through.

Send it all back, for as this rite seeks no further harm,

So mote it be, so mote it be, so mote it be.

So what you are doing is drowning these people from harming you, and once you burn down that candle, as soon as it hits your ice-cold basil floral water, the work is frozen, undone, broken, and whatever intentions you put in there and spoke are carried out effective immediately, thanks to the grid drawn and powered by your own life force as blood. After this rite, take a long cleansing sea salt bath with lavender oil and rose petals and cast a strong protective barrier over you, even add that in your intentions. It’s important to know that you should not cast a circle. You must be bare and wide open, so this rite can uncross all work.

After the candle is done, set aside everything that’s in the bowl. If you had a candle holder, you may take that out along with any other crystals, amulets, trinkets you plan to keep. Set the paper to dry, along with the parchment grid, and burn those later. You may bury the ashes and basil/floral water by a pine tree and leave an offering of tobacco or hair.

Intention parchment example:

I burn you from me all those seek me me drown,

All harmful work and black magic done against me,

Will be uncrossed and returned to the original sender(s).

Might I further more be protected in this way for all their attempts.

For side notes,

We’ve all been there— some of us might even be going through it right now as we speak, aware or unaware. Psychic attacks are notorious for that out of those ordinary feelings in our lives. Are you abnormally crabby? Unexplained health problems? Sharp pains or feelings of something/someone that is out to get you? Sabotaged plans? Work/family misfortunes? Everything goes wrong? You feel psychically blinded and intuition not working? Feelings of suffocation and wanting to get away? Abnormal bad luck? Trouble grounding? Miscommunication problems? Spirit world disconnection? Intense emotions which make you cry or upset for no good reason? Negative thinking when you’re normally positive?

If you’ve said yes or you might think maybe to any one of these, you’re probably being attacked, someone did some bad juju/black magic against you, and you should most certainly uncross whatever has been put over you. If not a psychic attack there are also spells for paranoia and spiritual hypochondria, or more seriously——- you’re stressed.

People conduct psychic attacks and black magic over people for all sorts of reasons— jealousy, fear, envy, anger, negative thought-forms, insecurities, usually really immature stuff. Regardless of their reasoning, it’s unethical and wrong, and typically it’s undeserved. Most times when someone does magic against another in this way, they’re being vigilantes taking Karma into their own hands.

A lot of people don’t believe in ‘return to the sender’ uncrossings/spells because they see it as retaliation or vengeance, which would generate negative karma for them— but I do. See, here’s the thing. While you’re sitting around putting up blocks and shields and grounding yourself an while you sit around waiting for karma and the law of attraction to do its thing, they’re consistently working against you and putting out some serious damage for the ruin of your life.

Is that something you’re going to tolerate while you just put up blocks, and they get away with doing harm to you? You can put up as many blocks as you want and call as many deities as you please— more often than to, these people are using the same deities, and even others who specialize in this type of thing. The way I see it, we’re allowed to defend ourselves, and returning bad juju back to the sender is no different than returning a piece of snailmail back to the sender.

More often than not, those who are badly burned by the very fire they play with won’t necessarily play with it anymore. If I still haven’t gotten you convinced, and you think returning it back to the sender is still just as immature and unethical… Let me ask you a question, where do you think that spellwork goes? It doesn’t disappear because you put up blocks or shields. It lingers around you until that one moment you let your guard down. They will not stop until they see you in ruins.

Imagine it like this: If someone mailed you a bomb, what would you do with it? you’re not going to open it, you’re going to return it back to the sender. Instead of burying it or taking it far away from you, or closing yourself off in an impregnable fortress of concrete and steel around you and inevitably missing out on all of the other great sensations in life, what do you do? Send it back to the bomb makers, and give them a taste of their craftsmanship. They’ll soon stop making those defective bombs and divert their attention somewhere else.

Remember, we have a right to defend ourselves, and we have a right to take action against those who do bad things to us. If someone commits a illegal action against you, you have the right to sue them and make them pay for what they did. If not, they’ll think it’s perfectly ok to do and they know they can get away with it.