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Reading for witchcraftings :) She has this awesome post called Witchy Questions and I encourage you all to take her written quiz. ♥

The Sun and Moon

  1. The World → As the sun card, this is representative of a joyful energy coming into your life— your problems are dissolving now with full wisdom in your psyche. You are wrapping up a major leap in your consciousness and pushing past blockages. This card says, “You’ve done it. Really congratulate yourself." So this theme will appear throughout the rest of the spread.
  2. Six of Cups → As the moon card, this represents a returning to innocence where life is easygoing and adventurous. Drama is calming down and you are gaining closure and peace of mind in your trials. You are letting go of attachments to the past and focusing on building strong present-moment connections.

Physical Column

  1. Three of Swords R → Your major physical challenge is taking things to heart which shouldn’t be your concern. It’s tough when things don’t go your way or perhaps others haven’t agreed with you, but take a positive approach and really focus on what’s more important to you than impressing those who don’t deserve your time.
  2. Nine of Cups R → What is helping you to overcome this challenge is really getting involved with people and activities which bring you satisfaction and fulfillment. Branch out with people and really enjoy life at this time. If you’ve been trying to obtain something, perhaps you’ve been a little off on that at this moment.
  3. The Hermit R → The Infamous Hermit has appeared. Usually when he appears during a Mercury Rx time, it really expresses your need to remove negative things. Given the cards so far in your physical column, I really think he’s charging you to make wise decisions. Who deserves to be in your life? Who doesn’t? Who or what is holding you back?
  4. Earth Queen → As a final resolve, I see you really focusing on yourself and doing what needs to be done after a long march toward a goal. This queen can indicate an idea which will spring into accord to become life itself. There could be something unresolved to work on or take the more humble approach in a situation. Above all, this queen represents fertility, sometimes a pregnant woman, or someone who wants to make major life changes. To reflect on the sun card, be yourself and to hell what others think.. focus on your path right now.

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Cute blog... love the sparkles! Could I get a one card about my ego? What is HE up to? This card could you focus on what my Ego is doing to work against my Higher Self? Thanks :)

The Hierophant makes sense for my ego actually. In the Minchiate deck, the Emperor is called the Emperor of the West and The Hierophant is called the Emperor of the East, so to me they’re the same energy but a dichotomy. I’ve always seen The Emperor as the ruler of men and The Hierophant as the medium of God. When he appears, I consider that God’s voice is coming through The Hierophant’s wisdom considerations to The Emperor’s guidance of men. One man enforces the laws and the other inspires the laws from Divine. Ruled by Taurus, I see him as the divine romantic that all of us must embody— loving your fellow man (and the self), conformity to tradition, conventional education, and the way things have always been done. So right now, I see that I am being scolded for letting Ego work against me.

My main practice is going to be focusing on receiving mroe messages from the divine. A suitable quote:


The Hierophant tells me he is rigid and intolerant. He tends to expect you to see things his way. He feels it is his obligation to correct your behaviors according to what he feels is acceptable. He can be cold and insensitive. Attention is focused on your convictions. It has tremendous power at this point and wishes to have the final say when it comes to you relationship to the divine. He needs to be held in-check not to abuse this power. You are encouraged to look within and explore your truths.

Prayer is when you speak to God;

Meditation is when you listen to God.

Thanks a bunch, healthy-witchling. ♥

I'd love to know something about my outlook on spirituality and how that affects my passions. Currently, I feel as though I'm going through some major soul transformation where I'm abandoning a lot of my spiritual beliefs simply because I feel extremely disconnected and dejected. I want to have faith to pull through this depression-- I feel like I can't work on projects or passions. What's going on? What do I need to know? Any beacons of hope? What can I do? Stuff like that... etc. :) ♥ Thanks

This definitely hit home.

"The root of the issue, it seems, is an inner expression of Boredom. This boredom is a real sickness of the soul, as I am sure you understand as an artist.”

This instantly made me begin writing questions down for my dream box tonight.

"If you have a question or a request of the universe, ask it, and it will answer in kind with more inspiration than you can stand, if that is what you desire!”

And of course…


Okay, I have the cards laid out, so now the reading begins. I used the World Tree Spread here, and where it starts, is at the roots.

The root of the issue, it seems, is an inner expression of Boredom. This boredom is a real sickness of the soul, as I am sure you understand as an artist. In reality, the inspiration lies all around you, but you simply do not have the spark in your eyes to see! It is a difficult time, yes, but in your heart there is the spark that you need to get moving again! Perhaps there is a dam in your river of life, and you must break through it. Whatever this challenge is or whatever it stems from, rise to this occasion, because the world does not need another artist retiring or losing that spark too early! The key here is you. If you have a question or a request of the universe, ask it, and it will answer in kind with more inspiration than you can stand, if that is what you desire! 

The branches, the possibilities of this issue seem to be a few different things. Reunion suggests that you may need to face your true nature, or that you might need to reflect on a past experience with new light and wisdom, so that you might gain more insight or inspiration from it. Do not bury who you are, or you will become a ghost. Ask your inner voice what you need to reunite yourself with, as it could even be something along the lines of a lover whom you have been waiting for or expecting. This person is someone you have known before, if they are what you are expecting. Take a look back at what has brought you here, and see if retracing your steps doesn’t enlighten you or give you some inspiration.

Very clearly, the next card representing what you must take with you, shows that you need to learn Respect in some aspect. This is a challenge to your integrity and your motivations by Ancient wisdom, trying to determine if you are worthy of what you seek. Respect and humility are key here, and if you arm yourself with them, then you will be renewed in vigor in your spiritual quest with this challenge beaten, and the way cleared for you.

This card representing what you must leave behind, Fulfillment, is a little perplexing to me. Perhaps it represents that you should seek greener pastures for your enlightenment, as perhaps the current source of spiritual energy isn’t enough (and I know you said it wasn’t) and you need to move on from that fact. Move away from your focus on your own fulfillment and seek greener pastures for not just yourself, but for those that you would share it with. 

Looking into your hopes in this spiritual journey you have embarked on, I see the Adder, and that represents a few things as well! This case, however, I see only two things it could be, and that is either that you really hope to take control of this situation and see it to the end, or it describing what you hope for in a partner! If it is the latter, then you hope for an honorable, charismatic partner likely with a strong, defined jaw and trustworthy eyes! 

What you fear, on the other hand, is facing your fear, from what I understand. Empowerment, here, represents what you should be facing so that you can become stronger and take hold of your destiny, but you do not want to deal with the challenge, or feel like you are not ready. You must engage the problem, because leaving it to chance rather than choice is promoting the stagnation you are trying to rid yourself of.

The way through the woods, Michael, is represented here. This card is the outcome, or what you are looking for in this journey, and that is Generosity. Perhaps this is what you need to get you out of this slump, my friend. Try giving, but not just physically. Give of yourself, and of your time, and see if you cannot find the light you have been looking for in charity work. Good will brings happiness, and happiness is like your beacon for your desires!

The final card in this spread represents the Hidden Wisdom of the World Tree. This always runs deep, and especially this time, for you. On this journey you must find your self-discipline, and arm yourself with persevering dedication to learning or mastering a Skill or ability that you have. Whether this is a manual labor sort of thing or an artistic ability, you must define it and what brings it out of you. Self-expression is beautiful, and by definition, mysterious and pure of source. Find what evokes the greatest desire for self-expression in yourself and discover a new angle on what has been in front of you all along. A time of spiritual depression can never be easy, but you can work yourself out of it by distracting your mind with busy hands. I know you’re an artist, so I’ll just say this: Get out whatever you need to create, and just start doing it. Don’t think about it, just arm yourself with your weapons and fight imaginary enemies. Hone your skills with a calm, resolute temperament and by the time you are finished, well…you’ll likely feel much better, but it will probably be in more beautiful and complex words than that! Keep your artistic ability in mind when facing tough times, as any emotion can be used as fuel with the right process. 

I hope this was enlightening for you, because it definitely was for me! I enjoyed doing your reading and anytime you would like to ask more questions, you are absolutely welcome to do so! I wish you the best of luck in dealing with the situation you have been dealing with, and I hope equally that you find someone to love, because it seems like you could use it more than ever. That brings us to the end of this look into your journey, Michael, and I wish on you the many blessings of the Divine.


"I know you’re an artist, so I’ll just say this: Get out whatever you need to create, and just start doing it. Don’t think about it, just arm yourself with your weapons and fight imaginary enemies.”

That right there.. that’ why I love the cards. Out of everything you wrote, this was the catalyst message. It like clicked something in me as soon as I read that. I don’t quite know what to think at this time, but I know the reading is just teeming in my subconscious mind. I extremely appreciated this reading and I’m so glad we did a swap. It was a pleasure reading (and doing one for you)! I hope t ponder more on this. With the questions I felt so charged to write down at the time I did, I was inspired with an idea for a spread and I’m gonna post it probably tomorrow in your honor.

I’m pretty sure you hit the nail on the head with what my cards have been telling me. The reassurance is just breath-taking. Thank you so much… I have a lot to ponder now. ♥ Namasté

Cool! Well, honestly, I don't know anything about that spread, so I am going to have to stick to what I know, and I have the perfect spread for answering your question. It's actually 8 cards but it's whatever! I need the practice and I love doing this stuff so I will answer your question ASAP! As for my question, I just want to see what your deck has to say about who I am? My name is Brendan, and it translates to Prince in Gaelic (I'm Irish). What am I the Prince of, in that aspect?

Justice (Truth, Righteousness, Balance, Fairness, Cause and Effect, Decisions, Legislation, Equality, Karmic Paybacks, Honesty, Integrity, Logic, Order)

  • Description: Justice is represented as a righteous woman with blonde hair, scales, a sword, and a crown, situated between two pillars to represent being between the two sides of any situation, thus fair and objective. Justice is mundane and spiritual. Mundanely, it represents order, logic, rules, obeying laws, and punishments being dished out to offenders and rewards being bestowed to owed persons. Spiritually, it represents divine truth, personal truth, and doing what’s right not because you know it’s right, because it’s the right thing to do.
  • Omen: Now is the time to work within the rules of the systems that be in your life. Lock your doors, put the lids where they belong, keep things tidy, etc. This energy is squaring away everything that needs to be proper and orderly. There may be an instance of confusion and social or civil disarray. Be on the look out and behave according to a desirable behavior and you will skirt past the situation.

Eight of Swords (Bondage, Suspension, Pensiveness, Oppression, Restrictions)

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Tarot Spreads, Useful or Not?

I read an article tonight that a friend sent me and I definitely wanted to open up the discussion about the use and non-use of Tarot spreads. Read this Article here.

My position so far is that I agree and disagree. Spreads serve a divine purpose and have its usefulness, but abandoning them altogether seems counter intuitive. Spreads are definitely used to teach, and in my experience as a reader, how you shuffle has a lot to do with the reading and how you can extrapolate deep meaning through the positions of the cards. I think a lot of people don’t understand the arcane system of tarot and oracle cards. I’ve created many spreads for the reasons this article is angry over. The spreads you use must be flexible. If you use a rigid spread of course your readings will be rigid.

Take for example this spread I created. It is as rigid and flexible as need be. Even many Lenormand spreads are highly flexible, set up in a 3x3 grid that has a past, present, and future layout of each of the columns, and even in the rows. The first row is past, and even the first column in past. The fifth card, being the absolute present, is where each of the cards surrounding it are even seen as outward future cards. In your spreads, you are as limited as your spread is. A simple 3 card spread of past to present to future is going to be rigid and produce terrible readings… it’s designed to be simplistic and offer completely basal archetypes of that situation. In my experience, the reader is only as limited as their imagination and intuition is. I think a great deal of imagination could take any reader very far… being able to make critical connections to those cards is key in producing a good reading.

The funny thing about the example given in the article is that it is so rigid, yet should have the same meaning no matter what spread you chose. Those three cards appeared for a reason and still carry the same meanings whether you gave a past/present/future assignment are not. How they got two different interpretations based on a spread or not is beyond me. It should be read the same way. The thing about Tarot as I discussed many times is that it has its own mind. You may choose a spread, but the cards will always trump that spread to show its message. I think people forget that Spirit guides these cards and what you get is what you got.

The article goes on further to suggest that the more cards you use, the more accurate the reading. That couldn’t be any more false. I’ve researched in the cards that using more than 21 cards in a spread can easily cloud the reading and take away from the glory of each card. Using more than 21 cards is excessive, and the cards which you use in a spread very easily could have been used for another element of the querent’s reading. No matter if you pull one card or twenty, the cards speak for themselves. I think the author of the article completely missed the point of Tarot— it’s a story and every card is an entire story of its own, offering literally hundreds of meanings. If you can’t extract deeper meanings from the basal representation of that card, its energy, its suit, its numerology, and its symbolism, then you lack imagination…

I always say, it’s not the tool, it’s the operator.

The author’s advice on intuitive readings is f’ing brilliant, however… but I disagree with their points which urge others to completely abandon spreads. Spreads are highly highly beneficial and serve to bring logic and structure to readings.. Intuitive is moon energy, or The Empress. Spreads are logical energy, sun readings, or The Emperor. I can’t believe somebody who has been reading for ten years completely forgot the lessons which The Emperor teaches— structure, logic, plans, diagrams, blueprints, and so forth.

Can you recommend a decent book that focuses on male deity? I have about 10 that focus on Goddesses but not a single one on male mysteries! :(

“Invoke the Gods: Exploring the Power of Male Archetypes” by Kala Trobe looks promising. Amazon reviews look very fair and detailed. According to the research, the book has great base material with which any occultist/pagan/wiccan/etc can alter slightly to fit their traditions. I say this because everyone slightly alters Neo-Paganism, because well, we really don’t know much of how the ancients honored the gods. We only know through anthropology, archaeology, and so on, about how they may have practiced some things. Based on the reviews, I recommend the book, though I haven’t personally read it. They way I connect to gods is through meditation and attunement through the study of history. My rites may not always be historically accurate, but they don’t have to be. Magic and Occultism operates on intent, not organized procedures, though they have their place— but that’s getting into the duality of chaos vs. order magic.


“Wicca Spellcraft For Men” by A.J. Drew was a great book, however! It goes in depth about how to practice Wicca from a male’s point of view, and it can really help set the tone for a struggling male who seeks balance in the sometimes goddess-oriented areas of Wicca and Neo-Paganism. Hope that helps. :)

Insane Relationships

I am in a perpetual state of wondering, “Why am I still here doing the same things over and over with no resolve or change in outcome?" Einstein termed insanity as doing the same things expecting a different result each time. Surely continuing this relationship is insanity, no matter how much I love him and want to work things out. He has to want to work things out, too, which means doing something rather saying something. I do things all the time like trying to compromise, be fair, be logical, and try to be considerate and fair to us both in what we want and what goes on.

I used to think we were like sodium and water needing our one chloride to make us stable rather explosive, but now I just think we’re two atoms waiting to split. Arguing with him (even maturely as in a case or suit) is like arguing with a child who doesn’t know any better. He is so contradictory and double standard.

I was really pissed off during an argument over switching my studio with our master bedroom that we both sleep in. I put up a very detailed case as to why I deserve the space and how I would benefit most, which was all based on logic. His only argument was that he’s wanted a big room his entire life and it’s kind of a status thing. He also thinks that I can have the creepy, smelly, dark, damp, noisy basement as my studio. AS MY STUDIO. He gave me no logical reason why he deserves the space over me other than ego and pride. I need it for more natural light for my mental health, the space for my art things that are still packed and ritual space, the moon-facing window for charging objects during a full moon and rituals (it faces west, my current window is north), etc. So I got mad that he wouldn’t budge, explained to him that he was being illogical, unfair, double-standard, and childish, so I pulled four cards: One for me, one for him, a middle card for the outcome, and a clarity card for lessons.

Four Card Spread- Devil, Sun, 8w⇓, Justice⇓

He’s my bad habit and I should probably just leave (Devil) because he’s never going to learn or change because he refuses to budge towards my guidance (8w⇓) and nothing will ever get better, which is should be amazing (Sun), because he won’t change and I get too impatient with him to be the therapist and teacher of this relationship. So my best course of action is determine why I’m here and keep convincing myself of lies (Justice⇓) that not even I should believe?

Or perhaps I’m being biased and angry as hell and the spread is really saying that things will only get better (Sun) if I stop getting mad before he does and going off the handle (Devil) and that it’s not his fault he’s so damn dense (8w⇓) and doesn’t know how to communicate properly or know how to understand (Justice⇓).

Either way, bias or none, I get the impression that we both should be able to communicate properly without Ego (Devil, Sun). But on his side, he’s just so 8w⇓ in that he’s impatient also, but he’s actually too stubborn to change, and it may relate to that not being right at all (Justice⇓), and it’s not right. But it’s also not right when I get mad because things aren’t going my way (Devil). Yes, what I’m doing is noble, I feel, but I have to be patient and just keep explaining my side and how things can get better.

Condo Purchase, Tarot Bookwork Method II


  • Briefly explain the primary focus for direction/clarity
  • Create a spread by asking your own questions
  • Write the cards out and briefly define keywords
  • Interpret intuitively, logically, or psycho-analytically
  • Attempt to cross-reference for deeper meanings
  • Focus on any Major Arcana for overall reference


My significant other and I have been looking for a house/condo for a while to move into. We are pressed for time so we need to consider some of our options now. Here, we are looking over a condo that we first saw, but had many financial and repair concerns about.


  1. Should we buy this condo?
  2. Is there something better?
  3. If bought, can we make it a suitable home?
  4. Is the furnace going to go out beyond 1 year?
  5. Will we be able to save up money or have the money for the furnace?
  6. Are there hidden expenses that will break us?
  7. Can we afford any hidden expenses?
  8. Is my new job going to help out?
  9. Will the personal down payment loan and mortgage pay well?
  10. Are we taking major risks in buying this?
  11. Will we want to move out after 1-4 years?
  12. Is there any foreboding advice to adhere to?

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Reading the Tarot, Bookwork Method I


  • Briefly explain the primary focus for direction/clarity
  • Create a spread by asking your own questions
  • Write the cards out and briefly define keywords
  • Interpret intuitively, logically, or psycho-analytically
  • Attempt to cross-reference for deeper meanings
  • Focus on any Major Arcana for overall reference


I got a new job this past week and my primary focus was about how well the coworkers and I are going to get along, about the job itself for my future, about how it will be conducive to my long-term goals, and any other side-related concerns.


  1. How was my first day over all?
  2. Andrew’s view of me?
  3. Jenny’s view of me?
  4. Brian’s view of me?
  5. Will these views prevent me from working here?
  6. How will tomorrow be?
  7. Will the training information come in easily?
  8. How will working here change me for the better?
  9. Will working here change me for the worse?
  10. Is college in line with me saving up?
  11. Should I get a bank account?

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Tarot Cards, How to Read a Spread


This is an example reading that I sent to one of my clients through email. She has been kind enough to let me share it in this post. I have used this spread found here. This post is not so much a step by step for a beginner with meanings, but rather a deductive howto for seasoned readers and those looking to advance themselves as a card reader.

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