Cedargrass Oracle
Uncrossing, return to the sender

Many of us have experienced what it’s like to be the victim of psychic manipulation, attack, and black magic. If you’re sick and tired of it, say so, get out your herbs, your oils, your candles, and get to work !! This rite has been heavily modified and personalized from another source, where credit has been given also.


  1. Rosemary, pine, lavender essential oil,
  2. Water mixed with Rose essential oil or a floral perfume,
  3. Basil leaves, fresh or dried for exorcism,
  4. Cactus barbs or thorns
  5. Frankincense and lavender incense
  6. Bowl or wide container
  7. White candle
  8. Personal body article, hair, nails, etc
  9. Black kyanite point or carving utensil
  10. 2 x, Herbal ritual parchment paper, see here
  11. Black pen or sharpie,
  12. Wand and cauldron
  13. Ground/Powdered sage
  14. Protective smokey quartz or amethyst geode
  15. Blood, can painlessly be gotten by flossing a tooth

Burn frankincense while preparing everything. After you are ready, smudge everything with the frankincense and pass it through your cauldron which should have sage in it.

In the center of your parchment paper, draw a large circle, use the bowl as a guide to draw it. Then draw three smaller circles, these circles will be your intention grid, make sure the parchment paper looks like this. It has ogham lettering in the top right, you needn’t draw thee if you don’t want to. The bottom left will be the hexagram, with ankhs all around it. This is where you blood will supply the rite with all of the personal power needed for your intentions.

A drop of rosemary should be added to the center cross circle, to the top right circle, and to the top left circle.


Now, write your intentions on the second piece of parchment and sign your name. Lick your pointer finger and stamp the paper as a seal of approval. Place this in the bowl, with your white candle on top which has been inscribed with a cross, and pour the sea salt over the paper around the candle. After you’ve done this, add in your ice-cold floral water, and sprinkle your basil to cover the surface.

  • In the your power circle (bottom left), stamp your blood.
  • In your protection circle (top left), place your geode.
  • In your victim circle (top right), place your own hair, clippings, etc.

Call on any deities, and weave any sigils, or place any protective stones or amulets near/in the bowl. Take deep breaths, whatever you have to do to get ready, then recite this uncrossing three times, each time louder and more assertive.

Uncrossing chant:

Words, some time ago, were spoken at me.

They flew through air of mystery.

And sought to drown me in their well,

Was sent to me, a darkened spell.

For this, those who gave me pain.

Will know their own anger as brimstone rain.

And woe to thee, my spell not feign.

Pain reversed, three-fold to blame.

Shall the fool know only cold,

Frozen in thier tracks, I mold,

To rue what they had sent to me.

Returned to the sender, it all shall be,

For as my toil is poured to thee,

By my own words, I am free,

The uncrossing now true, shall they be through.

Send it all back, for as this rite seeks no further harm,

So mote it be, so mote it be, so mote it be.

So what you are doing is drowning these people from harming you, and once you burn down that candle, as soon as it hits your ice-cold basil floral water, the work is frozen, undone, broken, and whatever intentions you put in there and spoke are carried out effective immediately, thanks to the grid drawn and powered by your own life force as blood. After this rite, take a long cleansing sea salt bath with lavender oil and rose petals and cast a strong protective barrier over you, even add that in your intentions. It’s important to know that you should not cast a circle. You must be bare and wide open, so this rite can uncross all work.

After the candle is done, set aside everything that’s in the bowl. If you had a candle holder, you may take that out along with any other crystals, amulets, trinkets you plan to keep. Set the paper to dry, along with the parchment grid, and burn those later. You may bury the ashes and basil/floral water by a pine tree and leave an offering of tobacco or hair.

Intention parchment example:

I burn you from me all those seek me me drown,

All harmful work and black magic done against me,

Will be uncrossed and returned to the original sender(s).

Might I further more be protected in this way for all their attempts.

For side notes,

We’ve all been there— some of us might even be going through it right now as we speak, aware or unaware. Psychic attacks are notorious for that out of those ordinary feelings in our lives. Are you abnormally crabby? Unexplained health problems? Sharp pains or feelings of something/someone that is out to get you? Sabotaged plans? Work/family misfortunes? Everything goes wrong? You feel psychically blinded and intuition not working? Feelings of suffocation and wanting to get away? Abnormal bad luck? Trouble grounding? Miscommunication problems? Spirit world disconnection? Intense emotions which make you cry or upset for no good reason? Negative thinking when you’re normally positive?

If you’ve said yes or you might think maybe to any one of these, you’re probably being attacked, someone did some bad juju/black magic against you, and you should most certainly uncross whatever has been put over you. If not a psychic attack there are also spells for paranoia and spiritual hypochondria, or more seriously——- you’re stressed.

People conduct psychic attacks and black magic over people for all sorts of reasons— jealousy, fear, envy, anger, negative thought-forms, insecurities, usually really immature stuff. Regardless of their reasoning, it’s unethical and wrong, and typically it’s undeserved. Most times when someone does magic against another in this way, they’re being vigilantes taking Karma into their own hands.

A lot of people don’t believe in ‘return to the sender’ uncrossings/spells because they see it as retaliation or vengeance, which would generate negative karma for them— but I do. See, here’s the thing. While you’re sitting around putting up blocks and shields and grounding yourself an while you sit around waiting for karma and the law of attraction to do its thing, they’re consistently working against you and putting out some serious damage for the ruin of your life.

Is that something you’re going to tolerate while you just put up blocks, and they get away with doing harm to you? You can put up as many blocks as you want and call as many deities as you please— more often than to, these people are using the same deities, and even others who specialize in this type of thing. The way I see it, we’re allowed to defend ourselves, and returning bad juju back to the sender is no different than returning a piece of snailmail back to the sender.

More often than not, those who are badly burned by the very fire they play with won’t necessarily play with it anymore. If I still haven’t gotten you convinced, and you think returning it back to the sender is still just as immature and unethical… Let me ask you a question, where do you think that spellwork goes? It doesn’t disappear because you put up blocks or shields. It lingers around you until that one moment you let your guard down. They will not stop until they see you in ruins.

Imagine it like this: If someone mailed you a bomb, what would you do with it? you’re not going to open it, you’re going to return it back to the sender. Instead of burying it or taking it far away from you, or closing yourself off in an impregnable fortress of concrete and steel around you and inevitably missing out on all of the other great sensations in life, what do you do? Send it back to the bomb makers, and give them a taste of their craftsmanship. They’ll soon stop making those defective bombs and divert their attention somewhere else.

Remember, we have a right to defend ourselves, and we have a right to take action against those who do bad things to us. If someone commits a illegal action against you, you have the right to sue them and make them pay for what they did. If not, they’ll think it’s perfectly ok to do and they know they can get away with it.

Protection, a mojo bag

For all purposes, for all reasons. It will protect you from onslaught, retaliation, dark magic, negative forces, entities, and anything with the intention for the ruining of you or your life. This mojo bag requires blood as feeding, so please be safe, use sterile equipment, and sanitize yourself properly. You will be working with poisonous plants.


  • White cloth, or a piece of an old white tee shirt,
  • Rosemary leaves, dried or fresh,
  • Cedar leaves, dried or fresh,
  • Sage, ground leaves,
  • Foxglove leaves, dried or fresh,
  • Valerian root, dried
  • Parchment paper,
  • Sea salt,
  • Black string,
  • Your own hair,
  • Optional witches bottle,
  • Cauldron, wooden bowl, pencil, wand, spoon, knife,
  • Smudge wand or sacred water,
  • Cedarwood essential oil,
  • Rosemary essential oil,
  • Pine essential oil,
  • Small Rosequartz and Hematite crystal.

Smudge everything and the space you are using or bless all with sacred/holy water.

In your wooden bowl, spoon in foxglove leaves (will stop the heart if ingested, keep track of all quantities). Drop in valerian root, some of your hair, and cover completely the ground sage over everything in the bowl.

Foxglove to protect me from all dark workings, entities, and forces that are placed before my path or try to afflict me. Should these entities come for the ruin of my path, they will be deflected by the sting of its mercilessness.

Valerian Root to ward off with its stench all darkness that seeks for the ruin of my path, my health, my life, and all things dear to me.

My hair to declare as the being who will be protected.

With your wand, weave these sigils, but you may weave your own for your own purposes. Weave the symbols from North, East, South, and West in a quad-seal formation of Neptune (trident; astrology symbol), Thor (thurisaz), Mother Earth (pentacle), and ChoKuRei (reiki seal for power/protection). In the center put the Ankh, as you will be bringing the mojo bag to life.

Many teach that one should not mix pantheons and symbols together, but I practice theosophy in that I believe in the inter-connected-ness of all consciousness and the experiences, symbols, cultures, faiths, and beliefs of all.

After this, with your wand, imagine a beam of white light coming from the bowl into the sky and then pure white light energy coming down unto it. Imagine a merkaba coming down from the sky, through your ceiling (if indoors), and place it into the bowl’s ingredient. Give this bowl life and put in your intentions for protection. Speak life into it,

I make this a vessel of my protection. Neptune, Thor, Mother Earth, ChoKuRei, and Ankh,

Protect me. Protect me. Protect me.

Now that this is prepared, set it aside and place down your cloth, 6x6” should be good. On the square cloth (square for stability), drop down your essential oils,

Rosemary to repel. Pine to cloak me. Cedarwood to banish.

On the corners of the cloth, with a black/gray sharpie, draw the protective symbols and the ankh in the center. Place down a layer of ground sage and then a layer of sea salt.

Get your cauldron out, use your wand to dispel any previous energy from it if it hasn’t been smudged, and lay down a layer of ground sage. On a piece of parchment paper, write out your intentions, I’ll give a few examples,

1. Protect me from _____. Disallow any of their workings, good and/or bad to affect me. Take what they send to me and send it back to them. May anything directed at me from _____ search for all eternity so long as it exists, for it cannot get me.

2. I am working tonight in a bad area. Provide protection from the dark forces at hand and any unluckiness, violence, or misfortune. Protect me tonight while I am walking to and from work from my car.

3. Protect my mother who is ill. Disallow any negative energies to further decline her health. Take her sickness and place it deep into the earth to be cleansed. Shall she be well soon.

Take this parchment paper and burn it in the cauldron. Once the ashes have cooled, placed them along with the other contents of the cloth and dump the contents of the bowl onto the cloth also.

Ask upon the protection of your witches bottle, if you have decided to use one that you have made. This energy should be directed using your hand and making a connection from your heart to the bottle to the mojo bag.

Take now your knife and make a small cut on your pinky for blood, this will heal in a week. Dab your blood carefully as not to touch any of the contents on the back side of the cloth, or you may drop it midair on top of it all. You might also like to try making your mouth very dry by sucking on and swallowing your saliva and abrasively flossing a tooth. Collect the blood that appears on a q-tip or swab and dab it on the mojo bag.

Place in your crystals, speak,

Rosequartz to act out of purest intention and love.

Hematite to assist and ensure darkness has been grounded from me.

String the bag up and place it in your cauldron to allow for time to awaken and come to life. This could take an entire night. You may bury it by a pine tree that you have made a pact with to protect you until it is dug up, or you may keep it on your altar and feed it monthly with oils, or you may keep it with your witches bottle and have the bottle feed the mojo bag on its own.

Remember, these bags are extensions of your spirit and must be fed. There are many ways to feed them, oils, bodily fluids, perfumes, alcohol, and herbs.

Happy protection-mojo-bag-making and stay in the light, always! :)

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The Phurpa, a Tibetan ritual dagger

Three black men of mahakala sit, patiently upon their hilt, to charge the forces that should try to wilt, tethered deep into earth, as I have willed. Three black men sit patiently, to defend this monk so prudently. Foes know not the mercy here, that harm goes awry by Shiva’s spear.

The mighty Phurpa, or Tibetan magic dart, or any ritual dagger for that matter, is one tool that no psychic should be without. Not many use a ritual dagger/magical dart, or even know of them, but they’re out there and they’re one of the most beneficial protection/purifying tools out there, next to my favorite tourmaline wand dressed in pine/coconut oil.

The Phurpa or Tibetan ritual dagger is a trinity-blade which is often meant to be a stake, as if to tether or for example hold down a tent. It is a powerful instrument used in the slaying of negative forces, attacks, entities, and energies. It is a powerful ritual object which has a high vibration, so high that it literally drives out all bad from its path and transmutes it into the polar positive range of ethos.

The blade is often portrayed as having three snakes weaving up the blade with the pommel as being the three heads of Vajrakīla, or Mahkala, the male consort(s) of Goddess Kali. Each head is a different aspect of Mahakala, joyful, contented, and wrathful. The phurpa is seen esoterically as the axis mundi of all realms, the world axis, the axis of the tree of life itself. So it is through this symbolism, that many goals are accomplished.

It is a spiritual weapon, and an implement of great destruction and freedom. It is through the phurpa, or any ritual dagger, that we are divinely protected through spiritual means, and that the trinity of the realms and all life is in our hands to be directed by will.

There are many stories behind the phuprpa, and you can independently research them on your own, but the aim of this post is to enlighten briefly on its past but provide examples for usage and proper conduct.

Today in the west, it is used in Western Feng Shui, house cleansing, smudging, psychic attacks, chakra imbalances, circle formations, boundary establishments, healing, exorcism, negative entity/spirit banishment, in conjunction with orgone device cleansing, the purification of ritual items, as well as the tethering of energy, demons, negative emotions and thought-forms, and even assertively collecting energy and immediately grounding it away. This is almost always done through strong visualization and immediately piercing it directly through soil, as seen above, imagining it spiraling deep into the earth to be cleansed and recycled by the mantle.

With so much of it doing all of the cleansing, it can be cleansed itself in running water and even dressed in soothing, calming oils like rose and lavender, to being dressed in masculine, strong oils such as pine, cedar, and ginger. I like to cleanse my phurpa in my custom-made fountain, which has tons of shells and purifying crystals and a jade Buddha in it. The ideas to cleanse it are really up to the person and what they feel is right.

If you’re someone who doesn’t much get into other forms of Hindu/Tibetan culture, the phurpa is honestly only the beginning to the extent of ritual daggers, and is a superb foundation for the construction of your own magic dart. The concept and esoteric know-how is ultimately born of your intentions.

It wasn’t until this past year when I discovered the phurpa and coincidentally discovered that I had originally created my own phurpa two-three years prior unaware this entire time. I had carved a wooden stake from a branch a while ago out of boredom and creative exploration, and I had kept it around a while before I had the idea to burn a pentacle and other designs into it. Instinctively, I developed this habit of using it to dispel energy from old spell materials and small herbal offerings that I’d lay out on my altar for luck or protection and such, and using it almost similarly to the phurpa.

Now that I have my own Tibetan ritual dagger, I use it often along with my old dagger for its own purposes. Metal/wood have their own symbolism, after all. :)

So what about that photo?

In a glass candle holder, I made a layered nest using soil, salt, herbs, and oils. This is where the phurpa will be used to tether down as well as exorcise and/or ground energy which it has directed. Not always will you immediately transmute negative into positive. Sometimes, you must merely tether down any energy in order to properly dispose of it your way.

For example, if you wanted to really tackle some bad thought-forms you’ve been cooking up over a person that you felt you couldn’t help, and you really want it to stop, acknowledge it all on a piece of ritual parchment, bless it with the blade, fold the note and tie a white string around it, and then tying it to the pommel. Tether it down into your soil/rice/salt, and visualize strongly all of these thought-forms going through your mind as a black/gray light, through the phurpa as visualized as the tree of life, and into the void s a white light to be recycled and freed of you.

After the rite, pull up the phurpa, cut the bond with the paper, and burn it. Keep the ashes and dispose of them in their own burial with sea salt and a prayer of thanks and forgiveness for your thought-forms. With a magic dart, the ideas are endless, like anything in this occult world, huh? but enough of that, let’s get into the layer blend recipe that I used for my phurpa nest— and take note, the phurpa or ritual dart isn’t meant to reside in this soil beyond activity. I place mine in the open on my altar on an agate disk.


  1. Tall/medium candle holder or dish
  2. Lavender flower buds
  3. Cactus soil, or potting soil, anything roots touched
  4. Dried basil leaves
  5. Rosemary and pine essential oil
  6. Tiny crystals, malachite, red jasper, calcite, amethyst, rose quartz, smoke quartz, labradorite, citrine, rhodinite, tiger’s eye, turquoise
  7. Ground or powdered sage
  8. Sea salt & crushed sea shells
  9. Parchment paper and writing utensil
  10. Cauldron & matches

Layer construction:

  1. 2 drops each of essential oils
  2. Cactus soil
  3. Ground sage
  4. Lavender buds
  5. Sea salt
  6. Small crystals
  7. Sea salt
  8. Lavender buds
  9. Cactus soil
  10. Basil leaves
  11. 2 drops each of essential oils
  12. Crushed sea shells
  13. Sea salt
  14. Sprinkle of ground sage on top

And at this point, you can choose to dump your intention ashes on top and symbolically stab them into the soil so they can no longer be seen, or you can add them after the first soil layer.

Intention parchment example:

I declare this nest to be the grounding for all workings that come and go by the ritual dagger. Shall all energy bound by my willed intentions through the ritual blade be sent to the mantle of earth to be recycled.

Fast Protection for a Witch

Protection spellcraft can be very tricky depending on the scenario at hand. It is always good to know a broadly generalized ritual for protection of all sorts. This spell is a fast way to bring in guaranteed protection, but for more specific scenarios, it is suggested that further spellwork regarding the unique form of desired protection or defense be sought.

Necessities- Those in bold are highly suggested, but not specifically necessary or crucial for the effectiveness of this spell. Spellcraft is 80% intention.

  1. Snowflake ObsidianAmethystClear QuartzRed Jasper, Hematite, Tangerine Quartz, Smokey Quartz. Choose one or more of the following; use only 3-4 as not to crowd crystal energies
  2. Black candle & matches & tobacco as offering to sacred flame
  3. Pine, cedar, lavender, sage, rosemary, or clove essential oil
  4. Sea salt
  5. Cauldron, wand, & broom
  6. White paper & writing utensil or dragon’s blood inkwell and quill
  7. Chamomile tea bags

Prior to ritual, your white paper should have been soaked in chamomile tea for staining and essential oils should have been added to the mixture. The tea and oils will infuse with the paper. All items should be thoroughly cleansed/smudged with sage/cedar/juniper by passing them through the smoke. Prior to ritual, you should also thoroughly smudge yourself; take in the smoke through each nostril and the mouth to ensure internal smudging also.

On a Tuesday evening, gather all of your smudged materials into your area which should be swept by your smudged broom, and cast the sacred circle with sea salt that has been anointed with the intent of the essential oil or oils chosen. This can be done on carpets/wooden floors by setting up a four-point bowl of salt for each direction and thus etherically casting the sacred circle with the energy of your wand. Call your elements and protecting deities who follow, and especially Mars.

On your altar, or tabletop before you, anoint the candle from the wick down to symbolize protection coming in, and then anoint the candle from the bottom to the wick symbolizing negative work or harm against you being banished outwards by the protection that has come in. Hold each crystal in your dominant hand and gently squeeze to awaken them, and place your crystals around this candle. Ask these friends to assist you and thank them, along with thanking your deities, Mars, guides, oils, and so forth.

Now, envision a white shroud of defending light coming from your deities, spirit guides, crystals, and/or elements around the unlit black candle and light the candle. See this white shroud growing and expanding to consume you and the inner boundaries of your sacred circle—- You are pure and your aura is pure and your thoughts are pure.

Write on your parchment/paper your intentions and what/who you need protection from. As the candle burns while you write, this symbolically represents the gradual force of defense and protection that is going to be supplied to you in each word and thought you manifest. Allow the chamomile, the oils, and crystals to aid in contributing their effective energies.

When you are done writing, fold the piece of paper loosely and with your strongest emotions and feelings of your intentions, light the parchment, and place it in the cauldron. As you do this and while it burns, repeat this chant three times while keeping in mind what you wrote on the piece of paper:

Anointed candle burning down,

To welcome Mars upon my ground,

Words intended, stone knows not weak,

I banish evildoers who drown me seek.

Thrice I tell, my words to slay,

Invincible will I be, when it comes my way.

x 3

By the power invested in me,

And it harm none,

So it will be.