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Rosemary-Sage, a homemade ‘cleanser’

Got an old room that needs cleaning, moving out from a home or an apartment, looking to do some etheric dusting after poor company left their baggage in your home, need an idea for Spring cleaning and Fall cleaning for next year, looking to part with emotional ties to objects and spaces? Here’s a great idea modified from a good friend of mine.

Sage (smudging), Rosemary (warding off evil), Cedar (purification), and Pine (protection) are four of my favorites for healing, protection, energetic banishment, exorcism of negative energy (not to be confused with the exorcism of demons or negative entities, typically poisonous plants are used for this), feng shui, purification, absolving emotional residue, and cleansing. I love them as dearly as any earth-dweller would, so I thought I’d share this homemade cleanser, not cleaner, because those commercial products are polluting our homes and spirits.

The bad thing about most cleaners is that they’re horrible for the environment, you, pets, and others. Borax is so much better, heck, you could just use sea salt, lemon juice, and some essential oils to make a true green cleaner, but borax is such a useful compound. You can use it to make dish detergent, laundry detergent, and of course, cleaning soaps. And like anything designated as a cleaner, green or not, never ingest it or allow it to come inside the body.

The second bad thing about cleaners is that they often only kick around energy, rather cleanse/absolve it completely and get rid of it, and almost everybody forgets about those walls and the ceiling, which a clean ceiling is vital to receiving that which comes from above, and of course, clean floors for that which comes from below. The walls and majorly the low and high corners of any room collects the most negativity. It’s so important to always run sage or frankincense in the corners of rooms once a month.

Ceilings and walls are often never dirty-dirty to the naked eye, but to the trained eye, they collect much dust over the years, and to the trained psychic, they collect energy too, lots of it, and so do the things in those rooms. As we know, dust, dirt, and filth accumulate and procure an environment for bacteria and mites and other microscopic pests that cause us sickness and dis-ease, especially carpets. It’s always important to vacuum carpets once a week, at least once a month for those who aren’t able to clean frequently. I get it, right now, you’re probably listing several very understanding excuses for the reasons behind a lack of cleaning, but that’s ok.

So long as you’re smudging at least once a week or once a month, and it can be so beneficial in even just walking around each room with frankincense and doing the whole home in 5 minutes. Anything helps, and as a witch, it is our responsibility to have an energetically clean home, and a physically clean home. Our rooms, our home, it is our sanctuary, and like a temple, we must respect it.

So instead of abusing that temple with polluting commercialized cleaners that just aren’t toxic-free, make your own, and enjoy the killing of two birds with one stone of cleansing and cleaning at the same time.

The quality of our environments both personally and impersonally directly correlates to the quality of our mood, spirit, stamina, longevity, and health. So smudge, cleanse, clean, ground, relax, and find peace; this is vital especially given the toxic world that we live in today.

Rosemary and Sage Scrub, heavily modified from Nicole Bedy’s original tea scrub for walls.

  1. Varied amount of fresh or dried rosemary, sage, and/or cedar/pine,
  2. Water, 2-3 cups distilled or purified,
  3. Borax, 3-4 tablespoons,
  4. Sea salt, 2-3 tablespoons,
  5. Lemon juice or oil, whole lemon or 5-10 drops oil,
  6. Container, plastic spray bottle or jar for storage,
  7. Sharpie or label for ingredients as warning for safety,

Boil water on the stove, steep the sage and rosemary leaves, allow to naturally cool. While it steeps, sing this chant here and there to encourage the little beauties to bring out their peaceful and cleansing energies.

Blessed this, O Sage and Mary,

Olden space, anew by what I carry,

Energy absolved by friends so merry,

Walls and floors to welcome Fairies,

Thanks to Rose and Meadow Clary.

Pour the tea into a container and mix in the borax, lemon juice, and sea salt. Blow into the mixture the breath of life, asking this mixture with your spirit to serve your purpose. Give a soft prayer if you may. When in need, pour into a bowl with rags to scrub, or use as a spray if you have a spray bottle.

Happy dusting, cleansing, scrubbing, and absolving that old stagnant energy!