Cedargrass Oracle
Astral Travel Oil Blend

An oil to rub on your third eye every night before you go to bed for increased dreams, recall, and vividity. The oil can also be used for many other purposes such as increasing psychic-intuitive abilities and connection to the spirit realm and astral realm. It is also a great oil to rub on the third eye just before meditation or an astral journey.


  • Essential oil glass roll-on bottle,
  • Coconut oil & Grapeseed oil,
  • Essential Oils: Cedarwood, lemongrass, orange, lemon, lavender.
  • Crystals: Opal, fluorite, amethyst, clear quartz
  • Herbs: Mugwort bits

Mix 1 part coconut oil to 10 parts grapeseed in the bottle; The idea is to have 90% grapeseed oil. This functions as a carrier oil and both are great for feminine and psychic power. Add in crystal beads at the bottom, add in 1-3 drops each of all oils, and top it off with a big piece of mugwort stem or leaf.

Shake well, allow to charge on an altar, agate disk, or any other method of charging and cleansing. Enjoy!

Valerian Root & Mugwort, sleepy dream time tea

A magical rite for increasing dreams and sleepiness. This tea is to be prepared just before bed, it will calm the mind, and allow it to cease the fluttering that often occurs when you lay in bed with a lot of your mind. The magical properties of mugwort will induce a dream-state as soon as you begin sipping the tea. All of your worries will wane into the dream world, allowing subconscious to take over so that you can take a break and finally get that good night’s sleep.

Mint can be home grown or grown in a window sill, mugwort can be grown or bought at local pagan shops (make sure it is food-grade), and valerian is found at any health foods or medicine stores, GNC Health, or anywhere.

Make sure this is done before bed, valerian is psychoactive in that it can mess with your ability to operate heavy machinery and vehicles. Be responsible. The root will induce sleepiness, so be advised.


  • Valerian Root Tea bags,
  • Mugwort, dried or fresh,
  • Mint leaf, dried or fresh,
  • Boiled, purified water,
  • Hematite, Amethyst, and Turquoise.

Pour the boiling water, not to be confused with a rapid boil, over the herbs. Let steep until cool enough to drink. Wave your wand over the mixture, reciting this chant, and after, dip your dominant point finger into it and massage your third eye.

The crystals will be placed around the tea mug as it steeps. These energies, ask them inherently to offer their little energies to add in that essential synergy. Amethyst, hematite, and turquoise are all stones which have been used for centuries in dreams, third eye, psychic works, and sleeping. Place these by your bed side. If you feel you need a physical vice, hold one of them as you fall asleep.

Dreaming, dreaming, restless night,

My mind never clams its ceaseless flight.

I dance in bed whereas should be stone,

All this madness the day has known,

With my tea, drift I into sleep.

Take my worries, dear dreams to keep.

And in my sheets, my restless ways,

Be solved by mugwort, do they not stay.

I must rest and retire from my work.

Valerian aids me, shall my thoughts not lurk.

So tonight I command an absent fight,

Close down my eyes, rest my mind I might.

As it is done, I send my requests to Luna now,

Should her light descend unto my brow.

And as I conjure this magical tea,

So be it now, so mote it be!

After a while, you’ll remember the chant, or at least develop a tune that you can hum while you brew your tea. Let the properties of these herbs aid you in your restlessness and help you get a great night’s sleep! You deserve it!