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Now is the time to start making wiser financial decisions for the future. You can no longer sit idle and allow yourself to spend money rather saving. If you’re after something large then it requires large sums of money to do it. Make the steps now to do what you know has to be done. For those of us in the northern hemisphere, Summer is just around the corner and there are trips and things which require your financial stability. You may feel helpless and bored while saving but you’ll be proud you did.

Now is the time to start making wiser financial decisions for the future. You can no longer sit idle and allow yourself to spend money rather saving. If you’re after something large then it requires large sums of money to do it. Make the steps now to do what you know has to be done. For those of us in the northern hemisphere, Summer is just around the corner and there are trips and things which require your financial stability. You may feel helpless and bored while saving but you’ll be proud you did.

People are so brainwashed and jaded by the very government which monetarily enslaves them. You work your jobs to afford useless things you don’t even need or use. If you think poverty is the incentive to work and that lethargy is a byproduct of abundance, then you’re what’s wrong with capitalism and the world.

Abundance is the INCENTIVE to do MORE, if anything. It is a scientific myth that people would not have incentive to work if they were wealthy. Every celebrity millionaire you know and watch on TV wouldn’t do a single thing by that ignorant, erroneous belief.

If anyone has researched the #VenusProject, you’ll know that our current monetary system has only made slavery more civilized. You’re all barcoded when you’re born (SSN) and you’re forced into a brainwashing system which doesn’t work (education system) because it caters to a select few who either have money to advance into higher education or what have you… everything is just all wrong.

Attachments are the root of all suffering; money is the root of all attachment.

The belief that people would not work or accomplish anything if the slavery system of money is dissolved is not only counterproductive and counter-intuitive for an intelligent species that shouldn’t be worrying about resources or survival, it’s just completely psychotic…

You people.. and your slave mentality.. you allow yourselves to be monetarily enslaved.. these silly thoughts and beliefs are exactly what They want you to think that! You’re helping them help themselves at your biological expense. You’re a pig in a pen.. you’re keeping their system afloat and because you’re too dumb to read their laws and understand the infrastructure of the society they have given you, you naively believe you’re not similar to the cow being grown for slaughter. You’re allowing your oppressor to oppress you by believing in the illusion-pig-pen they boxed you into.

Doing away with the need to survive will advance humanity and improve the earth. This is an evolution we’re dealing with.. imagine a world where people didn’t have to rob, fight, steal, or kill over money or things which money could buy? Imagine a world where fathers, sons, mothers, and daughters didn’t have to work in factory just to get by in a society where they think they’re free. You’re not free in this life style.. Freedom is detachment from ALL material and ethereal possession. Freedom is NOT a fancy law on a bill of rights saying you’re free. You think you’re free because you can wander about outside at 3am, piss in the woods, drive a car to get your nails done, or spend your hard-earned money on products which make others rich?

Those jails and prisons they put you in if you don’t follow their rules have convinced you that your life where you can “do whatever you want” is what Freedom is. You’ve convinced yourself that this money system and fight for survival is freedom. You’ve told yourself, “Well, I’m not in jail. I’m a law-abiding citizen. At least I’m not them, all chained and shackled, locked into white-brick-wall pig pens. I’m free, they’re not. They’re in jail.” You only think you’re free because your jail cell is large enough to fit houses, roads, stores, and cities in it.

You are all enslaved to the almighty dollar, the new idol of the 2000s. Freedom is not slaving away by doing labor to generate a minuscule fraction of money. Evolution is the freedom to expand and in this current society and monetary system, we cannot expand, we can only exhaust… and haven’t we exhausted the entire planet already? Whales are inhaling plastic and dying, dolphins are being caught in nets, fish and aquatic life is being poisoned by oil spills, and companies are dumping waste into coral reefs. You fucking humans disgust me… and I’m one of them. And as a human, I am disgusted to be here and witness these atrocities in a species which SHOULD KNOW BETTER.

The Human Race is so special. We are so rare. We have the opportunity to sculpt our environment, create our reality, fund science to improve our civilizations… We are the dead universe materialized into a living organism made of stardust to become aware of how alive we are through that dead universe. We are a walking paradox of life, death, organic and inorganic material, awareness, and so forth. We hold the Key of the Universe in our palms, yet we bicker over politics, send our kids to die in wars which have to be named so people can think their children died for something special (and reap some tinge of honor to get by from the loss of their offspring), and we lie, cheat, trick, steal, and abuse everyone for petty things like, what they eat, who they are, who they have sex with, what they look like, and what they believe in.

Get your act together… people! I fully support the idea that we as one species could unify and we could focus on topics which truly matter: actually evolving as a species. In my humble opinion, we are done biologically evolving at this time. We have nothing left to evolve but our minds and what our minds have created: justice, society, education, art, etc. Survival? This should not be a relevant topic on earth where we have the technology, education, intelligence, and resources to build a Utopian civilization which values uniqueness, ingenuity, education, science, art, true love, true freedom, and evolution.

Tell me, what’s so wrong with peace on earth? Money doesn’t buy it. Time to spend for that factory worker dad with his family is peace on earth. A warm laugh after sharing a funny moment with friends is peace on earth. Being unafraid to be yourself and express your mind and ideas is peace on earth. Being proud to be a human being in peace on earth. Being given access to a healthy diet rather toxic franken-foods and sinister pharmaceuticals is peace on earth. Peace on Earth. What a wonderful concept which we all stay and prevent because we keep thinking we have to do a 9-5 to make money to pay for shit that doesn’t matter.

What truly matters when you pass this realm are the things you regret never accomplishing and the memories of the loved ones you had time with… or what little time you did have because you slept 1/3 of your life away, 1/3 worrying about making ends meet, and worked the other 1/3.

Money > Enlightenment

I’m not writing this book just to put it out there for the use of all, that’d be my dream to help the masses, but I’m writing this book as my ticket to get out this miserable relationship I call myself and the world. My anger is not about the stupid money or the vacations I want to go on, its about ME being a broke ass loser living with a broke ass loser. I have this sick twisted “Daddy can I have some money” relationship with the government because of my poor quality of life and yet when I beg, I get nothing but excuses and bullshit. So many of my fellow humans are just fools who thinks they’re golden because they can hold down a job and call themselves successful. My fellow humans waste their minds and become subservient to a pathetic society that seeks to brainwash them from chasing their true dreams. You all may not have any dreams that transcend this mediocre world, but I do. I dream much bigger than money, fortune, and fame. I dream for a standard, utopian quality of life for all. I see things in this world that many will never. Me and this world were never meant to be together from the start of my birth because it was destined that we would be two different breeds of people. My mom and dad gave birth to a dreamer, an exposer of the corruption of this world, and the enlightenment of all darkness.

I hate that this world is ruled by money. You tell me to get a job if I don’t like having no money but let me tell you that I refuse to waste my intelligence by being a workhand for some simpletons in a society of people who don’t even realize the immense corruption that is money. I don’t want the stupid money. I want only what money can buy. Money doesn’t buy happiness? Bullshit. Money was created to buy happiness. They tell you that money doesn’t buy happiness because they don’t want you to think so because if you did, you’d actually get off your media-pacified ass and go chase your dreams to become the heir of the fat of the earth— millionaires just like the rich. I am a poor fool who envies the rich not for their money but for their quality of life. Some may have worked hard for their quality of life and tout that I could cease my complaints and work as hard as them. That might work out if everyone followed the same rules. In a world where people have to work for the birthright that is the abundance of this earth— truly despicable.

I hope one day I am the richest man on earth. Not for the fame, abundance, power, and ego— only because I want to DESTROY it once and for all. We will then finally return to the pious, humble earth and quit our material tyranny. Money is a curse to this human race. No one is awake enough to see it but me and few others. Well, I’m not from this planet. I am an alien soul who traveled very long to be here a part of this human experience. Well, I no longer wish to be a part of that. I wish to spend the rest of my life exposing the corruption of money, politics, religion, and government.

I am a utopian warrior of peace.

I’m not a happy poor person because I’m poor. I am happy because I operate on the wavelength. There are many different types of happiness. Familial, romantic, material, etc. This society has said that happiness is only material. That is untrue. The Venus Project stated that nobody wants money, they only want what money can buy. In a goods-based utopia, products and produce are expected simply for being a human being. No one would need a job to make money to buy a plane ticket, hotel, and food to go on vacation. They’d simply hop in a plane and go free of charge. Bartering is a better monetary system than what we have now but there are flaws there too. The best society is one without currency but a goods-based monetary system.

Casino luck

Win at the lottery by super-enhancing your aura with essential oils and other mystical means. Remember, if you spend more than you can afford, you have an addiction and should seek help, but there is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with gambling.

Every day we gamble in many ways and take risks, not just with money. Believe it or not, your frequent failed investments in gambling supports your local economy in many ways, and if you win big some day, it will have paid off and you will come to appreciate the powerful life-altering abilities of money. The Tarot teaches the reward of The Devil card, and celebrates the power of the material realm and its vices. Drinking, smoking, gambling, eating, money— these words together will deter any responsible adult as we know them to be addictions in excess, but The Devil card isn’t about the sin of the material realm so much as it is the reward; Moderation/Temperance is the key to life. Don’t blame the Devil for your choices, blame yourself. In the card you see the chains are loose around the neck of the man and woman. They chose their sins. The Devil is just the personification of the good/bad of earth.

For example, Wine has powerful antioxidants which make you live 50% longer, Smoking marijuana (no matter what a government will politically say about this plant in a given era) is a pain medicine and powerful cancer inhibitor, gambling what you can afford might pay off 10,000 percent some day, eating sweets can provide essential nutrients in moderation, and money can support a healthy lifestyle and provide one with eternal happiness when used spiritually.

We as mystics know that there is eternal abundance in this Universe and each of us is entitled to wealth, prosperity, happiness, gain, and more. There is enough to go around, we must only allow ourselves and be pious with our abundance and filled with gratitude. Whenever I focus on abundance in mysticism, I visualize many nebulae, the nurseries of stars, the beginnings of our hopes and dreams.

Casino oil rub

  • Any vegetable oil as a base,
  • 1 drop Patchouli,
  • 1 drop Spearmint,
  • 1 drop Balsam Fir Needle.

Perfume on wrists, neck, and wherever else. Make a blend if you desire in a small vial or bottle for future convenience and throw in a whole clove.

Cinnamon tea

That’s right, prepare a tea using only cinnamon and drink it for good luck.

Strawberry leaves

Looking for an abundance of luck? Carry the fresh leaves of strawberries with you.


Four ametrine crystals, jade, green aventurine, turquoise, and fluorite. There are also many other stones for luck.

Third Eye Meditation

That’s right, it seems strange, but do a meditation on the third eye to activate it. Third eye is our inner GPS which guides us and shows us clear visuals of all forms of realities happening now in an instant. Allow yourself to bring into your current bubble of reality all that you already have. The winning jackpot will, is, and has already happened— you just must allow yourself to vibrate on that frequency reality. Draw what is yours into your life.

Take a hot bath

Refresh yourself in a nice hot bath using money-oriented oils and sea salts. Get mentally and physically prepared to win!

Smudge yourself

Cleanse your aura of negative energies which might cat fear and doubt over your potential to win big.


Take an essential nap just before going out. It will refresh your brain and give you keen mental clarity.

Enlightenment, Can it be bought?

The woman in this video is in beautiful truth. As a psychic, medium, free healer with no self-interest, one who comes from Atlantis and beyond this earthly plane, who sees the corruption of all mankind and the many people falling victim to new age fantasy, one who remembers Utopia from Atlantis, and one who has been saying what she has been saying about this man and like celebs who care only about the money. She was spot on in her discernment about Equality and "Buy your enlightenment here!" And you also find con artists who charge $2500 to perform a spell to make that guy fall madly in love with you.

I’m happy for Eckhart Tolle and his experiences, but he has not found enlightenment for all, he has founded a cash cow, and has been teaching people that you can buy enlightenment so long as you can afford it. Enlightenment cannot be bought. There is no amount of money in the world that can buy this type of reawakening. Enlightenment literally means “within the light” and within the light of your true self— to be fully aware of all Self. You cannot achieve this when you’re focusing on someone else’s Self. Now, what is self? Well, you are an infinite expression made of love and darkness, and in this life, you express both wavelengths. You are a multidimensional soul existing at all points in "Time" in all planes, but right here in this life, you are a being living moment to moment filled with amnesia and bound to the encodings of Society. All learning is done, but much that we come to know in this life is our lengthy rebirthing process of remembering who we are from all levels of existence. Much of this has been encoded to be shut off from the human species and as other star beings come in, they are not bound by these things entirely, though we had to experience the encodings during this incarnation’s early life to now.

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Establish a money flow, Thursday Jupiter & Taurus Moon

Using correspondence charts for the days of the week, the phases of the moon, the time of sunset, sunrise, moonset, and moonrise, and the colors, herbs, crystals, and numbers of all of these are important for magic working. It is true that a spell can be done on any day of the year, at any time, but its success will depend on your manifestation. We witches intelligently aim to harness an energy (magic) that is naturally present, rather creating energy during intensive psychodramatic ritual. We have done just this with our computers, street lights, and cell phone. We have harnessed electricity, a naturally-occurring and abundant energy, to power our modern world.

Here, I’ll teach you how to look up correspondences, what to do with the information, and how to construct rituals for spellcrafting.

Today is Thursday, July 12, 2012. For my geographical location, I have everything set for Detroit, MI. This is where we first begin, taking note of our givens. When we look at a correspondence chart for magic working, we see that Thursday corresponds to Jupiter, which deals with money, prosperity, male virility, growth, attraction, family,  and understanding.

You see that Jupiter is associated with the color Green, the number (some say 5 because it’s the 5th planet away, but we’re choosing 4 due to the nature of Jupiter’s calling), its gender is masculine, and its crystals are turquoise and amethyst.

Green is also the color of balance, the heart chakra, so focus all intention and spellwork as through the heart.

Sunset is at 9:08 PM and Moonrise is at 1:13 AM

We take notice that the moon phase is a waning crescent, so we are in waning/dark magic, which deals with banishing, ridding oneself of addictions, and the removal of bad habits, illness, and negativity.

We notice that the moon is in Taurus, so is covers love, desires, real estate, finances, and money. Take note that Taurus’s element is Earth and its herbs are Rose, Sage, Violet, Jasmine, Dandelion, Cedar, and Strawberry.

We also take note of the planetary night hours after sunset. According to the charts, if you adjust the math, the 3rd hour after sunset deals with Jupiter. Well, Thursday is Jupiter, so we have a double Jupitarian enhancement. So 3 hours after the 9:08 PM sunset is 11:08 PM.

Also note that the first hour is for the moon, so honor her with a white candle, 3 or 9, or one of her herbs, such as eucalyptus.

The herbs that you’re going to need for Jupiter at 11:08 Pm is going to be sage, damiana, black walnut leaf, aloe leaf, or catnip, so in your magic at that hour, light incense, or use oil smells, or burn plant materials in Jupiter’s honor.

You may also take note of the year correspondence of the Chinese Zodiac if it applies. 2012 is the Year of the Water Dragon, and is a yang year, so we expect much excitement, unpredictability, new beginnings, and mixed blessings.

So far, with all the correspondences, July 12, 2012 at 11:08 PM is the perfect time for establishing a money flow, which is a consistent flow of energy providing money to your life in the areas that you need. A money flow will typically last one lunar cycle, and will supply what you need for your intended purposes. Magic can be used for unlimited fortune and fame, as with winning the lottery, but you won’t necessarily get it for the wrong reasons.

Caution with Jupiter though, he expands whatever is present, not the creation of. He is the force which causes the rich to be richer and the poor to be poorer. You cannot manifest out of thin air with Jupiter, only expand what is already present. For this clever spell, we will only be focusing on expanding our flow of positive. For a healing, you would focus on expanding the positive within them, to outweigh the negative, thus kicking the illness out. It’s clever and a perfect loophole for Jupitarian energy.

Construct Your Rritual- Here is where everything is now up to you. Decide what herbs, candles, representatives, incenses, statuettes, and materials you’re going to need, then decide what you want to do. Do you want to cast a circle, call on elements, invoke the deity of the day, or will you simply write on a piece of paper and burn it?


  • 2 Green candles, one in honor of Jupiter, and one for the money,
  • 1 White candle, in honor of the moon,
  • Eucalyptus essential oil, for Luna,
  • Rose essential oil, for Taurus,
  • Sage essential oil, for Jupiter,
  • Wand, pencil, paper, cauldron,
  • Mint leaves and wine/juice,
  • Cinnamon essential oil, for money,
  • Sugar, for attraction,
  • Sea salt, for purification,
  • Small bowl for money candle,
  • Amethyst and Turquoise, as offerings,
  • Green Aventurine merkaba, for the money spell,
At 11:00 PM, cast your circle about, invoke the elements, mother earth, and father sky for protection. Make your necessary preparations before and after the circle casting. Depending on your path, you may provide appropriate offerings for each element: green aventurine; north, frankincense; air, green candle; fire, and strawberry juice; water.

I call upon the protection of the Northern Earth, the Eastern Air, the Southern Fire, and the Western Water.

In my circle, I call about the great spirit of Mother Earth from below, and the great spirit of Father Sky from above.

Shall all beings in attendance, with love and trust, protect me from all perils in their directions.

Light the white candle,
I burn this candle of purest intentions in honor of the lady of the moon. May she guide me well through the shroud of darkness into the realm of light. There is where I bask in the glory of High.
I drop this Eucalyptus oil in honor of the fair maiden, the mother, and the crone. I drop this oil to honor her light, her radiance, and the way it fills my being.
… and drop the rose oil on the candle in honor of Taurus. 

I light also this candle in honor of the Taurean Moon that shines above. May it’s loving nature, importance of family, serene pause, gentle gestures, and passionate joys fill my circle and my heart.

I drop this oil in honor of the energy that comes from Taurus. Like rose, it is sweet yet passionate, calm and yet deep, respectful yet romantic, simple yet majestic. May these energies entwine with my workings.

Inscribe on the second green candle a dollar sign, and write bellow it 111, the number of the flow of new energies. Anoint the candle with the cinnamon oil, and sprinkle sea salt around the candle in a bowl and sugar. Place the aventurine by it.

This salt to purify this sacred flame and the magic made by my name.

This sugar to attract the sacred flow, the energy that I direct and grow.

This candle so green, and through my heart, might my woes and concerns depart.

This green aventurine quartz to provide that extra oomph for that which I seek in the realm of manifestation. It is by my heart that I create and weave that which I need most in my life.

This cinnamon to enhance my money spell, should wishes pour in like a bountiful well.

Here now should write out what it is that you desire. You may draw Jupiter and Neptune all over it for abundance and expansion, also money symbols. This separate piece of paper may be pre-written for convenience, and read aloud the the flame. After, it should be folded and burned by the money candle in the cauldron. This candle must burn down naturally.

Take a moment to collect yourself. Jupiter is a strong masculine energy, it being the biggest planet in our solar system. He is the dispenser of rain, the celestial body of understanding, philosophy, expansion, and discourse.

Take your green candle, inscribe the symbol of Jupiter on it, the number 4, and anoint the candle downward from the wick with sage essential oil, then provide the mint leaves as food and wine as drink, and the crystal offerings in front of the green money candle.

Jupiter, Jupiter, Jupiter, Jupiter,

I have for thee drink and food,

And offerings to satisfy thy mood.

I inscribe thy name upon thy candle,

Thy mighty breath that I might handle,

Guide me through the night so pure,

Expand mine workings by thy allure.

I invoke thee Jupiter, I invoke thee Jupiter,

I invoke thee Jupiter, I invoke thee Jupiter,

The money spell having been completed, and its flame still waxing, and now that Jupiter has been invoked, this is where we cleverly ask him to expand what has already been done. If we had done this in reverse, Jupiter would have expanded what we already didn’t have and that’s terribly counterproductive.

I seek a flow, a new direction, in my life outside of strife. The abundance of thee Jupiter on this night— An flooding energy, full of luck, prosperity, and might. I wish to establish the sacred flow, unwavering money for me to sow. I’ve made the seed, and now might you, Jupiter to provide expansion through what I do.

Blessed be what I have done, Might it be of perfect loving trust,

So mote it be, so mote it be. So mote it be, so mote it be.

Let the candles burn down and do their thing, and make the ashes into a sachet that you will keep and take with you wherever you go. Evoke the elements, Mother Earth, Father Sky, thank Jupiter, and uncast the circle. Clean up appropriately as needed.

My Services, Practices, & Ethics

Here is a detailed list of the services that I offer both free of charge and paid for clients and friends alike. When I am not working expos or shows, I offer these services on a singular basis from time to time (due to demands and overload) for free out of the beneficence of my own compassionate heart; One people, One Suffering. When I charge money from clients, it is out of a respected equivalent exchange. As they must work to pay bills, eat, and sustain, as do I with this line of profession. It costs money to do what I do at shows and expos, and I expect the same compensation that my clients expect when they are awarded for their work at their jobs. I don’t agree with the current monetary system and economical crisis just as much as the next enlightened one, but until a great change is met, I sensibly use money to also sustain myself.

Where I agree that many professional psychics and healers are capitalizing on the back-breaking labor-made money that their clients degrade their spirit and body to supply them, and their healing is always claimed to be such a cake walk to the psychic and done within moments, my prices are fair and relatively inexpensive. I would typically charge $1 a minute, whereas some psychics charge $2 or even $4 a minute in wealthier areas. I do not agree that it is an equivalent exchange in this way. This is the same dilemma that occurs between doctors and patients— “Are you kidding me? $50 co-pay for a doctor’s visit without insurance?!?!" Yeah, should it really cost $50 for the doctor to bump your knee and tell you what you already knew about yourself— you’re sick.

Take it easy, get some rest, and eat lightly. If it persists, come back for an additional visit free of charge and we’ll prescribe you some pills comprised of a toxic stew that will fix you right up in no time, but actually only chemically mask the symptoms and ignore about the cause, so you think you’re finally better when you’re really not; why treat the cause when treating the symptoms instead of the cause would make you come back due to other “unrelated” illnesses, thus repeating this costly and vicious never-ending cycle of living death? Try to feel better, Mr. Hanson.

And poor old crazy granny is too belittled to be able to honestly remind her ignoring kids and grandkids of how they used safe, herbal remedies back way when for everything, but she’s old and degenerated, what does she know?

If you do the math, approximately an average person works 35 hours a week doing some type of strenuous, stressful, mind-numbing, dis-ease-causing activity making an average $8 an hour; they will have roughly $224 a week after taxes. A psychic reading will probably be 20 minutes for $45, the most strain, stress, and dis-ease that will be caused is a head ache, absorbing some of their stress through sentient-osmosis, and/or using their noodle to think. If I did the math correct, the psychic gets to sit in an air-conditioned room, in a chair, with every convenience they could ask for, electronic and social freedom, and makes $135 an hour ($2.25 a minute) while the average client makes $0.13 a minute, or $8 an hour. So basically, the psychic makes %94 more money than the client doing an effortless reading while the client had to work their ass off for 6 hours to pay for the reading. They had to work so much, in fact, that they need the psychic/healer’s help to get back into the groove lol, the groove that was disrupted by the work, the stress, and the financial worry, for only %6 of the money their psychic/healer is making in one week, whereas the psychic makes that in just 2 hours, rather 35 hours. Is that fair? Not really. I charge $1 a minute. $10 for 10 minutes is fair, and donations and tips are always welcome if you believe I went above and beyond the call of duty.

Money is the root of all evil, but also it’s naive to pretend that it has no relevance. Am I always willing to help someone out so long as they’re also willing to return the favor? You bet- Reciprocation is the law, we help each other as a global community in any way we can. It’s unfortante that nobody has made as much of a big deal about that philosophy as they have iPhones & iPads at Christmas. If I can provide a spiritual service, the least you can do is be my friend, talk to me, and genuinely care for me as I do, if you have no money. If you can afford to pay me, thet would be a tremendous help. I have to pay for my gas to get there, my space at expos, my time, my bills, my food just as you do, but I’m not going to rob you for a scarce service that you’ll typically not find anywhere else so you subdue yourself to the convenience and give in. I am not a monopolist. My services are plenty, people are out there, but none of them understand what I’m showing here. The lot of healers claim to want to do exactly what their occupational title implies, yet they obliviously charge an arm and a leg for their valuable services, simply out of perceived greed, high standards, self-high quality exaggerations, personal value evaluation, because they had paid those amounts before they became a professional, and/or to compensate for the years of study and money it took to get to that point. But the service fees… its ridiculous. $111 for a 12 Strand DNA Activation? I can give you one for $30!

Do they not conceive the math? It’s alarming if you think about it. In this economy, no one can afford to pay you $100+ an hour for a spiritual service that is so easy for you to perform. What youre paying for in most cases is their ego.

The lot of charges and fees, unfortunately, even after I’ve explained all of this, is sometimes out of the very fact are scarcity though— no one really believes in this stuff, knows where to find it, or knows what it is or how it can benefit them. So when the rare fish comes around, you’ll fish to get it at all costs and get what you can from it. It seems competitive and vile, but that’s because it can be, I’ve seen it and it’s all Money’s fault. We are all condemned by its rule and life-government.

For now, I take deep breaths, continue my life merrily, and do my part as a lightworker, healer, activist, advocate, writer, artist, and pagan reconstructuralist.

My services are many and I suppose I’d be considered a jack of trades, but master of none. I adore much, too much to have too much time to dedicate to one thing at a time. I’ll do one thing and come back to it a while later, months to years. This does not mean, however that my services here are incomplete, the ones listed are those regularly performed with experience for clients, friends, and family. About the lack of mastery or psychic certifications, as a Capricorn, I enjoy structured programs, but I have not the money for them right now. For now, I am technically self-taught, which shouldn’t ever be confused with amateurity or a lack of knowledgeability and know-how. There are many pychics and healers who are natural-born and phneomenal at what they do who are self-taught. The lots of psychics, and I am going to embark on this for the same reason, do get masteries and certifications for their professional credibility. In the society that we live in, you are a nobody without a formal education, right? So we modern psychics have learned to adapt, whereas in ancient times, our studied would be revered and deemed as an authentic healing modality.

I am working on accumulating the money to achieve certifications in Reiki, Massage Therapy, and other conventional practices to help build my professional platform. In this world, most people won’t want to listen to what you have to say due to a lack of formal education. This is both right and wrong for the right reasons… For now, I offer risk-free services and stand by my own self-evaluated credibility based on my path, study, learnings, and growth over the years. A lot of what I know and can do has been born from patience, practice, unwavering determination, intensive studying, transformation, channeling, receptivity, observance, self-teaching, trial and error, blessings from deities, Akashic Records, interpersonal communication between friends and my own role models, and Greater Consciousness Osmosis.

Namaste to all who read, my spirit is one with you, and may peace be yours along this lonesome yet frequently accompanied road called life.

Services, Practices, and Others:

  • Psychic & Intuitive Readings,
  • Psychic Resourcing,
  • Tarot, Oracle, & Rune Readings,
  • Stone, Penny, & Bone Tossing,
  • Spiritual Evaluations,
  • Eye & Aura Readings,
  • Crystal Evaluations & Readings,
  • Crystal Healing,
  • Third Eye Enhancements,
  • Soul Assessments,
  • Individual Karmic Vault Assessments,
  • Past life Readings,
  • Dream Interpretation and Decipherment,
  • Omen, Symbols, and Synchronicity Comprehension,
  • Empathic & Pathos Healing,
  • Physiological Healing,
  • Compassionate Earth Healing,
  • Pendulum Assessments & Readings,
  • Chakra Assessments,
  • Chakra Healing & Repair,
  • Awakening & Ascension Assistance,
  • Altered Consciousness Assistance,
  • General Education,
  • Akashic Records & Deity Petitioning,
  • Karmic Lords Petitioning Assistance,
  • DNA Repairs & Shadow Strand Activation,
  • Alternative Amateur “Reiki,”
  • Vibrational Elevation of People, Urban Areas, Homes, Cities,
  • Bindings (Only performed for the most violent cases),
  • Sacred Lemurian Crystal Vibration Healing,
  • Mantra & Meditation Poetry,
  • Spell Writing & Personal Development,
  • Guided Healing Trances & Meditation,
  • Relationship Alternative Guidance,
  • Sexuality Healing,
  • Present-Life Past Healing,
  • Alternative Grievance Therapy,
  • House Visits & Guided Exorcisms,
  • Diseased & Spirit Communication,
  • Supernatural Ultra-sensitivity Readings,
  • Skype & Webcam Healing Sessions,
  • Smudging & Purification,
  • Blessings,
  • Herbal & Alternative Medicine Resourcing,
  • Alternative Lifestyle Assistance,
  • Personal Growth & Enlightenment Assistance,
  • Health & Wellness Information,
  • Alternative Life Coaching,
  • Amateur Aromatherapy,
  • Amateur Astrology,
  • Sanctifying Borders & Barriers,
  • Protection Work,
  • Charm Work,
  • Cleansing, Purification, and Sweeping,
  • Ritual Preparation,
  • Channeling,
  • Claircognizance & Clairsentience Development,
  • General Mentoring & Peer to Peer Contact,
  • Crystal Usage Education & Teaching,
  • Amateur Pagan Feng Shui,
  • Landscape & Interior Energy Flow Readings,
  • General Receptivity Practices,
  • Creator & Maker of Psychic Tools & Jewelry,
  • Lightworking,
  • Mystical Travels & Voyages,
  • Rain Dances,
  • Manifestation & Attraction Circles,
  • Networking,
  • * Although I am not a registered, certified, or conventionally educated practitioner of medicine, science, therapy, psychology, and teaching, and I have no legal right to provide advice in the guise of these conventions— my personal advice, healing, and all other work is completely at your personal-public risk and meant to be properly considered informational of the supernatural realm of study by societal convention. *

If you’d like to use this list as a base for understanding, personal researching, expansion of trades, and copying it for the omitting/adding of some of your own skills and using it to produce your own services list, I will be delighted to have inadvertently aided in that! :)