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Herbal Bath, Cleansing & Reconnecting

Took a long hot bath to just cleanse, ground out my entire mind, body, spirit, and soul, and to know full relaxation. I drew the hot water and tossed in some sea salt, orange, lemon, lavender, clove, and pine essential oils, candles all over, in silence to allow higher self and cosmic awareness to be witnessed, and a hot herbal tea made of rooibos chai, lavender buds, and geranium flowers (spiritual cleansing and detoxing) in a silver-plated pot. I set up a mini bath altar consisting of an Ankh bone fetish, snowflake obsidian crystal, a quartz crystal, Madagascar carnelian, and a 65-million-year-old ammonite half on an agate disk. In addition to the bath altar, I set up a tarot altar using specific cards which held their own spiritual symbolism. This tarot altar was set up to act as the underlying goal at hand for my cleansing; it was a directing consciousness.

As I sipped the tea, I allowed my vessel to cleanse, relax, reconnect, and absorb all the energies of the altars, the water, and the soul of the candles. This ceremonial process allows me to drink of the cleansing brew, its consciousness becoming one with mine, its consciousness cleansing mine, and allowing my body to expel of all stresses through urination and skin detoxification. The silence allowed me to cease inner and outer chatter and thus reconnect with cosmic awareness, allowing my chakras to open, and so that I could witness my consciousness and all consciousness around. When you allow yourself to slow down, be still, and rest a while in this type of rejuvenating vessel, this gracious water which will take of your consciousness and heal your being, you are reconnected to great spirit, you are humbled, and you are free of all material and immaterial baggage. You just exist and you are well.

After the bath, I’m always left pensive, and in the winter time, I love to open my front door and sit in my towel with the freezing air rushing over my body. This seems to fill me with aliveness and power, the endurance of transitioning from extreme hot to extreme cold. Sometimes I like to change the tea and the ceremonies, like with using crystal wands or not, and to what oils I’ll choose and for what purposes, also what crystals I’ll use or what music I might like to enjoy.

Also, after my bath, I got out and went immediately to my phone and turned it on to see that it was 2:22am. :) I know that I was heard, I have been cleansed, and in my sleep, I will heal even more, and wake up full charged. Thank you, thank you, thank you great god, goddess, sun, moon, earth, higher self, and cosmos.

Meanings and Properties

  • Water: A primary element, she represents the ability to feel and to heal. By simply submerging oneself in water, you are healed and cleansed much like how we put our crystals in running water. The water will collect energy and take it with it, typically cleansing old stagnant energies.
  • Sea Salt: Protection from Mother Earth herself
  • Orange Oil: Uplifting the spirit and inserting the happiness of the sun himself into your body and filling you with positive, extroverted consciousness.
  • Lemon Oil: Embracing the world for what it is but also remembering that you are the master of your own universe, you are the magician, so go forth and create what lines up with your greater efforts.
  • Clove Oil: Establishing a habit of systematic relaxation and finding the bliss even when in emotionally high situations.
  • Lavender Oil: Full relaxation, love, bliss, harmony, protection, grace.
  • Pine Oil: Consecrating, blessing, purifying, and sanctifying all energy and beings. It purges the aura and replaces it with mystical consciousness.
  • Candles: To illuminate you on your path of healing and to provide a natural light for optimum connection and ambiance which is best for healing.
  • Rooibos Chai: Very inviting, zappy energy which electrifies the body and instigates the inner chakras to come together into awareness and become jolly and active in the best expression. I’ve also found the energy of Rooibos to be calm yet stinging with power. When the cinnamon/spicy flavors meet, it becomes a spitfire for positive intention.
  • Lavender Buds: Same of lavender oil, the buds in a tea bring out the subtle, gentle aspect of lavender, whereas I’ve found the oil can be dominant and aggressive when it comes to purifying out negative forces. An infusion from lavender buds is best for internal cleansing, oils always for external cleansing.
  • Geranium Petals: My favorite, Geranium is the most rewarding, giving, subtle energy of all. It is an energy for friendship, health, true love, true romance, and all things benign. It is not a violent or aggressive plant at all, but it can easily become aggressive when its stems are used in rootwork. Geranium is an androgynous energy in my experience and it shifts with pure harmony and ease to suit the intention and synthesize naturally for your energy type. In a tea, it will easily invigorate you with joy.
  • Silver: Protecting the tea from dark forces, enhancing all magic and mysticism, conductor of energy and assurance of divine working. Silver is a very traditionally spiritual metal used by all magicians and practitioners because of its association to the moon.
  • Agate Disk: Utmost grounding, the agate disk is customary to place other vessels upon it for working, and best used as an altar foundation as its energy builds, creates, manifests, and brings in unity, balance, and prosperity.
  • Ankh: An ancient conduit of energy/consciousness, of earth and cosmos, mundane and mystical. The Ankh is the vehicle and engine for all magical working and mysticism. It is there to protect, create, and dismantle all forces that do not line up with your efforts.
  • Carnelian: A stone of creativity and emotional healing. It relates with the sacral chakra, so it helps to ease emotional turmoil so that you can reconnect and ground. Cleansing of the aura and aura of all beings.
  • Snowflake Obsidian: One of my personal favorites next to Smokey Quartz, which whereas smokey is a more an aggressive stone, this obsidian is more of an airy, fluffy, jolly stone. It is a very grounding stone, forcing a path from the root to the deep earth, as it relies on its volcanic origins. Obsidian has its place in history as being a rough, feared yet respected energy, but for me, it’s quite opposite once you begin dedicating yourself to working with its energy. It’s very rewarding and allows energy to be immediately recycled and transmuted, which is why it’s very powerful for protection because most energies won’t go near it as it is very unforgiving. It also has the yin/yang symbolism of the white and black and is a stone of equilibrium.
  • Ammonite: Stability, love, relaxation, root chakra, protection. The ammonite communes with the carnelian, Ankh, and other stones to allow for the immense healing of all past, trauma, stress, and emotions which do not line up with your greater good.
  • Hematite Ring: For grounding, earth connection, and relaxation. Hematite will also help get the blood going, so with the heat from the bath, it’ll help your body to detox physical toxins and spiritual dis-ease.
  • Valerian Root Capsule: Relaxation, Purging harmful/rotten energy. I took a valerian root capsule (1000mg, extra strength) for not only relaxing me and initiating drowsiness and to slow my over-active mind, but to ward off all unwanted energies in my body and to help assist the tea in better spiritually detoxing my body.
  • Praying To Water: Gratitude is the highest form of vibration on earth, so it is expected to show your gratitude by praying to the water. This is to be done as the water is drawing and while it is draining. Thank the vessel for taking your ailments, rejuvenating you, and replacing negativity with warm love and positivity.
  • Bath Offering: It’s respectful to share your tea with the water in gratitude for its services.
  • Urination: It’s a weird aspect to the bath, but allow yourself to release all inner dis-ease and stress from your body in this manner. Allow your body to detox these energies and allow the oils, crystals, and water to soak up that energy and ground it deep into Earth, it is not in your body anymore, it’s not in the water, it’s gone, cleansed, and transmuted into positive energy.
  • Quartz Crystal Wand: Consecrating water and entire room for healing. Weave a circle and/or insert seals, symbols, and thought forms as enhancements.
  • Black Tourmaline Wand: Grounding almost immediately all negative/unwanted forces and energies which do not line up with your efforts and greater good. It recycles into the earth all negative emotions and energies in a space and then establishes a void space where you then insert positive energy. Will clear out anger and hatred from an area, even bad spirits.
  • Tarot Cards I: Devil Reversed with black tourmaline on it to represent spiritual over material for full grounding and healing the ego body.
  • Tarot Cards II: Knight of Cups, The Fool, Death, The Sun, The Moon, Temperance, The World, The High Priestess, The Star, Ace of Cups, and The Hermit: The main underlying consciousness here with the tarot altar was to ensure the elimination of all stressful emotions/energies working against me in my abilities to know, to transcend, to change positively, to focus in general, to ground, and to manifest into my life what I believe is my greater good with all my personal struggles in home, career, life, love, and more.
  • Tarot Cards III: You can also bring out The Empress card if you’d like to invoke Mother Earth herself into your bath if you feel her presence is necessary for whatever intended purpose. She as our great mother is always grateful to connect with us in ways such as this ,as it shows our love and dedication, and the warm bath and her invocation reminds us of the womb of our own familial mother who carried us. This awareness provides for the best healing.
Homemade Tea Blends

Here is a list of all of the brews, combinations, and blends that I have come up with personally that I enjoy. Most of these herbs I grow myself, so don’t mind the portions I use. If you’re not partial to herbal teas, I ask you to please try and acclimate yourself. Their health benefits are impossible to ignore and their flavors when mixed with natural sweeteners like pure maple syrup, agave nectar, or pure local flower honey are much better than any drink out there. Tea drinking, though maybe cliche, is definitely canonical of the pagan lifestyle.

Even cold-steeping tea is excellent! Remember, when making tea, try to use purified water. Spring water is most always tap water in disguise. Keep fluoride, arsenic, lead, mercury, and chlorine out of your teas.

Reminder: As with any herbal supplement or tea used for consumption, please do research if you are unsure of ingredients. I am no health official so be a smart forager. These are my own personal teas that I love for recreational pleasure and remedial relief.

Sweet friendship tea

  • Water (8-24 ounces)
  • Fresh or dried rose petals (4)
  • Dried lawn grass, or lemongrass (3-5 strands/leaves)
  • Geranium flowers (8)

Lavender Mint

  • Water (8-24 ounces)
  • Fresh orange mint leaf (1)
  • Dried lavender flowers buds (7)
  • Fresh lavender flowers and/or leaves (3)
  • Green tea bag (1)

Sleepy Time
This tea causes drowsiness and may impair people.
Consult a trusted doctor/naturopath first before consumption

  • Water (8-12 ounces)
  • Dried valerian root (a pinch)
  • Dried ginger root (graded at discretion)
  • Mint (3-4 leaves for taste)
  • Fresh lemon juice (2 tsp)
  • Teaspoon of honey (optional)

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Rosemary-Sage, a homemade ‘cleanser’

Got an old room that needs cleaning, moving out from a home or an apartment, looking to do some etheric dusting after poor company left their baggage in your home, need an idea for Spring cleaning and Fall cleaning for next year, looking to part with emotional ties to objects and spaces? Here’s a great idea modified from a good friend of mine.

Sage (smudging), Rosemary (warding off evil), Cedar (purification), and Pine (protection) are four of my favorites for healing, protection, energetic banishment, exorcism of negative energy (not to be confused with the exorcism of demons or negative entities, typically poisonous plants are used for this), feng shui, purification, absolving emotional residue, and cleansing. I love them as dearly as any earth-dweller would, so I thought I’d share this homemade cleanser, not cleaner, because those commercial products are polluting our homes and spirits.

The bad thing about most cleaners is that they’re horrible for the environment, you, pets, and others. Borax is so much better, heck, you could just use sea salt, lemon juice, and some essential oils to make a true green cleaner, but borax is such a useful compound. You can use it to make dish detergent, laundry detergent, and of course, cleaning soaps. And like anything designated as a cleaner, green or not, never ingest it or allow it to come inside the body.

The second bad thing about cleaners is that they often only kick around energy, rather cleanse/absolve it completely and get rid of it, and almost everybody forgets about those walls and the ceiling, which a clean ceiling is vital to receiving that which comes from above, and of course, clean floors for that which comes from below. The walls and majorly the low and high corners of any room collects the most negativity. It’s so important to always run sage or frankincense in the corners of rooms once a month.

Ceilings and walls are often never dirty-dirty to the naked eye, but to the trained eye, they collect much dust over the years, and to the trained psychic, they collect energy too, lots of it, and so do the things in those rooms. As we know, dust, dirt, and filth accumulate and procure an environment for bacteria and mites and other microscopic pests that cause us sickness and dis-ease, especially carpets. It’s always important to vacuum carpets once a week, at least once a month for those who aren’t able to clean frequently. I get it, right now, you’re probably listing several very understanding excuses for the reasons behind a lack of cleaning, but that’s ok.

So long as you’re smudging at least once a week or once a month, and it can be so beneficial in even just walking around each room with frankincense and doing the whole home in 5 minutes. Anything helps, and as a witch, it is our responsibility to have an energetically clean home, and a physically clean home. Our rooms, our home, it is our sanctuary, and like a temple, we must respect it.

So instead of abusing that temple with polluting commercialized cleaners that just aren’t toxic-free, make your own, and enjoy the killing of two birds with one stone of cleansing and cleaning at the same time.

The quality of our environments both personally and impersonally directly correlates to the quality of our mood, spirit, stamina, longevity, and health. So smudge, cleanse, clean, ground, relax, and find peace; this is vital especially given the toxic world that we live in today.

Rosemary and Sage Scrub, heavily modified from Nicole Bedy’s original tea scrub for walls.

  1. Varied amount of fresh or dried rosemary, sage, and/or cedar/pine,
  2. Water, 2-3 cups distilled or purified,
  3. Borax, 3-4 tablespoons,
  4. Sea salt, 2-3 tablespoons,
  5. Lemon juice or oil, whole lemon or 5-10 drops oil,
  6. Container, plastic spray bottle or jar for storage,
  7. Sharpie or label for ingredients as warning for safety,

Boil water on the stove, steep the sage and rosemary leaves, allow to naturally cool. While it steeps, sing this chant here and there to encourage the little beauties to bring out their peaceful and cleansing energies.

Blessed this, O Sage and Mary,

Olden space, anew by what I carry,

Energy absolved by friends so merry,

Walls and floors to welcome Fairies,

Thanks to Rose and Meadow Clary.

Pour the tea into a container and mix in the borax, lemon juice, and sea salt. Blow into the mixture the breath of life, asking this mixture with your spirit to serve your purpose. Give a soft prayer if you may. When in need, pour into a bowl with rags to scrub, or use as a spray if you have a spray bottle.

Happy dusting, cleansing, scrubbing, and absolving that old stagnant energy!

Anti-itch for bug bites, or any itching

An addition to my mosquito repellent post. Here is an ultimate anti-itch remedy.

  1. Carrier oil such as coconut, almond, sunflower, witch hazel, olive oil, etc.
  2. Jar or container, a wide mouth jar would be nice,
  3. Aloe vera gel or essential oil for healing and relief,
  4. Clove essential oil for nerve-ending numbness,
  5. Peppermint essential oil for soothing menthol and anti-itch,
  6. Lemon essential oil for anti-inflammatory,
  7. Basil essential oil, same use as clove oil,
  8. Lavender essential oil for skin treatment,
  9. Geranium essential oil for skin smoothness,
  10. Baking soda for low viscosity control and relief,
  11. Non-coated aspirin tablets for anti-inflammatory,
  12. Vitamin E for skin and Vitamin C as a preservative 

Begin either consistency suggestion with one cup, or 8 ounces,
  • Pour the carrier oil into your jar and add the aloe vera gel or essential oil. Mix it well and then add in 3-4 drops of each oil, use ratios for personal choice in fragrance. The main essential oils to use are clove, peppermint, lemon, aloe, and lavender. They’re all good to use though.
  • If the mixture is too runny, or has a low viscosity, add baking soda, which is also remedial for anti-itch, to make it a bit thicker. If you desire a paste or cream, just keep adding more and more baking soda to it. The above point is for an all oil product.
  • In your mixture choice be it oil or paste, the crushed aspirin isn’t necessary, but has its own effects for dealing with scars, bites, acne, and blemishes. If you desire an all essential oil and carrier oil rub, then discard the soda and the tablets, just make sure to add a few drops of Tea Tree essential oil just in case for sanitation and a longer shelf life, though it should be fine if you use all the other oils. 

My major suggestion is the all oil rub plus the aloe & minus the soda and vitamins, but you can still add them to gain the consistency that you desire. If you’re making a lot of this stuff, just try to adjust the drops.