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Astral Travel Tips

With permission to publish my reply to Jbohbih about astral travel, messages were too limited to share my response so I came here, and perhaps others can find this post useful. Namaste.

Astral Travel Tips

I read your post about your self-analysis of your chakra/astral problems. I’ll start off with the basics: You need a purpose, not just any, but a good one. Astral travel is dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing for the sole fact that your consciousness, your etheric body, is independent of your physical body. There are many dark forces out there that would love to bring the ruin of souls to you and prevent you from returning to your body (coma) or cause you death and/or severe illness. You must always know how to protect yourself, know that you are protected, and that you have protection from beings, spirit guides, deceased loved ones, angels, and/or but not limited to, aliens.

Astral travel is not easy specifically for its own good. The Astral realm is the realm coexisting equally with the Physical and Spiritual, as I have understood it. That being stated, more recently has the Astral Realm been seen as the Fourth Dimension, one where imagination, thought-consciousness can manifest and materialize into the lower Third Dimension. That means if you think it, it will materialize before you. If astral travel were easy, it could be manipulated and abused in menacing ways— oh wait, hasn’t it already been used for greed, control, and world power? This is why secrecy schools have kept secret over the thousands of years. Anyone who has seen The Mummy understands the point of the magi.

While astral travel can be spiritual, transforming, and even fun to experience the inner nature of cosmos, you, and has the ability to change your life forever, it is a powerful tool and it should always be chosen as a last option. For instance, rather astral projecting to manifest the event of the perfect job landing at your doorsteps, couldn’t you go out and apply to jobs first, and then try your astral projection after to enhance or boost your ability to get one? So when you’re going to decide to travel in the astral realm, specify your purpose, is it really necessary, can you accomplish it any other way, do you know what you’re doing, do you know where you need to go, do you know what to do? These are preparations you must go through.

Now about chakras, it’s very important for them to be balanced, but really what does all that mean? Balance your chakras and quiet the mind in meditation? I found that to be the embodiment of balance— you must simply be yourself. The harmony of chakras depends widely on awareness, but it also separates ino divided amounts to perform tasks in the real world, much like scales balancing weight. You are throat dominant right now, you’ve said. This can be good for a test or a speech, but does this mean that you are in disharmony? Not at all. To have a balanced chakra system means to simply be aware of what dominates and what submits in quantity. Keeping track is the balance, so you can intuitively and actively shift dominance when need be. For example, when you are writing a blog, you are being very throat dominant, I am right now. Perhaps you ignore the heart chakra when you are stressing about anger, but the root chakra is very active, isn’t it? You’re getting it out with the help of your throat chakra. When one chakra is larger than the others, it will simply be offsetted by another chakra. Typically, no one chakra operates solely on its own, and every chakra operates to some degree. Yes, there are extreme cases where chakras are damaged and closed, and it is very common.

But by simply being aware of your chakras, you will learn how to balance them in time by being only your natural, true, honest, genuine self. There is nothing wrong with temporary dominance of chakras, they benefit you for the tasks they are required for, but this does not mean you live in disharmony. In nature, we find powerful storms and natural disasters which purge and cleanse, they are chaotic in comparison to the peacefulness of a normal day. Nature will balance itself out no matter its actions, and as you are a part of nature also, you too will do this, buti n your own way. It requires enlightenment to learn this language, but it is within us all. We need only concentrate and focus our mind to the receiving of the language.

As you attempt to astral travel, know exactly your purpose, have a clear mind, a clear conscience, be of love and light, remember your ethics, absolve and dissolve the world around you, and just will yourself. Willing yourself to be or to do isn’t thought-based, it is intent-consciousness-based.

Here are some tips to remember when astral traveling:

  • Clear your mind by unwinding from stress in the normal way you would, do breathing exercises to relax the heart, lower your state of consciousness to be still.
  • Engage in systematic relaxation as through guided meditation or hypnotism.
  • Light some soothing incense to calm down and light candles,
  • Play music to liven the mood or sanctify it,
  • Recite affirmations and get into ritual mindset, for astral travel is ritualistic in that it requires concentration, methods, practice, and application of techniques and discipline.
  • Smudge yourself, your aura, and your space with sage, cedar, juniper, frankincense, and/or lavender,
  • You may cast a circle around you for protection, hold crystals, carry objects with you, or ask deities or beings to assist and protect you. Imagine being surrounded by a radiance of white light.
  • Your astral travel success depends largely on your self-esteem, your belief of it, your confidence, your at-one-ment with consciousness, and your ability to accept. Your mind controls every single aspect of what you perceive. The reason meditation must quiet the mind and dissolve into silence is so that you can receive true objective enlightenment without a subjective mind picking what it wants you to see, and you must be prepared to face the truth. If you cannot during or after meditation and astral travel, you stagnate and miss out on beneficial transformation.
  • On that note, know yourself very well. Trough trial and error you will learn, but it’s also important to know your limitations, your strengths, and your weaknesses. On a foundation, you can choose to build on top of it or destroy it to build anew, or just leave for new beginnings. You have the power, always. Enlightenment is literally being aware of who you are, it’s not just some divine, unable-to-grasp skill gifted only to yogi masters who have worked for 60 long years. That time is consequential, but the wisdom found therein is not limited to time/age, but to experience. It is hoped that with how wisdom goes, the older ones have spent their time progressing, rather dillydallying around or stagnating.
  • Repeat, reread, reuse. Read material like this again from time to time. See how your perspective has changed, if it has changed, if it will not change. Repeat practices or astral intentions that you have done. Don’t be afraid to recycle the same materials into new methods for self-learning and expansion. You will always gain a new perspective on anything you’ve seen before. A new emotion or feeling or thought will evoke naturally. When a new movie comes out, you watch it once, and if you go back, you see tons of things you missed, and if you go back for more consecutive visits, you’ll really start to understand just exactly the full spectrum of what the movie was meaning to portray. Again, it goes back to your mind and how it picks and chooses for you. It is a lot of work, this path of enlightenment (awareness), but you will get better with time, don’t worry.
  • By the above note, it is crucial to record your experiences, your thoughts, your emotions, and your intentions in a journal or blog whenever you travel. There are so many learning opportunities embedded within what you think, feel, write, and say. The same goes with a regular journal and a dream journal. I delight in reading old journals from 2006 and I learn something new about myself each time I look back on it.
  • Dreaming and Astral Travel are one in the same. It is so important to have dream recall skills, because dreaming is astral travel while asleep, and meditation is like astral travel when awake. An unexamined dream is like an unopened letter.
  • Meditation is a conscious portal to astral travel. To learn meditation is to learn astral travel.
  • Grounding does not have to be tried, it can be done simply by sitting on the floor, laying on your back, and just recalling all your problems. Allow the recall for each stress be forgotten and absorbed by the earth.
  • Astral travel can be done anywhere, at any time, in any place. Too often do people get tripped up in what is and isn’t astral travel. Where we are all unique beings, so are our methods.
  • Discipline is crucial in all things. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. No esteemed novel or piece of literature is composed cover to cover without being a rough draft. With patience and diligence, you win the word count. Then, you reread each chapter and edit accordingly to further progress its finalized publication. Patience is a virtue, and so is Diligence.
  • Take a chakra evaluation test or write out on a list how you broke the tenets of each chakra. In learning your faults, you automatically correct them.
  • When traveling, leaving your body is difficult, yet simple once you get the hang of it. Traveling is literally as simple as willing yourself to do it, and seeing through your mind’s eye. If you’ve ever read a book and could visually imagine everything, that’s what astral travel is like.
  • A lot of the difficulty in people is because they try to work around a concept of an opening or a door. This is difficult to imagine. Astral travel is not like walking through some door or portal and you’re suddenly there. People will exhaust all of their mental energy on try to figure out how to get there, and then they give up and call it a failure, and never return out of self-disappointment. To get there is to be there, it’s that simple, but how does one simply be there? A good way to get to the realm of the astral is to literally command yourself to be there, You Are Already There, and your destination is all around you.
  • The Astral Realm is pure consciousness, it is exactly how you see it in your own way. Healing can be performed, dreaming can be performed, altered states of consciousness, magic, enlightenment… whatever is your desire, intentions, or destination, it will be performed.
  • While in astral body, you are 100% you, but in energy form, in a way. You have no limitations in this form. The only limitation is your belief of it; back to the mind’s subjectivity.
  • A comprehension of the Fourth Dimension will largely aid you in your travels, and as will sacred geometry. It is all linked, and makes up who you are as a multi-dimensional being.
  • Ask and you shall receive, persist and you shall conceive. You’ll get it, you’ll figure it out. Try your best, commit to learning through trial and error, and by god, ask for help when you need it! “Ask and you are a fool for five minutes, never ask and you are a fool forever.” Some refuse to ask out of fear of embarrassment. Try your best, eventually you’ll get it, but your experience is not downgraded in comparison to another because you asked for help and you couldn’t do it all on your own. That’s what help is there for, do you think those people who do get it got there all on their own, no, they asked for help also. You’re still a very special being no matter who helped you because of the sole fact that you were able to get there to begin with, don’t sit in the throne of the ego. Allow assistance to come through from Cosmos, deities, guides, and friends. One day, you will be asked for help and be delighted to share your tokens.
  • Above all, there is no wrong or right way to astral travel. Many people see gray versions of themselves and they see the silver cord. This can happen, and you can astral project into the physical plane, not just the astral plane.
  • This is the realm of infinite and nothingness. It is both small and yet both wide. Know your boundaries, know your purpose, it will keep you safe, sane, and productive.
  • You can actually go on voyages or trips to cosmic places, astral places, and attempt to communicate with the dead or other realms/beings. 
  • If you are in trouble or wish to return, it is typically as simple as willing yourself to be back in the physical plane. Open your eyes, stand up tall, shake your feet, jump, and drink water. Remind yourself you are a physical being, feel the earth, feel the third dimensional world..
The Phurpa, a Tibetan ritual dagger

Three black men of mahakala sit, patiently upon their hilt, to charge the forces that should try to wilt, tethered deep into earth, as I have willed. Three black men sit patiently, to defend this monk so prudently. Foes know not the mercy here, that harm goes awry by Shiva’s spear.

The mighty Phurpa, or Tibetan magic dart, or any ritual dagger for that matter, is one tool that no psychic should be without. Not many use a ritual dagger/magical dart, or even know of them, but they’re out there and they’re one of the most beneficial protection/purifying tools out there, next to my favorite tourmaline wand dressed in pine/coconut oil.

The Phurpa or Tibetan ritual dagger is a trinity-blade which is often meant to be a stake, as if to tether or for example hold down a tent. It is a powerful instrument used in the slaying of negative forces, attacks, entities, and energies. It is a powerful ritual object which has a high vibration, so high that it literally drives out all bad from its path and transmutes it into the polar positive range of ethos.

The blade is often portrayed as having three snakes weaving up the blade with the pommel as being the three heads of Vajrakīla, or Mahkala, the male consort(s) of Goddess Kali. Each head is a different aspect of Mahakala, joyful, contented, and wrathful. The phurpa is seen esoterically as the axis mundi of all realms, the world axis, the axis of the tree of life itself. So it is through this symbolism, that many goals are accomplished.

It is a spiritual weapon, and an implement of great destruction and freedom. It is through the phurpa, or any ritual dagger, that we are divinely protected through spiritual means, and that the trinity of the realms and all life is in our hands to be directed by will.

There are many stories behind the phuprpa, and you can independently research them on your own, but the aim of this post is to enlighten briefly on its past but provide examples for usage and proper conduct.

Today in the west, it is used in Western Feng Shui, house cleansing, smudging, psychic attacks, chakra imbalances, circle formations, boundary establishments, healing, exorcism, negative entity/spirit banishment, in conjunction with orgone device cleansing, the purification of ritual items, as well as the tethering of energy, demons, negative emotions and thought-forms, and even assertively collecting energy and immediately grounding it away. This is almost always done through strong visualization and immediately piercing it directly through soil, as seen above, imagining it spiraling deep into the earth to be cleansed and recycled by the mantle.

With so much of it doing all of the cleansing, it can be cleansed itself in running water and even dressed in soothing, calming oils like rose and lavender, to being dressed in masculine, strong oils such as pine, cedar, and ginger. I like to cleanse my phurpa in my custom-made fountain, which has tons of shells and purifying crystals and a jade Buddha in it. The ideas to cleanse it are really up to the person and what they feel is right.

If you’re someone who doesn’t much get into other forms of Hindu/Tibetan culture, the phurpa is honestly only the beginning to the extent of ritual daggers, and is a superb foundation for the construction of your own magic dart. The concept and esoteric know-how is ultimately born of your intentions.

It wasn’t until this past year when I discovered the phurpa and coincidentally discovered that I had originally created my own phurpa two-three years prior unaware this entire time. I had carved a wooden stake from a branch a while ago out of boredom and creative exploration, and I had kept it around a while before I had the idea to burn a pentacle and other designs into it. Instinctively, I developed this habit of using it to dispel energy from old spell materials and small herbal offerings that I’d lay out on my altar for luck or protection and such, and using it almost similarly to the phurpa.

Now that I have my own Tibetan ritual dagger, I use it often along with my old dagger for its own purposes. Metal/wood have their own symbolism, after all. :)

So what about that photo?

In a glass candle holder, I made a layered nest using soil, salt, herbs, and oils. This is where the phurpa will be used to tether down as well as exorcise and/or ground energy which it has directed. Not always will you immediately transmute negative into positive. Sometimes, you must merely tether down any energy in order to properly dispose of it your way.

For example, if you wanted to really tackle some bad thought-forms you’ve been cooking up over a person that you felt you couldn’t help, and you really want it to stop, acknowledge it all on a piece of ritual parchment, bless it with the blade, fold the note and tie a white string around it, and then tying it to the pommel. Tether it down into your soil/rice/salt, and visualize strongly all of these thought-forms going through your mind as a black/gray light, through the phurpa as visualized as the tree of life, and into the void s a white light to be recycled and freed of you.

After the rite, pull up the phurpa, cut the bond with the paper, and burn it. Keep the ashes and dispose of them in their own burial with sea salt and a prayer of thanks and forgiveness for your thought-forms. With a magic dart, the ideas are endless, like anything in this occult world, huh? but enough of that, let’s get into the layer blend recipe that I used for my phurpa nest— and take note, the phurpa or ritual dart isn’t meant to reside in this soil beyond activity. I place mine in the open on my altar on an agate disk.


  1. Tall/medium candle holder or dish
  2. Lavender flower buds
  3. Cactus soil, or potting soil, anything roots touched
  4. Dried basil leaves
  5. Rosemary and pine essential oil
  6. Tiny crystals, malachite, red jasper, calcite, amethyst, rose quartz, smoke quartz, labradorite, citrine, rhodinite, tiger’s eye, turquoise
  7. Ground or powdered sage
  8. Sea salt & crushed sea shells
  9. Parchment paper and writing utensil
  10. Cauldron & matches

Layer construction:

  1. 2 drops each of essential oils
  2. Cactus soil
  3. Ground sage
  4. Lavender buds
  5. Sea salt
  6. Small crystals
  7. Sea salt
  8. Lavender buds
  9. Cactus soil
  10. Basil leaves
  11. 2 drops each of essential oils
  12. Crushed sea shells
  13. Sea salt
  14. Sprinkle of ground sage on top

And at this point, you can choose to dump your intention ashes on top and symbolically stab them into the soil so they can no longer be seen, or you can add them after the first soil layer.

Intention parchment example:

I declare this nest to be the grounding for all workings that come and go by the ritual dagger. Shall all energy bound by my willed intentions through the ritual blade be sent to the mantle of earth to be recycled.