Cedargrass Oracle
Wühimue, a hieroglyphic alphabet

Mala’an xea xö." - Beware of the knowledge contained within.

Symbolism: Xö, the dominant glyph, stands in front of the smaller glyphs to illustrate the protection of those words. This block here is what would would be placed on tombs, walls, sacred places of worship, esoteric knowledge, private papers, secret scriptures, letters, and official documents. Xö is the glyph of adhering and warning, specifically stating that they who dare disobey the associated incantations shall suffer the grave and dire consequences therein. And by that, it is more importantly the glyph of protection, for it protects whatever it stands by, whether it be knowledge, a person’s body, or a valuable. You need only write it into existence and sign the muelopti of Kasét, or great blood pact of the Lord of Language and Knowledge that is signed once to become a scribe. This forever allows one to animate a glyph with intended ayér, or vital life force. This imbues your protection.

Written in conjunct Wühimue, one of the hieroglyphic alphabets of my language, Anikuwinér. There are two others, and a unique numerical script.

Written on a notebook that I’ve been recording some of my sacred dream thoughts in. I wanted to protect them from intruders, so I wrote the glyphs that would provide just that for me. This language happens to be one that I created myself. One might notice that these hieroglyphics are highly similar to that of the glyphs of the Mesoamerican Maya people. If you had caught onto that, you’d be partially correct.

Although this language has been said by some friends in the past that it is possibly channeled (still pondering that one, though if not language of past, language of future?) and more so self-fabricated, I pulled the lot of my alphabetic inspiration from my subconscious imagination and the study of world languages. If you’re interested, I have a rather inactive, independent blog that I’ve been updating infrequently over the years on my language. Let me try to dig up that link.

The language began about 5-6 years ago as a hobby for a role playing continuity that I had desired to create, but had discarded the idea in favor of personal linguistic study. Since then, the language blossomed from the silly English cipher that I had created, underwent multiple deaths and rebirths, and evolved into its own unique language, syntax, grammar, writing system, culture, and mythology. I have written a good 25,000 words so far on the novel, I hope to find the inspiration and motivation some day to finish it, let alone finish the Ïtïmi’a, or mythology, but fabricating an entire race and planet… kinda takes its toll on your head.

And I know these are some big claims, but I have my fun, my own proof, I make lots of sacred magic with it, and that’s all that matters to me! If you’d love to, check out my blog, The Language of Zanguin, and as always, sha até se par’klan ke inzute a’ na ya dima, may peace be with all that is your way of life.