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What is Divine Reality? (long)

Many are beginning to ponder thoughts on the subjects of Divine Reality, spirituality in general, Heaven and Hell, the presence of a god, magic, aliens, ghosts, and mystical concepts such as Tarot reading and visions. There is a theory that our universe is one of many verses that continuously proliferate and expand. The theory of our universe begins with a big bang of subatomic particles colliding, but could multidimensional friction have anything to do with the spawning of a material verse? This universe seems cold and lifeless, but to the mystics who connect to Divine Reality, it has its own super consciousness generated from the higher realms that be, known as the Regal Realms. These realms are accessed with study, discipline, and the recollection of gnosis, which is a type of spiritual knowing that transmits from life to life via the hard drive that is the soul. How we individually and collectively understand this divine reality will serve to show how far humanity can grow.

Super-consciousness is a divine matrix that seems to go on and on forever with laws that we’re just beginning to understand in our shallow history as intelligent beings. Primitive beings only know this universe through the observation of Nature, Time, and Space. Some species, such as the human species, adopt perception filters (which are usually controlled by the ego as compulsions) and then rely on these perceptions to further understand their reality. If such perceptions are inaccurate, then reality is false, but that inaccuracy is based on the persons who label the perceptions as false. In the instance of corruptible designs pushed unto the masses, such as some governmental powers and some organized religion, beings are limited from fully comprehending Source as an expansive entity. Since Source is best understood from holistic points of views, mysticism attempts to bridge the material universe to the immaterial universe.

Many primitive beings misidentify the great universe under their own limited label of “GOD,” and most dogmatic is the way people decree how one should react to this being’s presence. This being does exist, but it is genderless, timeless, ageless, formless, immaculate, omnipresent, ubiquitous, and supreme. This being has no name, but it is best described as the Universe, Divine Creator, Source, and Seed Spark. This being needs not worship or acknowledgment in the same way babies don’t understand gravity but are still affected by it. This being can only be accessed from within to without and there are no pupils who can substitute this experience for you. One may enlist in the help of aides, but no service member may indoctrinate this divine source creator into the psyche of anyone but himself. That which is forced is not willing. This being offers a creativity that may not be entirely conceived if one doesn’t begin to observe that the universe is a vehicle of free wills acting over other free wills. The servant who finds GOD within the image of the self will then know GOD simply for this being is all and all is the being. Thus, we are all GOD. Beginning with knowing that we are GOD opens us to the Divine Reality and then we are able to master our singular realities and collective realities.

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Doing Work on the Emotions

In order for energy to change form, work must be done. Work is defined as a force exerted to do movement. This world is a constant motion of energies changing form.

When we walk, we only push the air in front of us… and as we move forward, the air fills the spot where your body was. It is like water. When we get in a tub, it seems the water rises.

That is because the water is only filling the gap that our body created.. since the water cannot go through our body, it only goes around it. 

Life, existence.. earth.. it is all one atom after another—all connected. From our bodies, to the water, to the air that we breathe to sustain our life.. it is all connected; atom by atom by atom.

So when we feel these emotions inside of us.. the ones that hurt us so badly.. we want to rid them. And the only way to rid the emotions is to change the energy.. to do work on the energy to change it; doing work on the feelings to change them.. so we voice our feelings and emotions.

When you bottle them up, the energy rises and increases in frequency.. thus breaking us apart because our body cannot contain the high build-up of energy. Our body is only meant as a vessel for our mind, soul, and spirit to exist. It is our home. 

Our very home.

Written May 10, 2010.

Singular Reality, Is our life technically a lie?

We must compassionately remember that arrogant people don’t know they are arrogant. Spiritual ego is a horrible oxymoron, it is birthed from dominant third eye people— for example, Most indigo people have a dominant third eye (think of color), this creates spiritual arrogance, for their perception of reality is truest among all. Third Eye must always be receptive, our perspective must remain open. Arrogant people stagnate, for no new learning comes in, they have convinced themselves there is nothing more to learn— this is the opposite of wisdom.

We must all remember that true wise people admit that they know nothing at all. I’m not saying this for myself simply because I want to be wise (cheating), but I honestly know that I know nothing at all. My entire world as I view it and know it is but a singular reality— mine actually. The entire way I view, think, and perceive the world from my angle is my own isolated singular reality that no one knows about. I don’t exist to Joe Shmoe from New York, and they don’t exist to me… until I meet them, they don’t exist. Their singular reality is a lie, made up nonexistent. But arrogance must be combatted, for in Wisdom, there is so much to know. Always.

Every single person has their own unique singular reality. In this new age, we must all share and come together for wisdom learning. Until I meet you—- none of you people exist. Even If you’re reading these words, you don’t exist, your whole life is a lie, your parents are made up, everything. You are nothing, you remain nothing. I won’t know that you have existed this entire time until I meet you, until I find out that you read these words. When I meet you, that was when our singular realities clashed.

This is how everything is possible beyond our perspective (our own singular reality), yet impossible in our own singular reality (this is where ‘think outside of the box’ comes in). If you can shift your perspective, you can create the unthinkable.

Everybody’s singular reality is their own parallel dimension if you will. Your reality beats and coexists with mine regardless if I know of you. Think of this like a sphere filled with opaque bubbles, each bubble containing an object. Consider that a bubble on the bottom of the sphere and a bubble at the top of the sphere are completely far apart, and there is some open room in the sphere. Consider also that this sphere rotates and moves in whichever direction due to an outside force. Eventually, these bubbles might be next to each other, and when they are, they might touch and finally be aware of each other. Maybe Bubble A is rough on the outside and has a distinct smell and Bubble B is soft and has no smell. Inside Bubble A is a green ring and inside Bubble B is a diamond. If for whatever reason the bubbles became translucent during that touch, each bubble would then be aware of what each other contained.

This metaphor applies to us people and our own singular realities. We exist not until upon meeting, and only then, should the third eye be receptive enough, wise, devoid of arrogance, it will be able to see into the singular reality of that person, and learn of their entire fabricated reality. This is the essence of thinking outside of the box. Because we are all connected by some underlying force, every single reality, mine and yours, exists at the same time in the supra-matrix, even if I haven’t met you and you don’t exist in my singular reality, simply because we both exist at the same time, yet don’t. This basis is also how the mind (arrogance) controls everything that we believe by perception. When we conquer the mind and become perceptive, third eye takes over and sees and knows all, rather the intellectual mind picking and choosing what’s important from the bigger picture. Wisdom is receptiveness, openness, oneness, and more.

Reality actually does not exist and it truly is all one big illusion. We are pure consciousness, for what we are, merely plugged into the physical reality matrix. The floor so firm that our very seat is planted upon, we don’t slip through it, the cells in our body don’t fall apart, the atoms of the cells also don’t simply float away in all directions. Yet, when we come out of the matrix of this reality, we are just consciousness having a dream if you will. This physical reality experiment happens to be how we change, alter, shift, and transform consciousness. This is the medium we use.

It can be hypothesized that upon ascension, we have mastered this physical reality experiment, or Third Dimension, and we will begin our beingness in 4D. Until this time comes, we cannot comprehend or conceive 4D existence/nonexistence, but we can have an idea of it simply because we unplug from the matrix of this reality each time we dream and we astral travel, we venture into the 4D, we become consciousness as through our experiences.

This also in my opinion is the basis of parallel dimensions. And yet even if you don’t believe a single thing that I’m saying, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t exist in your singular reality, because it exists in mine, therefore it has its own dimension of consciousness. So technically, Harry Potter is a real parallel dimension that can be traveled to in Astral. (lol)

Reader’s Digest— Basically, you are you. I am me. I have my own consciousness, you have yours. My consciousness as divided into its compartments has its own singular reality, so do you. This means that what you think and feel is independent and individually unique to your mind— your consciousness. That consciousness being unique simply makes you unique among many people who also have a consciousness. Because we inhabit the same society, planet, and have the same species with the same sensors (sight, touch, taste, etc), we are able to compare our singular reality when we meet. BUT until we meet, that reality does not exist in my reality. This is an important point to make to understand singular realities because in Metaphysics, we teach that we must honor the individual.

Once you realize we all have our own “singular reality,” you begin to see people objectively and evaluate them based on the criteria of their internal being— is their singular reality right for yours? Will it grow you or destroy you? This allows a person to understand a variety of issues within someone, such as one who projects their views of their own singular reality unto all those around. These people who close off their realities from gaining wisdom from others’ realities (also seen as opinions) will become arrogant and assume they understand people… their assumptions are usually projections. These projections are easy to spot— does this person exhibit what they accuse of others? The person projecting may be capable of being reasoned with, but if they aren’t just pray for them. Those who hate the world usually hate themselves.

And just think, these people project because it’s all they know. They simply must presume the projection is the opposing singular reality of what they’re witnessing because they have no other reference point. This is why it’s crucial in keeping an open mind with a firm foundation. Imagine if Einstein would have dismissed his revolutionary ideas with the simple herd mentality thoughts many others exhibit, “Nah, that just couldn’t be. Back to editing.

Once you realize we all have our own singular reality, you don’t take things so personally— life livens and you achieve more joy socially. You learn to detach and let them be them and you be you. You also learn to accept that what you don’t know cannot hurt you because your singular reality is as consistent as your mental programs are. You can dismantle the fear of the unknown and relish in the adventure of possibility. Until you know what lies beyond your singular reality, which is your whole human experience, before you meet it, you reasonably shouldn’t fret.