Cedargrass Oracle
Evocation circle tip

When invoking an energy circle, especially with a deity, you can evoke that circle by lighting sage, and/or other daily or deity correspondence herbs, in your cauldron and imagining the circle as seen as a ring of light on the circumference of the cauldron.

As the sage burns, imagine the circle fading progressively as a whole into nothingness as you speak this incantation. On the second repetition, place the lid on the cauldron as a symbol of the smoke’s termination being that of the circle’s.

I evoke thee circle,

I evoke thee circle,

I evoke thee circle.

On the last repetition, the circle of light around the circumference of your cauldron, even through the lid, is completely faded and grounded. The circle is uncast, and you can now clean up or proceed with other preparations.