Cedargrass Oracle
Emerald Tablets- Tablet 1, Interpretation

The History of Thoth, The Atlantean

Interpreted by me with the assistance of Thoth from this source for easy understanding, Crystal Links.

My name is as you perceive it to be Thoth, I come to you to share that I have mastered all things on your plane for I am the keeper of all records, a being who has transcended the realm of flesh and beyond, a mighty being who has mastered the fourth dimension; you see me as a king. I have lived innumerable lives, escaping the death of physical incarnation, but I had chosen to leave your plane long ago and into the Amenti Halls, where I had to work very diligently to preserve the lost secrets and to carefully lay down guidance for generations to come. I come from Atlantis, a great world filled of utopia, this place is no longer remembered. I will tell you of them.

I was born in Keor on the island of Undal, this place has since gone long ago, but this is where I began my incarnation here. Unlike how your people in today’s world live and die from incarnation to incarnation, my people of Atlantis renewed from aeon to aeon. Their lives were recorded and remembered in the Halls of Amenti. They would not be limited to the amnesia brought by the systems of rebirth and forgetting as you do. My people were eternal in every aspect.

One-Thousand times over I have gone through the darkness and made my way through to the light. From this dark place, I had always regained my strength and power from interruption by returning back to the light. There are many secrets within that dark place, many tales in the Amenti Halls, and all will be revealed in my story. It is through here that I share my story, that I have experienced many bad events in history, but had never faltered therein. I am what you consider as powerful and strong because of my many ascensions from this darkness— it is implied that I have mastered the darkness and that it can no longer harm me. This is true. It is in the ascension from the darkness that true power and strength can only be resumed.

As I had said, I left very long ago, but with a hope for return, and I left the people of Egypt, for they knew me no longer after my departure, but the memories are still preserved well. After my departure, I had planned to come back some day, as mighty and potent as ever, looking on the history long past after my departure.

When I return, I plan to bring a great revolution and change the course of present day. Those who muddied themselves wayward of the teachings that I left behind will be thrown into a prison of their own inner demise. They will be punished in the highest degree, in the agony of their own self-defeat, sent back to the darkness of their origin.

I cautioned everyone to not betray my secrets, all people of North and South— for when I return, my curse be placed on them and it is high punishment.

I left you all with my promise of return and I have not planned thusfar to break it, nor will I. In my promised return, I will learn of all your desires, concerns, and worldly yearnings, these must consist of either two things: I will continue to teach those who remembered me and my teachings and provide to them their greatest rewards, and those who forgot me will be punished severely. I urge you all that this will not be a light ordeal.

My people in Atlantis were very great, so great that your present-day consciousness cannot conceive how glorified this civilization was. There is no way to fathom the kingdom from which I originated. It is here that I imply that you have downgraded into a very small cosnciousness, too small to grasp these accounts. But I share with you the old wisdom, it goes deep within your hearts, all will be remembered, this knowledge has been kept secret and protected.

We were a very wise people who cultivated that wisdom as received from the Children of Light, high beings present in our civilization who dwelled in the temple. They followed the divine way, the fire that animated us, our soul spark, and the great flame of Cosmos and upperdimensional being. We learned much from them.

And of all men, the greatest of we divined men of Atlantis, was my father, Thotme, the keeper of the great temple and who was a man like me. This temple was the spirit center which linked the ten islands and the divine Children of Light who dwelled within the temple and were provided with by its nourishment.

I tell you now that the dweller of Unal spoke with his mouthpiece, after the Three to the Kings, with the voice that must be obeyed. It was destined, it seemed, that I would be allowed to come into the temple of the Children of Light as a child of men.

I grew up from a young boy to an adult man. I was taught by my father, the elder of mysteries, until in time I became wise from my own inner fire of wisdom, until it consumed me whole.

I desired nothing at all, only the attainment of wisdom. I ventured so much for knowledge and wisdom, lost in that world, when one great day, the command was sent out for my summons by the Dweller of the Temple, situated before him. There were few sons of men who had ever seen the Dweller’s mighty face and had been alive. This was because the sons of men are not alive when they are before the Children of Light, because the Children of Light do not have physical incarnations with which a man could see.

But I was chosen from the sons of men and was taught by the Dweller so that his purposes could be fulfilled. These purpsoes that were yet to be born, still accumulating in form in the womb of time.

I dwelled long ages in the Great Temple, learning ever more wisdom until I, too, approached the light emitted from the great fire.

He taught me to the path of Amenti, the underworld where the great king (Osiris?) sat upon his throne of might.

Deep I bowed in homage before the Lords of Life and the Lords of Death. For in these accomplishments was I gifted the Key of Life, the Ankh.

From there on, I was freed from the Halls of Amenti, boundless by time and death, no longer participating in the cycle of life like men. From there I journeyed far and wide through space and time, so far until I felt that I could go no longer.

It had suddenly halted, for I had drunken all that the cup of wisdom had in it, becoming wisdom itself. There I pondered and felt bewitched by my own halted seeking for wisdom, one where I accumulated all that seemed to be, and I looked into the hearts of men as they carried out their cycles of life bound by time and death. There I found the greater mysteries and was glad, in there I realized that in my search for Truth could my soul be stilled and the inner thirst for the divine flame of wisdom of all that be could be quenched.

I had planned to pass my wisdom on for the generations to come to quench my divine thirst, one that had dried up the well of wisdom. For ages I did this, watching men taste of the cup, still to die and return again in the light of life.

Gradually from the kingdoms of Atlantis, as men tasted of my own cup of wisdom, passed waves of consciousness growth, these men now one with me for they had consumed of me, these accounts only to be replaced by a new darkness that seemed to come, a lower star.

Then the Master spoke his law, words which grew into flower. Downward into the darkness turned the thoughts of the Atlanteans, until at last this wrath arose from his Agwanti, the Dweller, (this word meant to follow has no English equivalent; it means a state of detachment) speaking The Word, calling the power.

Deep in Earth’s heart, the sons of Amenti heard of this chaos, and hearing this, they directed the changing of the flower of fire that burns eternally, changing and shifting, using the Logos, until that great fire changed its direction.

Then the world was cast into a great sinking, what is known as the great flood myth. Earth changed its balance until only the Temple of Light remained standing on the mountain of Undal, it still rising from the waters that sunk the world. Some were there who were still living, saved from the rush of the fountains.

Then the Master said to me: “Gather all of my people, take them by the arts you have learned of far across the water, until you reach the land of the hairy barbarians, dwelling in caves of the desert. Follow there the plan that you are about to know of.”

So I gathered my people and entered the great star ship of the Master. Upward, we rose into the morning, dark beneath us lay the Temple. Suddenly the waters rose directly over the Temple and it vanished from the earth, until one day it would come back.

We fled fast in our star ship towards the sun of the morning until beneath us lay the land of the Egyptians. They were uncivilized and hostile, raging, they came at us with their cudgels and spears, lifted in anger and seeking to slay and destroy we Atlanteans.

Then I raised my staff, emanating a ray of vibration, striking them still in their tracks to be as still as the very stone of the mountains.

I calmly and peacefully spoke to them, telling them of the might of Atlantis, saying we were children of the Sun and its messengers. I displayed to them the magic-science that I knew, and they groveled when I released them from their stone-like hold.

We lived very long in Egypt, long and yet long again. We lived here long until obeying the commands of the Master, who slept yet lived eternally. From here, I sent the sons of Atlantis in many directions, that from the womb of time, wisdom might be known again in the generations to come of Earth.

I dwelled a very long time in Egypt performing great works, building, teaching, and providing the wisdom within me. The Egyptian people grew upward into the light of knowledge because of me, watered by the rains of my wisdom.

It was here in my stay, I made a path to Amenti so that I could preserve myself, the records, and retain my strength from age to age as a Sun of Atlantis.

The sons of Egypt began to conquer people around them, growing slowly upwards in Soul Force.

But I had left the Egyptians to go into the dark Halls of the Amenti, deep into these halls that lay within the Earth, before the Lord of Power, to face the Dweller once more.

I raised my hand over the entrance, the door way, the gateway that led down into the Amenti.

Over the generations, few had the courage to dare go within the entrance to this dark Amenti. Over this pathway I raised a great pyramid that would stand the tests of time using the power that overcomes gravity. I placed deep deep inside of the chambers under the great pyramid a force-house, or chamber. I carved from it a circular passage reaching almost to the great summit.

There in the apex, I set the crystal, sending the ray into the “Time-Space” fabric, drawing the force from out of the ether, concentrating upon the gateway to Amenti.

I built many other chambers that had hidden messages to the keys of unlocking the Amenti. Anyone who had dared go into such dark wandering would be first purified by long fasting.

If that daring courageous person were to lie in the sarcophagus of stone in my chamber, I would bestow upon them great mysteries. They would follow to where I’d meet them, even in the darkness of earth I’d meet them. I, Thoth, Lord of Wisdom, would meet that person, hold them, and dwell with them always.

I built the great pyramid, no other, patterned after the pyramid of the great earth force, burning eternally so that it, too, might survive the ages.

In this pyramid, I built my knowledge center of Magic-Science so that when I returned from the Amenti I had it available to me. While I sleep in the Halls of Amenti, my soul roaming free will incarnate, dwell among men in this form or another.

I have become an emissary on Earth of the Dweller from long ago, fulfilling his command so that many might be lifted once more. I left behind some of my wisdom when I left and it is for anyone who wish to seek it out in courage and boldness. Preserve yourself and the commands of the Dweller, ascend as high as you can, and lift your eyes to the light, that is your destination.

Surely you are one with the Master, surely it is your right that you are one with the Master, surely by right you are one with All. This Master you have called in time God, Goddess, Higher Power, Universe, Source, and Creator.

In having shared my story, I have departed from the world. Remember what I’ve shared, do as I say, follow the light, ascend, obey the commandments left behind, keep them in your heart and I will be there with you as long as you remember, helping and guiding you into the Light.

The portal had opened long ago, and I have been sleeping a time very long, awaiting my return from the darkness of night.