Cedargrass Oracle
Establish a money flow, Thursday Jupiter & Taurus Moon

Using correspondence charts for the days of the week, the phases of the moon, the time of sunset, sunrise, moonset, and moonrise, and the colors, herbs, crystals, and numbers of all of these are important for magic working. It is true that a spell can be done on any day of the year, at any time, but its success will depend on your manifestation. We witches intelligently aim to harness an energy (magic) that is naturally present, rather creating energy during intensive psychodramatic ritual. We have done just this with our computers, street lights, and cell phone. We have harnessed electricity, a naturally-occurring and abundant energy, to power our modern world.

Here, I’ll teach you how to look up correspondences, what to do with the information, and how to construct rituals for spellcrafting.

Today is Thursday, July 12, 2012. For my geographical location, I have everything set for Detroit, MI. This is where we first begin, taking note of our givens. When we look at a correspondence chart for magic working, we see that Thursday corresponds to Jupiter, which deals with money, prosperity, male virility, growth, attraction, family,  and understanding.

You see that Jupiter is associated with the color Green, the number (some say 5 because it’s the 5th planet away, but we’re choosing 4 due to the nature of Jupiter’s calling), its gender is masculine, and its crystals are turquoise and amethyst.

Green is also the color of balance, the heart chakra, so focus all intention and spellwork as through the heart.

Sunset is at 9:08 PM and Moonrise is at 1:13 AM

We take notice that the moon phase is a waning crescent, so we are in waning/dark magic, which deals with banishing, ridding oneself of addictions, and the removal of bad habits, illness, and negativity.

We notice that the moon is in Taurus, so is covers love, desires, real estate, finances, and money. Take note that Taurus’s element is Earth and its herbs are Rose, Sage, Violet, Jasmine, Dandelion, Cedar, and Strawberry.

We also take note of the planetary night hours after sunset. According to the charts, if you adjust the math, the 3rd hour after sunset deals with Jupiter. Well, Thursday is Jupiter, so we have a double Jupitarian enhancement. So 3 hours after the 9:08 PM sunset is 11:08 PM.

Also note that the first hour is for the moon, so honor her with a white candle, 3 or 9, or one of her herbs, such as eucalyptus.

The herbs that you’re going to need for Jupiter at 11:08 Pm is going to be sage, damiana, black walnut leaf, aloe leaf, or catnip, so in your magic at that hour, light incense, or use oil smells, or burn plant materials in Jupiter’s honor.

You may also take note of the year correspondence of the Chinese Zodiac if it applies. 2012 is the Year of the Water Dragon, and is a yang year, so we expect much excitement, unpredictability, new beginnings, and mixed blessings.

So far, with all the correspondences, July 12, 2012 at 11:08 PM is the perfect time for establishing a money flow, which is a consistent flow of energy providing money to your life in the areas that you need. A money flow will typically last one lunar cycle, and will supply what you need for your intended purposes. Magic can be used for unlimited fortune and fame, as with winning the lottery, but you won’t necessarily get it for the wrong reasons.

Caution with Jupiter though, he expands whatever is present, not the creation of. He is the force which causes the rich to be richer and the poor to be poorer. You cannot manifest out of thin air with Jupiter, only expand what is already present. For this clever spell, we will only be focusing on expanding our flow of positive. For a healing, you would focus on expanding the positive within them, to outweigh the negative, thus kicking the illness out. It’s clever and a perfect loophole for Jupitarian energy.

Construct Your Rritual- Here is where everything is now up to you. Decide what herbs, candles, representatives, incenses, statuettes, and materials you’re going to need, then decide what you want to do. Do you want to cast a circle, call on elements, invoke the deity of the day, or will you simply write on a piece of paper and burn it?


  • 2 Green candles, one in honor of Jupiter, and one for the money,
  • 1 White candle, in honor of the moon,
  • Eucalyptus essential oil, for Luna,
  • Rose essential oil, for Taurus,
  • Sage essential oil, for Jupiter,
  • Wand, pencil, paper, cauldron,
  • Mint leaves and wine/juice,
  • Cinnamon essential oil, for money,
  • Sugar, for attraction,
  • Sea salt, for purification,
  • Small bowl for money candle,
  • Amethyst and Turquoise, as offerings,
  • Green Aventurine merkaba, for the money spell,
At 11:00 PM, cast your circle about, invoke the elements, mother earth, and father sky for protection. Make your necessary preparations before and after the circle casting. Depending on your path, you may provide appropriate offerings for each element: green aventurine; north, frankincense; air, green candle; fire, and strawberry juice; water.

I call upon the protection of the Northern Earth, the Eastern Air, the Southern Fire, and the Western Water.

In my circle, I call about the great spirit of Mother Earth from below, and the great spirit of Father Sky from above.

Shall all beings in attendance, with love and trust, protect me from all perils in their directions.

Light the white candle,
I burn this candle of purest intentions in honor of the lady of the moon. May she guide me well through the shroud of darkness into the realm of light. There is where I bask in the glory of High.
I drop this Eucalyptus oil in honor of the fair maiden, the mother, and the crone. I drop this oil to honor her light, her radiance, and the way it fills my being.
… and drop the rose oil on the candle in honor of Taurus. 

I light also this candle in honor of the Taurean Moon that shines above. May it’s loving nature, importance of family, serene pause, gentle gestures, and passionate joys fill my circle and my heart.

I drop this oil in honor of the energy that comes from Taurus. Like rose, it is sweet yet passionate, calm and yet deep, respectful yet romantic, simple yet majestic. May these energies entwine with my workings.

Inscribe on the second green candle a dollar sign, and write bellow it 111, the number of the flow of new energies. Anoint the candle with the cinnamon oil, and sprinkle sea salt around the candle in a bowl and sugar. Place the aventurine by it.

This salt to purify this sacred flame and the magic made by my name.

This sugar to attract the sacred flow, the energy that I direct and grow.

This candle so green, and through my heart, might my woes and concerns depart.

This green aventurine quartz to provide that extra oomph for that which I seek in the realm of manifestation. It is by my heart that I create and weave that which I need most in my life.

This cinnamon to enhance my money spell, should wishes pour in like a bountiful well.

Here now should write out what it is that you desire. You may draw Jupiter and Neptune all over it for abundance and expansion, also money symbols. This separate piece of paper may be pre-written for convenience, and read aloud the the flame. After, it should be folded and burned by the money candle in the cauldron. This candle must burn down naturally.

Take a moment to collect yourself. Jupiter is a strong masculine energy, it being the biggest planet in our solar system. He is the dispenser of rain, the celestial body of understanding, philosophy, expansion, and discourse.

Take your green candle, inscribe the symbol of Jupiter on it, the number 4, and anoint the candle downward from the wick with sage essential oil, then provide the mint leaves as food and wine as drink, and the crystal offerings in front of the green money candle.

Jupiter, Jupiter, Jupiter, Jupiter,

I have for thee drink and food,

And offerings to satisfy thy mood.

I inscribe thy name upon thy candle,

Thy mighty breath that I might handle,

Guide me through the night so pure,

Expand mine workings by thy allure.

I invoke thee Jupiter, I invoke thee Jupiter,

I invoke thee Jupiter, I invoke thee Jupiter,

The money spell having been completed, and its flame still waxing, and now that Jupiter has been invoked, this is where we cleverly ask him to expand what has already been done. If we had done this in reverse, Jupiter would have expanded what we already didn’t have and that’s terribly counterproductive.

I seek a flow, a new direction, in my life outside of strife. The abundance of thee Jupiter on this night— An flooding energy, full of luck, prosperity, and might. I wish to establish the sacred flow, unwavering money for me to sow. I’ve made the seed, and now might you, Jupiter to provide expansion through what I do.

Blessed be what I have done, Might it be of perfect loving trust,

So mote it be, so mote it be. So mote it be, so mote it be.

Let the candles burn down and do their thing, and make the ashes into a sachet that you will keep and take with you wherever you go. Evoke the elements, Mother Earth, Father Sky, thank Jupiter, and uncast the circle. Clean up appropriately as needed.