Cedargrass Oracle
Before-sleep habits

Each night I commit myself to cleansing my third eye and blessing it with health, awakening, ma’at, and unaltered, undelusional divinity. I do this by dabbing sea salt sacred water from my purple-colored Egyptian glass bottle on my brow chakra.

Before I started committing to this habit, I used to crawl into bed and pass out with mental exhaustion, having no sense of divine routine or anything. When I discovered the dream box method, I was instantly hooked and I’ve faithfully kept that practice since, which has benefited me in ways never before imagined for me. I had also learned that I had been cheating myself out of such a useful part of this lifestyle. This method truly is the best method for me, and take this from someone who has felt their entire life that nothing seems to work for them— I finally found my thing and I’m digging it so well.

During the process of accepting my new dream box habits into my natural before-bed rhythm through routine, I started applying holy/sacred sea salt water to my third eye, and let me tell you, it works wonders. It doesn’t do much, it’s very subtle, but you really feel at peace just before you slip into dream land, and I feel it adds an enhancement to your dreaming and ability to sort through them.

See, I’ve been sleeping with crystals, trinkets, amulets, and stones at my bed side for about 7-8 months now. That was working well for me then, but I was missing something, and although I’ve found two great more methods, I feel that more are to come up for me. I’m somebody who has always been very consciously aware of things, so much that I somewhat neglected to put more obligation and work into the subconscious in terms of dreaming.

Yes, I know, it was naughty of me to place my dreaming state of spirit and mind on the back burner, but that’s what had really worked for me. But as that chapter closes in my life and a new one opens, I find these new methods and the inclusion of Djehuti in my life to be a high honor ad blessing.

Here are a few tips to try just before bed:

  • Insomnia? Drink valerian root tea, lay down on the couch and pet a cat to ease the mind and then slowly transfer to bed allowing no thoughts to resurface, read a book with low lighting, watch a television show in the dark to rest your mind, put the Internet down, try a short meditation and ask your higher self to calm your mind so that you can sleep, commit yourself to a daily bed time, no caffeine/sugar/food 3 hours before bed, or change your diet, perhaps your hormones are haywire.
  • Hold a highly grounding stone, ask Muladhara, your root, to release a busy mind and just relax and unwind from the day.
  • Bless the third eye, crown, pillow, stones, and bed with sacred water.
  • Cast a bed circle and ask for protection and calm while you are sleeping.
  • Invite feline-friends for company just before bed, in Feng Shui, cats are seen as converters of negative chi energy, so stroking or petting a cat will seem to ground away distress.
  • Meditate for 15 short minutes. No focusing on anything, no goals, literally slow down and just be; breathe in, breathe out, focus is only on breath.
  • Write a letter to the Akashic records regarding issues as of lately, ask them to show you wisdom.
  • Keep a journal and write before bed. This relaxes the mind and the heart.
  • While in bed, go through a short visualization, or perhaps a brief meditation.
  • Do some flexibility stretches or light yoga. Loosen up those joints and limbs! You’ll have plenty of time to stiffen up while sleeping, get that flow of chi going so your body can do its thing in repairs, relaxation, and rejuvenation.
  • Call on a familiar and have a brief conversation with them. Seek counsel to stave off stresses which will flood your conscious mind and keep you from rest.
  • Place crystals by the bed side that resonate with your daily problems.
  • Call on angels/guides to assist you on your dream journeys.
  • Perform a meditation focusing on the heart-chakra. Allow below to rise up and allow above to fall down to create equilibrium of spirit, to ease and fill you with feel-good love.
  • Old-fashioned praying in front of the bed or the altar. Ground out those heavy heads and hearts.
  • Do a quick third eye meditation, imagining a white light filling the seat of your soul, cleaning it, and cleansing it, allowing for the best sleep possible.
  • Keep a dream box, write to it, allow your mind to show you what you seek.
  • Call on a deity to guide you through sleep for self-enlightenment.
  • Sit pretzel-leg-style and meditate with a pendulum. Find your center and become it.
  • Listen to light, monotone, soft tones and beats for mental relaxation.
  • If this is you, take a nice hot/cold bath/shower just before bed and ask the water to wash away everything.
  • Enjoy some cuddling with a special someone.
  • Enjoy a nice, soothing herbal tea like chamomile or mugwort.
  • Receive a massage or perform self-massage and with lavender essential oil and coconut oil, it’s the best! If you’ve got pains, add some clove oil in there, the lavender is used as a muscle relaxant.
  • Lay in bed, light a candle on the night stand and some incense, I use frankincense, on the other side of the room. Allow this to waft and the candle to add ambiance. Let this slow your body down.
  • Place a glass of water by the nightstand, in the morning, drink it, asking the water to wash away any negativity you acquired in the dream world.
  • Hang up dream catchers or pray to them, asking them for certain services.
  • Attempt an oracle or card reading to satisfy any psychological needs.
  • Call a friend on the phone and lay in bed, allow your mind to relax.
  • No loud noises an hour before bed, no food a few hour before bed as I’ve said, no major physical activities, try to focus on being slower and quieter.

Btw and a side note— I’m currently working on an info-article of the Egyptian gods and goddesses and their myths and cults. hope to finish in a day or so. Also, I experimented with henna tonight with a friend, and had a blast. I tattooed the hieroglyphics of Djehuti (Thoth), on my left wrist. Amazing.