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The vaults of karmic remembrance, Raise your vibration

Lord Thoth has allowed me to share with the world this ancient right of passage to the opening and remembering of your great Akashic being. This rite is not for most, and only the permitted and worthy may receive the bounties of this rite. This is life-changing and this knowledge alone will raise your vibration to great degrees. I encourage you to go through this a few times in your head and out loud so that you are first familiar with the terms, concepts, and the entire rite.

It will not work for you if you don’t understand these concepts, nor will you receive this type of attunement if you are not ready. Knowledge and wisdom is not granted freely, it must be worked for and cultivated with time, commitment, work, much personal growth, enlightenment, awakening, and spiritual determination. The outstanding side to this process is that we are coming to an era where knowledge is being given freely out of unconditional compassion and love from our overseers as our race quickly acclimates to newer energies and vibrations.

Before, the type of knowledge that we are all able to get our hands on has been kept in esoteric secrecy schools for thousands of years, and for good reason, such being that man as he had to learn how to be Utopian again, the world was filled with wickedness, and these schools of the ancient ways were preserved so that one day man could know once again after he has awakened into the joy and love of enlightenment.

This rite will be understood only by the trained eye that sees it, and the knowledge to activate and apply this type of word-based, thought-based technology would be understood. I would be more than willing to assist anyone in need who genuinely seeks it for that which resonates to ma’at, the truth and justice of logos.

Like the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, merely by reading this information and these words will you raise fully or partially your own vibration. Good luck.


  • 3 White taper candles & matches,
  • Refer to this post on invoking Thoth,
  • Parchment paper for writing the rite down,
  • 25-50 minutes for three consecutive nights,
  • Smudge wand and frankincense

This is to be performed using a new candle each night, but snuff each candle out after each meditation every night. One the first night, light the candle and perform the rite, snuff it out. On the second night, light another candle and the first candle, then perform the rite again. On the third night, you will have two partially-burnt candles and a new one. Light each candle on the third night and let them all burn naturally. This ritual is a sacred practice symbolizing the union of each night.

In the realm of free will, “Ask and you shall receive" is a respect that we adhere to in the spiritual realm, thus the reasoning behind the candles and the three nights of reiterating the speech to the Akashic Lord and Karmic Lords. By committing to this rite for three days, you allow yourself to restructure your desires, compose your intentions and thoughts clearly, and to clearly petition Thoth and the Lords of Karma for this karmic remembrance attunement.

Each night, you will invoke Thoth and you will set aside space for you to meditate and perform the rite and the speaking of your paper. You will light the frankincense and you may smudge yourself or bathe with cleansing herbal scents before.

On the third night, you will burn your paper by the flame (into a cauldron or fire-proof dish) as a seal of concession. The ashes may be bottled and preserved for all time as a symbol of your remembrance. This paper must be written by you out of respect, sacredness, and eagerness. Thoth the scribe wouldn’t have it any other way than to allow you the honor of earning that which you seek fairly through the free will of personal growth.

On another note, you will know when you have been granted these rights. There are signs and ways to know, for instance how the paper burned or if it did, or what you saw in meditation, or what sentiments you may have. In the days to come, document your feelings, dreams, and experiences. Knowledge and information should be flooding in to you regarding past lives, your life purpose, the raising of your vibration, healing, neural restructuring, and so much more. And even then, you might have this experience during your meditations.

Remember that only the purest of hearts and those who have sought this path truly out of free will may be blessed with the secrets of their Akashic Records and allowed to raise their vibration further in new ways never before possible. As stated before, good luck and may peace be with you and your path, kindred spirit.

The Vaults of Karmic Remembrance, Raise your vibration

‎The time has come where this magician seeks to insert the key of his karmic remembrance into the vaults of knowledge and wisdom with Thoth as witness. Let this be a grand composition of light and magnitude, shall the divine consciousness pour into this one’s third eye through the crown of knowing and illuminate the darkened halls of his wandering.

Shall this one flame ignite all flames in this hall, and ever serve as the undying luminosity which brings illumination of the divine Akasha as through the divine high self. With Lord Djehuti as my guide and protector, may the ankh of life rise this one’s vibration to the higher realm, where I should transcend the bridge of Three-Dimensionality and walk to the stargates of eternally pervading knowledge, shall I step upon this plane in astral embodiment, walk into these vaults, and become that who all I am, was, and will ever be.

Might this light through his endowing admittance permeate this vessel and shed layers of ego and sin, that this spirit to ascend further, thus dropping the dense layers of the thick realms of man. The time for self-aware, multi-dimensionality has come, and so the strands of this vessel’s DNA awaken to prepare for the construction of a new place for the sleeping to be awake with hunger and thirst, that which is satiated only through expansion of self.

Drip thy primordial oozing waters into this one’s pineal gland, and grace with its heat-filled light, the blessing and purity of sacred perception, and should this orb know weakness and strain, do thee mercilessly remedy its illness and calcification by the magical ankh of life and his brow. Should it by your benevolent guardianship, Lord Thoth of all Akashic Records and Lord of the architecture of this earth experience, be it remain true and accurate in unaltered states as it traverses the cosmos to my neural reception.

As this key pervades this one’s vessel and as Thoth drips into the seat of my soul his ceaseless seed, shall it mobilize the alignment and restructuring of this one’s divine being, divine feeling, divine doing, divine loving, divine speaking, divine perceiving, and divine knowing. Unite along each center of energy through the equilibrium of man’s heart, empowering this one’s sacred merkaba embedded deep in its heart cavity; it is here and now that all sickness and wickedness be purged and violently discharged from this vessel in all layers below and above by the supreme love and light that knows beneficence through Lord Djehuti and all sacred masters, spirit guides, and all else in witness. Allow in divine sound to fill this one’s perplexity and bring to it the utmost simplicity, divine silence, and divine security.

With all present beings from the supreme cosmic court of Karma, filled with love and righteousness, might by the consensus of this committee allow for the access of the Four-Dimensional holographic mirror of all past, present, and future regarding this being, resurface from the great lightbrary of the supra Akasha and the lesser and greater Akasha of the earth.

Upon meditation in these halls as assisted through Djehuti’s permissible favor, I will have now received the program and might its instructions lead this one into the expansive essence of the primeval universe, one that fragments collective conscious experience through rebirth and compression. I ask now to bring into full cognizance the depths and discourse of this vessel and all its multi-complexities, unite the higher self into integrated, full-spectrum access. Shall this being never walk alone with the shadow of Djehuti’s love cast over him, and may the higher self and sixth sense be as influential, immediate, and aware as the five senses of physical sentience.

I ask that my soul, body, spirit, and Akasha be judged fairly and righteously in accordance to the permissions and honor endowed by the Lords of Karma and Lord Djehuti. My intentions full known both far and wide, for the betterment of this vessel’s life and this earthly world, I confess.

* A moment of silent meditation and confession by pure thought, 5-10 minutes is necessary for this. *

Should the concession of this petition be approved for the remembrance of all Akasha and ascended lower and higher self, it is then by this concession that the radiance of cosmic sound and vibration, should the sapience, intelligence, knowledge, remembrance, and sentience of this being raise in multiplication, and the petals of Sahasrara unfold, the blooming lotus of wisdom and knowledge, be they pour in as the oceans so clean.

Into this being’s crown, may you drip thine essence, Thoth, may you drip thine essence, Thoth, may drip thine essence, Thoth…. AUM.

- As channeled with help through the essence of Djehuti/Thoth.

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