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Thoth, rosemary & mint memory charm

It is a earthy-smelling herb, often used in cooking, but us witches know it better: we use it for protection, the warding off of evil, and in renaissance history, as an herb for remembering. In The Book of Spells II by Marian Green, she goes on to state,

Traditionally it was thought to help the brain and memory; in Hamlet, Shakespeare wrote, “There’s Rosemary, that’s for remembrance…”, and sprigs were often carried at funerals.

In her book, she offers her own spell to make a charm, but I have an alternate idea involving Thoth, the Egyptian god of knowledge, writing, and wisdom. I never really got into Thoth or any Kemeticism (The Tarot probably counts), but he seemed to come to me tonight, and during my study and research since, I’ve suddenly taken to him. And I can relate to Thoth because in the mythology that I wrote last NaNoWriMo for my language, my god Kasét is exactly him and Hermes. In more relation, I absolutely adore language, writing, scriptures, all hieroglyphics, and knowledge.

Oddly enough, Isis came to me last weekend for the first time, and I’m starting to realize that this recent 12-strand DNA activation is opening up a closed remembrance, no pun intended, for direct esoteric Egyptian schooling.

I’ve been getting heavily into the Akashic Records in general for the past few months, and it’s somewhat exciting to learn that Thoth is the record keeper, or the Askashic Records scribe and patron. If you want to do some heavy reading on Thoth and the Akasha, have a good look at this page, and this page for some light reading.


  1. Offering dish or bowl,
  2. Thoth statuette if available,
  3. Purified water, fresh orange slices, frankincense, smudge wand,
  4. Day correspondence incense,
  5. Sea salt & chalice,
  6. White candle,
  7. Parchment paper, or papyrus,
  8. Lemon, Rosemary, and Peppermint essential oils,
  9. Dried rosemary and/or peppermint leaves,
  10. Small hematite or citrine crystal (bead size will do),
  11. Green cloth or sachet,
  12. White string, lace, or embroidery string,

Bless each of your items with a smudge wand or incense. After, pour water into your chalice and bless it with a pinch of sea salt in honor of Thoth.

This cup to drink, I offer you,

Thoth of knowledge, thirst you do,

In the offering dish, place your peeled orange slices,

This food to eat, I offer you,

Thoth of essence, hunger you do,

Then inscribe THOTH on your white candle going down, and draw an ankh on the other side, light it after you turn off all lights. You may anoint it downwards from wick to base with your oils.

Life you spread into each word,

That as I write, should they be heard,

Now you invoke Thoth, imagining him coming about in all presence and being,

I have for you drink and food, and even gifts for you to see, that I your humbled devotee, cherish your eternity,

For it is you who is the architect of the universe, true math, true sacred geometry, true cosmos, true protector of creation, the keeper of Akashic recording, true invention, the wonder of poetry and art, the true arbitrator, the equilibrium of all, the wisdom of planets and stars, and all knowledge that is, and all magic that fills this world.

I seek your presence here in this dimension of physical world, for it is I, this spirit with this voice and these words, who calls you to the land of man, on this darkened night, to be guided as your light.

I invoke thee, Thoth,

I invoke thee, Thoth,

I invoke thee, Thoth,

In the name of Thoth’s presence, light the frankincense in the greatest honor of protection, pure essence of all that is, and blessing. Light the day correspondence incense, for example, Thursday is pine for Jupiter. After, take a short moment to ground and allow light to come through the crown. Allow your body to fill with the white light of Thoth, and come through your feet and hands.

On your parchment paper, write down the hieroglyphs/symbols for Thoth, and write your intentions down asking Thoth what you’d like him to do for you. Before and after, it is important to honor the writing in the name of Thoth, for it is in this part of the rite that serves as his true offering, and your performance to be his yay or nay regarding the magic he would fill your paper with.

Thoth, the Lord of all knowing, may you bring to me all that I need to remember, know, and learn on all days I walk.

After this, add one drop each of your oils to the parchment in different areas of the paper. On your cloth, sprinkle down the dried rosemary and/or peppermint leaves, place your paper folded over it, sprinkle more dried material. After, hold the candle up and drip some wax over it as a seal of Thoth’s approval and magic.

Take the sides of the cloth and fold them up to make a bag, and the tie it off with the white string, or if you had a green sachet bag already, put your items in and just pull the drawstring back, tying it off tightly.

Each time you need to invoke the qualities of Thoth and/or your intentions, smell the sachet and/or carry it with you for tests, group sessions, writing, parties, holiday get-togethers, reading, inventing, even have it lying around for all of your spells, and more.

As a side note, in studies all over, peppermint gum, tea, and candy have shown substantial proof in aiding memory for tests and remembering lost items.

Now, gently evoke Lord Thoth and clean up after the candle has burned down fully, or you can blow it out and save it for another Thoth rite.

Believing that in my offering, I pleased you well,

It has been my honor through this lively spell,

That you took part in this magical rite,

I thank you endlessly for your guiding light.

I evoke thee, Thoth, and even though you leave this place,

You are ever here, in and out, above and below, as eternal space.

And this rite would seriously go to waste to the person who doesn’t see the potential herein. This serves as a general base for any Thoth-related working, not just a memory charm. I hope this spell serves the right seeker well, as it is going to serve me. I thank you, Lord Thoth, for guiding me to this rite. It has been an honor receiving this resonance from your light-brary.

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